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The Stakes Are Enormously High Along the Russian Border


The Stakes Are Enormously High Along the Russian Border

Kathy Kelly

In the historic port city of Yalta, located on the Crimean Peninsula, we visited the site where Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin, in February of 1945, concluded negotiations ending World War II.

These leaders and their top advisors were also present at the creation of the United Nations and other instruments of international negotiation and non-military cooperation. Tragically, the creation of the “Cold War” was underway soon after. Reviving tensions between the United States and Russia make it seem as though the Cold War might not have ended.


Kathy, Thank you so very much for the bravery you and those who travel with you in the cause of peace have shown to the world in so many places over so many years. Your dedication and commitment to peace is appreciated by many people around the world. Your sacrifice is truly understood by too few. If JFK'S Peace Corps could only attract the same funding as the MIC has our world would be a totally different place. It is your example that will hopefully inspire many of my fellow citizens here in the US to demand that our government do just that. It is certainly the least that we can do to assist people like you who have committed so much, as well as honor our own humanity. As you well know, when people, especially young people, meet and share their hopes and dreams miracles happen. Perhaps miracles is not the adequate word. When people meet and share their lives they become as one. We might believe that we are different, that we think differently, but we soon realize that our souls are one; our humanity, if you will, is as one. This has been proven time and again on the battlefield when two soldiers from different sides are removed from their political owners and placed together by circumstance they will put aside their differences to survive. One will stay and help the injured other to survive if given the chance. That is how humans are when divorced from other influences. Only peace will allow an ever growing population on an Earth with limited resources to have a chance of using our innate love for one another to solve the problems of survival facing all of us at this desparate time in human history. Please accept my sincere gratitude and spread it to those with you for what you are doing and your inspiration to many of us to do what we will. Sincerely, Skip Edwards


Dear Kathy, the words quoted from the young people you met provide such inspiration and grounds for hope. They are not their parent's generation at all!

And the analogy of Putin to Gandhi (compared to Western "peace-keeping" initiatives) is refreshing for its honesty.

I love you, honor your work, and am convinced you are a TRUE angel embodied on this beautiful, yet troubled planet to teach Peace... as did Christ and other Masters.