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The Staggering Frontrunner Status of Clueless and Shameless Joe Biden

He is Hillary, LadyK.

"Hillary 2.0."


Thanks for your reply.

Democrats and Republicans only exist to give the people the idea that they have a choice.


And that’s why you’re not part of the base to which I referred. But I will clarify, I didn’t mean to say all old, white people were part of either base. Here’s to independent curmudgeons everywhere!


Absolutely. That seems to be the consistent intention, even codified into party rules: Democratic elites would rather lose to outright fascists than allow into office someone who sincerely represents people, to any degree. (Neither am I the first here to relate this observation!)


“Biden sees his public roles of winking patriarch, civility toward racists and collaborator with oligarchs as a winning political combination.”

Damn, you could say that about the entire d-party establishment, right Steny?


I saw Nancy defending Joe this morning. Disturbing to watch her and disgusting to hear her speak
As someone stated earlier some of these people need to get the F… out of the way. Enough is Enough !!! Bernie 2020 !!!


I’m afraid the only way they’ll leave is if we somehow provide an escort service…


Old Joe was a loyal servant of Delaware financial and industrial interests for his whole Senate career, and his votes consistently track with the needs of those interests. Just one example: the so called Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005 which made it very hard for working people to declare bankruptcy against predatory lenders while allowing the Trumps of the world to skate away from legitimate debts owed to small businesses and contractors.


Happy Anniversary EdsNote:

I think I read about a “shoeless Joe Jackson, once, but this 'Shameless Joe Biden,” makes more sense. : )


I’d think that the DNC and the DCCC would not want to promote the candidacy of someone who helped Clarence Thomas onto the SupCt. Silly me.


This shows a staggering intellectual blindness on the part pf Biden and white America. You may not be a hooker, but your costume sure says you are… You hang and march with white supremacist carrying TIKI torches yelling: “Jew will not replace us” you are a white supremacist. There are no nice people among them. These people do not understand logic or reason, they belong to a cult whose leaders peach to them from pulpits. Biden should know this. Giving them credibility encourages them to hang blacks or shoot them at will. I like Joe Biden, but he needs to think this one out. His kind of go along to get along has given us the political country we now have.

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What sticks out to me like a sore thumb is how so many in the DNC establisgment and in particular those that have written articles here, went to great lengths to suggest Bernie Sanders not suitable as a Candidate because he too old , too male and too white. They have suggested it time for a younger, browner female to take over the reigns of power.

This all before Biden entered the race. I do not see those people raising the same objections to Biden as a candidate.


Do we have a substantial reason to believe that Joe is the front runner? The MSM was deeply in collusion in the prior election, and the usual first evidence of election theft is inconsistency between election results and prior polls.

We need an independent source.


I’m everyone’s favorite so-called establishment defender around here and don’t want Biden to be the nominee. My feeling is he gets a pass for a lot of the dumb stuff he says in the same way Trump does. I hope he drops out for everybody’s sake.


Only in a country that could elect trump could Biden be elected. Another clueless narcissist? No thanks.


And the spineless and/or stoopid media are helping Biden. Damn their eyes!


God help us if they manage to rig the primary to get Biden nominated.


very insightful and accurate. Add Tulsi Gabbard to that along with Mike Gravel.


Pelosi is already pushing Joe for POTUS, of course. No surprise there. And your evaluation of the Dems is correct. They should be the conservative party in this country. Something to replace the Republicans who have moved from just ultra-conservative to openly fascist. The Social Democrats can fill the void for the liberal party in the US.

I still don’t understand why the Dems. lead by Pelosi, are shirking their Constitutional duty and giving Trump a pass. Something I read recently, can’t remember the author, pointed out that Pelosi is handling Trump based on partisan considerations instead of doing her sworn duty under the law. To protect and preserve the Constitution of the US. It is their job to impeach Trump for all of his blatant crimes against this country no matter what the affect it might have on the Democratic Party.