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The State of the Union Depends on the State of Our Democracy



A "people powered democracy" is decentralized, direct democracy with encrypted voting for highest security and automatic voter registration that includes felons that have served their time.


Democracy? A democracy is based on representative govt., and we don't have that. The entire notion of "democracy" is bastardized in a country with such extremes of wealth and poverty. In a nutshell, Republicans represent the interests of the rich, Democrats and third parties represent the interests of the working/middle classes, and the poor have absolutely no representation whatsoever. Dare I point out that the US has actually been implementing fascism (by definition), slowly, and from the bottom up -- with the apparent support of this generation? We have created a system that cannot sustain the population, and have essentially banished our "surplus population" -- the jobless poor. We have stripped the poor of a list of fundamental civil and human rights, solely for being poor, and implemented policies that very effectively keep most locked out of the job market.

Democracy? Such an outdated notion.


The value of petroleum is so low that pulling out of the arctic for the time being was strictly a business decision for Royal Dutch Shell.

Obama's TPP, TTIP and TISA are his highest priority for 2016. These "trade deals" will be a giant wave that will hit the beach and wash away all of the accomplishments the author delineates as though they were sand castles.


Cut the crap since you don't vote anyway. You constantly tell people not to vote so that means you don't participate. You aren't involved in any meaningful way for change. You complain like that accomplishes something. A broken record... Ever hear that phrase?


Has the United States of America ever been a democracy? Beginning with the original Constitution in which voting rights were exclusive to white male property owners over the age of 35 and African slaves were counted as 3/5 of a person (to determine southern representation in the House of Representatives), to the present day in which the .00001% (i.e., a few families that own the key PRIVATE central banks and most of the key corporate assets on the planet) own the media, polling organizations, and voting machines, there has never been a time when the political parties, the press, and the voting process was ever democratic.

The sine qua non of democracy are: 1) the nation's ownership of its own central bank and currency; 2) verifiable voting; and 3) decentralized media.

We have a ways to go. The only time that voting means anything is when there is INDEPENDENT exit polling to show the degree to which the votes have been tampered. Otherwise, you're voting to tell the cartel how you really feel (a protest vote), the totals of which they keep to themselves.


Don't rewrite what I say just because you want to look for something to hassle me about or make me your big thing either...lol... I guess I should be flattered by your frequent attention. Try a bit more attention to detail next time though. I said >>> '..aren't involved in any meaningful way for change...' (as in not voting) but you apparently wanted to hear 'meaningful change' which reveals a predisposition 'to look for something' to argue about that is affecting your thinking towards whatever I say. Besides people can speak for themselves don't you think... Oh great defender of people who don't need defending. I disagreed with her position. Ask somebody to explain what that concept means.

I find it very odd that people on this site will invest so much time and effort trying to keep progressive's from voting. If someone doesn't want to vote that is their decision but what is the point of telling other people not to vote? The right pays people to mess with people's heads online and one way is to discourage lefties from voting which is almost a tradition since Reagan days.

Nevertheless jimmy... I am flattered that I hold your attention so much... Lol.


Totally correct. The pulling out of the Arctic and the president stopping the XL pipeline had nothing much to do with people power but with falling oil prices.

When people power becomes a threat they are either incorporated like the tea party into the GOP, or gotten rid of like OWS who would not let themselves be incorporated with the Democrats. The jury is still out on BLM, I am sure various departments in the spy agency are studying them.


First you insult me based on your incorrect reading of what I wrote as well as posting a misquote as if I had said it. Then when it is shown that you got it wrong nevertheless you neither apologize for the misquote or the insult but you take the opportunity to insult me again instead. That makes your own personal sense of honor (and any complaints about injustice in the world) hypocritical. Progressives generally have an awareness of fair play and justice but you showed little by not correcting your mistake but also by adding further to it with another ad hominem accusation (to which your prior attentions may be inferred although not substantiated any better than they were this time).


What do you get from this childishness anyway? I remember when I criticized your spreading fatalism and hopelessness about the uselessness of voting and you got snippy because I debated the issue rather than merely let poor jimmy win. Well you and the rest of the defeatists who try to discourage people from voting whether because you are trolls, conservative shills or just plain DEFEATED and want others to be just like you are >>> without any hope for anything in the future, I can only feel sorry for you and them. People do have hope for change. People work for change and people in this election will vote for change by electing Bernie despite the sour souled weakness of spirit you and others display. It is not a bad thing to have hope for the future but if you think about it ... not having hope for better is admitting defeat before you ever get started. In any case do your best as best your able and here's hoping for the best in the future.


Hmmm, "You constantly tell people not to vote so that means you don't participate. You aren't involved in any meaningful way for change"

Equating not voting with not being "involved in any meaningful way for change" is a false equation, unless of course you think that voting IS the only way to being "involved in a meaningful way" ...

And please do explain any meaningful difference, for your purposes, between not being involved in any meaningful way for change and not being involved in any meaningful change...

Try to pay a bit more attention to detail -

Are you also "flattered" that you "hold MY attention" - or would you prefer, as indicated many times in the past, that you do not? (smile)


Or a people's candidate is handcuffed to a chair to keep her out of a debate ...


Wait, wait, wait - Jimmy was defending another poster whom you were denigrating, and you are offended when someone turns the tables? LOL! Your chutzpah never ceases to amaze ....


Good grief, flea - another "mis-equation" - one can well "work for change" without working for Sanders - in fact some of us argue that the best way to "work for change" is by working for someone like Stein ...

You are correct - "it is not a bad thing to have hope", but misplaced hope is a problem we seem to suffer from over and over ..

And you are also right that "not having hope for better is admitting defeat before you ever get started", which is why at least some of us persist in refusing all your attempts to dash our "hope for better" with Stein ...


Nothing like having an intellectual discussion and reasoned debate. I'm sure that you will agree that here at CD the anti-intellectualism and dumbing down of America has no place. Saying blah three times would have sufficed but saying it five times is virtually hyperbole!


I think you are correct, engaging with you is "Nothing like having an intellectual discussion and reasoned debate" ...

Duly noted - next time only 3 blahs ...

Actually, i don't think 5 was enough (smile)


So what IS the state of a democracy that handcuffs duly nominated candidates to a chair to keep them from being heard?