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'The Statue of Liberty Weeps' as Trump Takes Aim at Legal Immigration


'The Statue of Liberty Weeps' as Trump Takes Aim at Legal Immigration

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Adding yet another wrinkle to his already "inhumane" immigration agenda, President Donald Trump on Wednesday endorsed a piece of legislation that would drastically curtail legal immigration, a move that sparked a torrent of criticism from activists and immigrant rights groups.


Things will change when the Trump Trash heap (hotel) in Wash, DC and any other golf “resort” (including Mal y Loco) bearing that odious brand cannot get FRESH produce or meat (beef, pork, chicken) for their kitchens because the migrant workers are not available to harvest the produce or work in the meat/poultry/pork processing plants around the country. Then, perhaps all those farmers who swept the demagogue into office will take notice and vociferously, actively voice their complaints to the tyrant and his band of brutes. Nah, ignorance is bliss.

Same S- - t, different day.



The Population Bomb … sorry to intrude reality into your happy little fantasy world.


Right now I cannot help but think about my paternal grandfather who came here as an undocumented: Not a word of English, not a penny, and not Anglo either, not a rich 21st Century Chinese. There was no other way. The US–as in so many countries-- had interfered in the politics of his nation which had a strong communist party.

Then I think of my Sioux ancestors–did any of them give green or other color immigration cards to those who had the temerity to land here unannounced, uninvited from Europe?

Trump why the hell don’t you depart permanently for Germany?


Hey, the Crimea is the perfect spot for him…not too far from Sochi and other “hot spots.” Merkel would have something to say about that despot’s attempt to emigrate to Germany. Even better, Duterte would welcome a fellow villain and prospective “enforcer” into the Philippines with open arms.

My paternal grandfather emigrated from Greece and my grandmother from Ireland in the late 19th C and eventually made it from NY to New Hampshire. My grandfather’s family lost their land in a border dispute with Turkey and were forced to relocate. He spoke seven languages (English not being one) and managed to immigrate as a Frenchman with a French passport with a French surname as he could not come in as a Greek under the “quota system” as the Greek quota was full. Even though he kept the surname, he honored and followed his Greek culture and heritage and built the first Greek restaurant in Dover, NH and taught my father how to speak Greek and French. My maternal grandmother’s family emigrated from Scotland to Canada in the 19th century and my maternal grandfather’s ancestors came over in the early 16th C and settled in what became the state of New Hampshire. So I am two generations away from being an immigrant myself.

Where would our nation be without IMMIGRANTS? Where would our nation and its natural resources be without the millennial stewardship of the Native Americans let alone their guidance, friendship and support of the invaders?

But the diabolical despot has no sense of history nor any inclination to study/heed its lessons.


LOL! You make for some very valid points but I would pity the people of the Philippines–one Duerte is horrible enough! Thanks for your story.


Kinda like Canada. They have the same point system.


Before we pass new immigration laws lets enforce the old ones.Donald Trump’s wife lied on he original immigration papers, and she was working earning money before she had working papers. The laws that she broke if enforced could lead to her deportation. Do our laws only get enforced on people who are not important ???


My maternal-maternal great-grandfather came directly from Italy to southeastern Ohio in the last years of the 19th c as a scab invited by the coal companies to break miners’ unions. It appears (my cousin insists on documented genealogy) that he may have falsely reported his age to get in without a sponsor, and his surname (such as it was coming from Italy) was changed to “Welch.” The cousin with whom he traveled went back after a couple of years, but unfortunately for the mine operators, Michaele thought one of the best things about the US was the unions, and he stayed. Not sure how much English he ever learned.


Don’t worry, she won’t be deported until the orange turd gets tired of her, or she becomes disobedient.


Love that: or she becomes disobedient…LOL, guffaw, wiping the tears… Thanks!


So today Sen Durbin said when commenting on this bill—“Americans aren’t lining up for jobs picking crops or jobs at hospitals or hotels and slaughterhouses”------But to Sen Durbin and other Democrats who don’t get this-----I have seen construction jobs become low wage geared to immigrants-I have seen retail jobs go in the same direction------and hotel jobs-I think he misspoke on hospital jobs???slaughterhouse jobs at one time were high paying for the work being done------wonder why democrats don’t get it???

Of course Trump now likes the rigged unemployment numbers----look at all the people lining up for a job at Amazon,when everyone knows people are treated like crap in these jobs.


He wasn’t talking about doctors and nurses and lab techs, but cleaners, “practical nurses,” and other low-paid jobs.

On your other protests, I’d appreciate sources. It’s hard to “get it” from generalized anecdotal evidence.


Shame on Trump for endorsing this piece of proposed legislation. Note however that it was put forward by wealthy right-wing Republicans Senators from the Deep South. 'Nuff said.


Joy Reed on the Maddow MSNBC show tonight criticizing the proposed bill listed the top industries for foreign born workers-Hotels, agriculture,construction,food service,healthcare,high tech manufacturing,information technology, life science.

In the 90’s I worked as a painter on new construction for over 5yrs. I witnessed the turnover of US workers to illegal workers-carpenters,dry wall workers- once all decent paying jobs. And just understand most of the top payed people who worked in the paint co. I worked for were Spanish people who had deep roots in this area. These people were replaced with low payed immigrants along with me. I came to work one morning and was informed by the foreman that I would be competing with the new hire making $8hr(at that time $8hr for a painter was unheard of-I was a painters apprentice making $11)and if he did more houses than me I would be fired. This direction came from the owner of the company. So I did four houses (painting stucco outsides)that day —my competition did one----so I kept my job that day-----but a few weeks latter the owner came out and fired me for a holiday on some iron.

This is one thing Trump gets----and understand this is not the fault of immigrants-its employer’s who take advantage of the situation and politicians who look the other way–rep and dem. And I’m sure its more a race thing for Trump not a support workers thing. The best immigration policy and defense policy is helping make Mexico economically strong. But corporate America wants cheap labor,so democrats and republicans will do the masters bidding.


If the US insists on helping to create refugees by its insane foreign policies, it should at least take in its share!


Yes, mostly, they do!


This is why Trump will win a second term-------because people don’t get this. And understand people here are with Sen Graham of South Carolina-----he needs cheap labor or the business leaders will be pissed.


Hello nighthawk, Not any more! Since the "sainted Ronald (6) Wilson (6) Reagan (6) we have not kept up with the refugees that we have created around the globe!!!


I agree. It’s time to Make America First again!
Let the rest of the world take care of the tired, hungry, poor … whatever!