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'The Statue of Liberty Is Not a Toll Booth': Outrage as Trump Moves to Impose Fees on Asylum Seekers

'The Statue of Liberty Is Not a Toll Booth': Outrage as Trump Moves to Impose Fees on Asylum Seekers

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a move immigrant rights groups decried as the White House's latest inhumane attack on those fleeing violence and persecution, President Donald Trump late Monday ordered sweeping changes to the U.S. asylum system, including restriction of work permits and a fee for asylum applications.

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“fleeing violence and persecution” caused by the US world wide attacks on the ‘others’.

Trump’s opinion: Consider yourself lucky you survived, now you want to live in the US.
Go away!

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There’s an old billboard for a motel that closed long ago. Some travelers are fooled and take the exit off the highway, only to find it was all a lie. That sign should be torn down.

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how about if trump is charged a very HIGH fee everytime he opens his stupid, hating mouth to spread his bullshit and lies, and a very high price every time he starts squawking on his beloved twit ness gizmo, give the real citizens a break trumpo…STFU and go the fuck away!! (and then stay there!) by the way, any presidential harrassment is from the twit in chief haranguing the rest of with his mouth spew! actually, it was a very good morning before coming online.

Did rump’s mother pay a fee to enter the US?

And how about his wives? This is just our daily dose of Trumpian hog wash policy making.
Wait for it: Tomorrow certainly won’y be any better, it will be worse. 10,000 LIES. WTF?


While everyone else is thinking of human rights, Trump can only see dollar signs. $$$

This asylum fee is just an old-fashioned poll tax applied to immigration. Don’t be surprised if the fee gets raised to $10,000 to ensure that only rich people can seek asylum.

Poll taxes are currently unconstitutional, but if the far right gets the Constitutional Convention that they want - and almost have - poll taxes may very well be legal again. Don’t be surprised if the poll tax gets raised to $10,000 to ensure that only ilk-of-Koch can vote.

(Background on the Constitutional Convention is available in “Democracy in Chains”, which I recommend.)

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Yeah, only legal immigrants should pay a fee. Cross the border illegally, you get a free pass.