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The State of OUR Union Is Ready To Lift Up Truth


The State of OUR Union Is Ready To Lift Up Truth

Chelsea White

Chelsea White spoke at The State Of Our Union, a gathering of nine hundred women from fifty grassroots and national groups at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on Jan. 30, 2018.


With 52 weeks in one year, each of the 50 states needs to designate their own delegate…their own Chelsea White.

Each week one state delegate will give a state of the state and union speech that will hopefully refocus Murkins away from the dumpster in the oval office and best congress money can buy reality TV distraction.


I’m impressed with her resolve and her message. MS. White you’re cause is just, keep up the fight and good luck.


“we are building a homegrown resistance where young women like me, are staying right where we live to fight for economic and political power.”

Appalachia Strong, Like no People I have Seen.

Your Citizens endure more than most people, and still keep a Good Heart.

You will indeed, Overcome