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The State Department’s Collective Madness


The State Department’s Collective Madness

Robert Parry

Over the past several decades, the U.S.


I think this far too kind characterization masks what's really at stake and continually put into practice:

"While one might have expected the Democrats of the Clinton administration to reverse those trends, they didn’t. Instead, Bill Clinton’s “triangulation” applied to U.S. foreign policy as much as to domestic programs. He was always searching for that politically safe “middle.”

It's impossible to verify whether the Clintons were recruited to re-brand the Democratic party tying it to positions that formerly represented centrist Republican policy choices OR if the infusion of Big Money (through the growth of Washington's lobbying firms, the phenomenal sums required to mount a successful senate/congress/Presidential campaign, and the growing influence of Think Tank memes proliferated across a Captured Corporate media) created that same outcome.

Still, to term Clinton's decimation of regulatory agencies as the mere matter of the centrist policies of triangulation HIDES just how dark the motive was (and remains) and the degree of damage it does to Democracy and any faint remnant of authentic voter choice (in terms of the agendas that will be put into motion).

Parry focuses on Clinton's dance moves... and forgets who's writing the music.

This is a solid and helpful insight:

"As the 1990s wore on, the decimation of foreign policy experts in the mold of White and Derian left few on the Democratic side who had the courage or skills to challenge the deeply entrenched neocons. Many Clinton-era Democrats accommodated to the neocon dominance by reinventing themselves as “liberal interventionists,” sharing the neocons’ love for military force but justifying the killing on “humanitarian” grounds."


"And, Official Washington’s foreign-policy Democrats had become almost indistinguishable from the neocons, except for their use of “humanitarian” arguments to justify aggressive wars."

There is a deeper, more disturbing interpretation of the aforementioned phenomenon.

It's that after the assassination of JFK, the Deep State in its collusion with the Military Industrial Complex was free to fulfill Eisenhower's prescient warning.

And since the MIC has risen to such unchecked influence that it commandeers essentially half of the money the government takes in each year, it has the power to determine MUCH in the way of foreign (and domestic) policy.

In short, both teams (D & R) play for the MIC weapons' contractors and other "business" leaders. The only distinction is, as Mr. Parry aptly explains, the Dems. use a variety of Humanitarian Pitches (like babies tossed out of incubators in Iraq) to SELL the same wars. Republicans take a more macho--just use all those weapons to show 'em who's boss--approach.

But both wings of this lethal bird, along with the way Yin and Yang have been twisted, serve the same entity: the god of war (Mars rules).

Mr. Parry is to be credited for getting some things right that others miss; and yet there is also a naive streak that has him miss things that should be self-evident.

Was Obama the anti-war dove that Parry suggests, or was that merely the MARKETING JINGLE used to get him elected? Because to recognize the veracity of the latter explains WHY he brought in the same Neo-con team that's been calling shots favorable to the MIC/Deep State for decades:

"Obama then made one of the most fateful decisions of his presidency. Instead of cleaning house at State and at the Pentagon, he listened to some advisers who came up with the clever P.R. theme “Team of Rivals” – a reference to Abraham Lincoln’s first Civil War cabinet – and Obama kept in place Bush’s military leadership, including Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense, and reached out to hawkish Sen. Hillary Clinton to be his Secretary of State.

"In other words, Obama not only didn’t take control of the foreign-policy apparatus, he strengthened the power of the neocons and liberal hawks."

"Team of Rivals" is like "Coalition of the Willing," or "Enhanced Interrogation," or "Common Core." Just as Big Pharma pays PR firms big money to come up with euphoric sounding names for the latest drugs it plans to launch, similar devices are used to sell policy (as much as it requires being sold since it's obvious that lay people are treated as PROPS during this era of seriously downsized Democracy!).

"Team of Rivals" is a clever-sounding set of words used to hide the fact that the President is mostly positioned to follow a script. How much room he or she has to deviate from that script cannot be known; but given the record of assassinations (to civic leaders as well as Presidents), one can certainly make a solid estimate.


IMHO the nation's only hope, (I can't believe I'm saying this.) is for the Republicans to change the rules somehow and remove Trump as its nominee. Damn near anyone else, including, Paul Ryan would beat Hillary. Her foreign policy is very frightening.

Apparently, I hope I'm wrong, the Democratic Convention, inside at least, will be smiley faces, in a milieu of good feelings, no messy stuff after all. Appropriately, a fart-in is planned by Cheri Honkala, the leader of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign. Bernie's campaign that started with such promise, and noble it was, ends with flatulence, and so it goes.



I long for the days when treasonous America haters like these "diplomats" receive justice for their treason. A well used guillotine on the Mall in D.C. seems to be called for these days.


There will be more and more wars waiting to take place. The insane and nonsensical representatives and our incoming warrior goddess whenever take the stage the bombs will start to fall. I blame more to the people of our nation for this inhuman act of violence. It serves only the rich elites whereas the rests will turn to be jobless and homeless. It should be stopped. It is true and simple.


This is from the latest batch of leaked Clinton Emails. In this email she describes how Assad must be removed from power to protect Israel and the Nuclear Monopoly Israel has followed up by an attack on Iran once Syria neutralized.


The end of the Assad regime would end this dangerous alliance. Israel’s leadership understands well why defeating Assad is now in its interests.

Bringing down Assad would not only be a massive boon to Israel’s security, it would also ease Israel’s understandable fear of losing its nuclear monopoly.

Then, Israel and the United States might be able to develop a common view of when the Iranian program is so dangerous that military action could be warranted.

Much like with Qaddaffi this psychopath then goes on to suggest Assaad and his family be threatned or killed outright.

For the sake of what would be millions of more lives lost under a Clinton Presidency, if not a World wide war, I implore citizens of the United States of America not to vote for this woman. Vote Green. Vote Sanders, Save some millions of lives.


I don't go along with beheading but I would like to bring back the olde tar and feathers and stockades in the middle of town. Weren't these effective deterrents?


Do you think the interventions are directly tied to our war economy, attempts at depopulation, strategicicaly planned for some unknown purpose, an attempt to destroy ancient human artifacts, what? are the people in the state department just stupid? They seem more stupid than anything else.


Outside, we'll see...

"Democracy Spring is organizing mass civil disobedience at the DNC this July in Philadelphia. More soon."



This is all the influence of the former Secretary of State and war hawk Hillary Clinton. And people want her to run our country? Hell NO!


This ariticle is a very accurate synopsis. As usual, Putin has explained his thinking and intentions quite clearly and will act, although nobody is listenng. When the Russians blow up some mercenary terrorists, too bad. The anti-government forces have no right to be there in the first place. "Assad must go". How totally outrageous.


Actually tar and feathering almost always resulted in a gruesome death and would be considered a horrific torture under today's norms. Well at least mine and similar like minded peoples norms. But aside from that I do understand what you meant. That you thought the tar and feathering would actually be less barbaric. It wasn't though. I would reserve the tar and feathering for those more perverted then the ones that may deserve the guillotine.
Stockades however are a reasonable alternative!


Both inside and outside will get ugly very quickly if the Democratic Party nominates Clinton at the July Party Convention.


Just want to reiterate that I do understand your concern over my comment and restate that I advocate the less barbaric method of dealing with America's neo-con problem. With a strong emphasis on the fact that it DOES need to dealt with.


There has been talk of the development of mini-nukes since Bush 2 (their use would be slight according to the war lovers. What does that even mean? Fifty thousand years of radiation contamination where no one can live versus one hundred thousand? A mini-Chernobyl? Hillary has drunk deep into the war lovers wine!)) and I am absolutely convinced Hillary would use them when threats failed. She seems determined to do war with Putin (More of US Exceptional BS Kool-Aid.), invade/occupy Iran, and destroy Syria. This is a monster who is no longer emotionally stable. As she has achieved wealth and power, she has been totally corrupted as she has never been held accountable for all the scandals, crimes, and international laws broken (as well as financial ones). Many Presidents have threatened to use nukes (Nixon in Vietnam), but Hillary will be the one to do so.


So they claim they aren't "advocating a slippery slope" that will end up in a confrontation with Russia? Do they not understand that no one ADVOCATES slipping down a slippery slope-- the whole point of its BEING slippery is that once you step on it, you lose your damn fool footage and end up at the bottom of the slope whether you wanted to or NOT? That's what makes it a SLIP-- you end up somewhere you didn't "advocate" going, or MEAN to go, but arrive there nonetheless, assbackwards?


Hillary Clinton is just a war hawk



At the last Supper we can't all wavier. We knew the executioner was probably coming. They took Bernie out to the woodshed and read him the Riot Act. Bernie refused to endorse Hillary just yet; but it's likely that after the July 25th Superdelegate Vote, he will endorse Hillary (just as he promised; so there's no surprise there.)

Hillary ran the State Department and apparently turned it hawkish. According to Perry they want blood and they want it now. So Hillary = World War if the two unstable elements are combined in government.

The man behind the curtain is George H.W. Bush, who has a hand up almost all of the candidates on both Dem and Repub tickets. Trump, I'm told, has bush cronies on tap at his elbow. Clinton has made public overtures for support from the bush crime family. Married into the bush family is the Koch mob, who say they are fine with a Hillary presidency. Everywhere I search I've found deep personal connections between all of these puppets or at least with their funders except for Sanders.

Sanders is only funded by us and maybe Lockheed, as far as I can tell. And that's a good thing since Lockheed owns a lot of key intel companies and that same outsourced intel is 80 percent of all See-Eye-Aye intel. (in the acquisition of outfits like Booze Allen Hamilton.)

So I'll wager that these equations could be true:

Clinton = State Department and Wall Street
Sanders = Intel Community and the 99 percent.

There is a sharp split right now between the State Department and the Intel Community. Intel is dovish and State is Hawkish.

That is IF, I'm reading the tea leaves worth a chit here....

Stay with Sanders. Show up in Philly and jam the streets with support signs!


I wasn't familiar with the intimacies of tar and feathering. Hot tar would burn like hell; I didn't think about it. How about a nontoxic glue? And feathers? I really just want to see some of these arrogant people laid down low for how they nonchalantly play chess with the lives of the citizens of Earth.