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The Stakes in the Race for Democratic National Committee Chair


The Stakes in the Race for Democratic National Committee Chair

Tom Gallagher

One leading candidate for Democratic National Committee Chair recently said, "We heard loudly and clearly yesterday from Bernie supporters that the process was rigged and it was. And you've got to be honest about it. That's why we need a chair who is transparent." In a contest as hotly contested as the race for DNC Chair currently is, you expect this sort of talk. Only thing is, the statement didn’t come from Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison, the DNC candidate who supported Sanders in the presidential nomination race.


The right-wing hate machine would love to have Keith Ellison as DNC chair so they can ramp up the meme that the Democratic Party is nothing more than the party of African-Americans and Muslims. The Democrats had better be prepared to counter this narrative.


The "right wing hate machine" will put no less effort turning Perez into raw meat to be fed to their base than they will turning Ellison into raw meat to be fed to their base. That machine needs to keep fabricating new enemies to keep their base engaged and that base will be just as happy with raw meat with a Hispanic surname or raw meat with a dark skin color.

Very sick, but very real.


Every candidate for DNC chair has turned out to be a disappointment. Ellison flunked the progressive/leftist test when he said he wanted to make nice with extreme Zionist-billionaire Haim Saban. He needed to reject both billionaire money and influence, as well as the Israeli/Zionist lobby to be taken seriously as a reformer of the party. Perez is the last minute DLC/Clinton faction put up job to keep control of the party in their hands. I predict that he will be the eventual winner, which means that I and millions of other Bernie-crat, true progressives will be leaving the Democrats for good, hopefully joining me in the Green Party. We hope to make the Greens the new home of common working people, the poor, as well as the environmentally aware. We reject big money, retired generals and admirals and corporate influence of any kind. Please come and join us. We will have a new platform that reflects the former Sanders supporters who have and will come over from the Democrats. #Demexit.


Ellison will listen and that will be a breath of fresh air. A start.


What the piece omits, and most argues for Keith Ellison, is that the Minnesota Congressman was prescient enough to realize that Dump could win. Ellison also had the guts to say on one of the Sunday morning talk shows quite early on in Dump's candidacy even though the hosts derisively laughed in his face. Tom Perez is of the camp that completely underestimated Dump and failed spectacularly to gauge the national mood even though Bernie Sanders' candidacy should have served as ample warning.


Both would be great DNC Chairs. The stakes are low, we've just chosen to make them high. It's not them who we vote for, but candidates in our districts. They're both for a 50 state strategy, both progressive. The rest is relitigating the primary.


In a vaguely ordinary political climate: either one would fine. Unfortunately, that is not what we're in. Clear political sight is needed more than ever as the Conservative Infotainment Complex driven right wing 'populism' is far from over as the $$ behind have deep pockets. That virtually mandates Ellison.


Perez has deep state neocon globalist stamped on his forehead. I doubt either of them can weed out the rot of Pelosi Shumer and the blue dogs.

We have an electoral system of voting for president. I do not believe that an elector can vote for a third party. Changes would have to happen but we are in a GOP controlled government who will do nothing but enrich themselves and insure their continued entrenchment (of course that is what the Democrats would be doing if they were in power). With the stepping down of the head of the FEC this past week because certain GOP members were blocking everything the commission needed to do the chances of good change are slim but keep an eye out as things can slide into worst territory quickly under the present admin.


It's quite possible that for Democrats, the party is over for the foreseeable future. The reasons don't fit on a protest sign. Since FDR, the Dem voting base had consisted of the masses -- poor and middle class, workers and the jobless, for the common good. The Clinton wing split this base wide apart. The past eight years confirmed that this split is permanent.


Disagree. There's nothing new about progressive politics. It centers on an ideology for building a better nation/society from the bottom up. It began growing early in the 20th Century, and in fact, progressive policies took the US to its height of wealth and productivity from FDR to Reagan (far from perfect, but much better). We began reconsidering this during the Reagan years, and abandoned a legitimately progressive agenda by the 1990s.


Allowing your enemy to dictate your principles is bad policy by definition.


"... a Perez win in this race will make a lot of people conclude that the Democratic Party just can’t change its stripes. It will take the wind out of the sails of a lot of people the Democratic Party can’t afford to lose—the 70 percent of the under-30 voters who went with Sanders in the primaries."

Sorry, but it would take the "wind out of MY sails" too; and I'm ready for Medicare. If I have to see that ineffective establishment hack Pelosi one more time I'm gonna puke. At least Obama has had the dignity to go away windsurfin' with Branson ...


I think you have deep globalist neoliberal stickers stuck on your eyeglasses. Have you bothered to read about what Perez did rebuilding the Justice department civil rights division? Or, his time as labor secretary? Or his time on the Montgomery city council? The man has been successful everywhere he has been. Just a few of his achievements: Fiduciary Rule; Persuader Rule; Overtime Rule; Homecare Rule. All challenged by Republicans, some halted by courts, but the most progressive labor rules in generations.

Perez would be an awesome Chair, but so would Ellison. Even if Perez doesn't get the job, I bet he is involved. He knows how to operate in complicated situations and get results.


Yes yes and that is fine. But to me there is also foreign policy.

It is not

It is global domination to set up one world government, one world enforcement, the good old USA for that function. To do this other people in other countries will have to be fought and at least dominated if not then killed. Open your eyes and see how daily your government using your money is killing men, women and children across the globe. These people he is friends with. The DNC is filled to the brim with them. The ones who will destroy countries for profit and world domination.

I will stand with you in support of him when he comes out 100% against any foreign military engagements. Until then he is a Clinton lackey.


Ellison has been for foreign engagements too. Hell, I've been for a few in my life. I think we just differ on this issue, though I definitely think we could use a ton less military adventure and more domestic investment for sure.


We agree on domestic issues and hope for change. I hope to get some from Trump but not holding my breath. The problem with world domination is that Russia has superior weaponry and will kick our ass if we attack them. I remember as a youngster that people got elected by saying they were the law and order candidate. Now it has morphed into HRC pushing for war with Russia. Trump with Iran.

I do not know how old you are but we the people have been very protected from even seeing the damages of the constant war that rages. It has cost millions of lives and damaged both our society and our health.

Are these the people you follow?


Same here, although it is VA for me, where I do get good care and pay almost nothing ($32 in 2015, $24 in 2016 for prescriptions) for anything. Everybody should get that kind of no-worry care. It is not complete, however, no dental for example, for which I head for the dental school at much more money (although lower than). And Trump and his ilk want to privatize the VA as well, not to mention other damage to the VA. Trump and ilk should be prosecuted for "future murder" and in enough existing cases, for murder by checkbook. I could start with Florida governor Scott and his massive health fraud before becoming gov.
But back to the first, don't imagine that only the "kids" (under 30) are in this political pew.


I say...bring it on. About time we got some balls...


The other corporate party can vote for whoever they want for their chair but as long as Pekosi and Shumer are in charge faggedaboutit.