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The State Department Drama Shows Just How Far Trump Will Go for Big Oil

The State Department Drama Shows Just How Far Trump Will Go for Big Oil

Basav Sen

It’s said that you can tell a lot about people by the company they keep. And the shady characters President Trump has surrounded himself with represent a new low even by Washington standards.

One thread that ties many of these people together is their deep connection with the fossil fuel industry — and their willingness to implement the industry’s agenda, regardless of the impacts on people and planet.

The nexus between energy and economics must be corrected by including what the latter now accepts as externalities, such as poverty and pollution (including, but not limited to, greenhouse gases). Absent such correction no progress will be made toward the twin threats of climate change and nuclear war (the underpinning risk of which is largely due to who supplies energy to whom and by what routes). Nothing less than the fates of human civilization and myriad species depend on such progress. Money, as currently defined, is the greatest impediment to peace and life on this planet.


Pompeo is just a hint, as is Bolton, though we had might best take these seriously.

Big Oil and it’s destructive effects are going to cost this planet dearly.

Trump and the shady characters he associates with have based their lives on profiting from the corrupt practices that they can get away with because of their elite status.

Enabling this to continue for one more day, is all of our faults.

Will it really take another War to get us to act to throw these criminals out?

#No More

Oh what does it matter if Tillerson or anyone else did something criminal? Accountability has not been as strong suit in Repugs or Dimwits party as they are all complicit in the crime.

Vote them all out especially the establishment of each party as they as crooked as any other.

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Both sides are equally to blame. B.S.

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Both sides are equally to blame blah, blah, blah.
That’s as big a lie as Holy Geezer is telling.


Trump is big oil.

The various species in the oceans contain 3xs as many predators as are found on the land masses of this planet. Hating primates seems to be a misguided and mean way of attacking the many Oiligarchies in bed with the Trump Adm.
Trump can be explained quite easily after 15 months as POTUS. " There’s been no collusion, no cover up, no corruption, no copulation, no criminality, no conflicts of interest and no contradictions. " The 7 Pillars of Fake News, repeated daily by the biggest Crooks and Conniving Criminals in the history of this country.
Calling them killer whales would seem more apt for you to make an accurate argument.
FYI- Killer whales ( Orcas ) are apex predators.

Yes, dems throw us a few crumbs but nothing gets really done not what really needs changing. What have dems done to stop the flow of money only to the top? Under Clinton he did more to secure the wealth same with Obama.

At some point us dems have to stop lying to ourselves,.

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Wake up to what?
Do you think the Democrats are just as bad as Republicans or are you just referring to the fossil fuel industry?

Your false equivalency slip shows, too. It’s looking like there’s an agenda in there but no plan. Might be why they’re all bunched up and on backwards. Vote Green Party in the mid-terms? Really?
Hand Trump’s followers a gift after the Dims have got them on the ropes, sounds like very Trumpian advice. R U offering this advice for free?

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Whatever you say, of course. Your wish is my command, sir. Now, go take your meds, please.

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I don’t think so - not even close.

Eisenhower’s fingering of the Military Industrial Complex is much closer to the truth.

Cheap oil and fossil fuels seemed like a good idea to most people in all civilizations until relatively recently - just look around.

There have always been those who saw more clearly, throughout history, in both civilizations and tribal societies. But these people are few and far between, and usually characterized by the majority as Cassandras or similar monikers.

Alexander von Humbolt was one of these savants, and long ago saw the destructive nature of ‘progress’ and ‘civilization’ on the natural world. A strange man, to be sure, “as the great ones always are”, to borrow a line and a thought from Ian Tyson’s “Casey Tibbs”.

I remember reading an assigned paper from Scientific American when I was at McGill University in Montreal, taking a third year course in marine geology, a super-hot topic in 1970, when plate tectonics was being transformed into the governing paradigm for the new geology at that time (today it is perhaps extinction events).

The article, which I still have, was by Manhattan scientist Gilbert Plass, titled

Carbon Dioxide and Climate An article from our July 1959 issue examined climate change: “A current theory postulates that carbon dioxide regulates the temperature of the earth. This raises an interesting question: How do Man’s activities influence the climate of the future?”

I remember that there was no sense of urgency or fear at the time - not amongst the students - not from the professors.

I was in the oil business myself for some eighteen years as a field geologist - a consulting wellsite geologist, specializing in exploration and heavy oil in the prairie provinces in Canada, primarily Saskatchewan.

Even though I had read and digested the Club of Rome report of 1972 by the MIT group, “Limits to Growth”, there was no feeling of impending disaster.

Not until James Hansen ca 1988.

The world still runs on oil and fossil fuels - all our food is dependent upon it for production and transportation to a first approximation.

This is not to excuse deliberate misinformation by Exxon and the Koch’s and their minions and owned politicians - but to place the matter in perspective.

Were we to stop all fossil fuels tomorrow, civilizations everywhere would collapse and billions would starve to death.

This transition is going to take time.

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