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The Sting: How the FBI Created a Terrorist


The Sting: How the FBI Created a Terrorist

Trevor Aaronson, The Intercept

In the video, Sami Osmakac is tall and gaunt, with jutting cheekbones and a scraggly beard. He sits cross-legged on the maroon carpet of the hotel room, wearing white cotton socks and pants that rise up his legs to reveal his thin, pale ankles. An AK-47 leans against the closet door behind him. What appears to be a suicide vest is strapped to his body. In his right hand is a pistol.

“Recording,” says an unseen man behind the camera.


This is becoming THE standard “anti-terrorist” tactic in US-vassal-states as well. Canada has at least 3 similar “cases” where the accused were aided, abetted and incited by “enforcement investigators”. Back when laws/justice were close to balanced, this was called police entrapment or outright fraud.

There is no factual or statistical basis for the domestic “war of terror”, so such threats must be created, often out of nothing, to support the political/enforcement rhetoric and the bloated “security” budgets required to spy on and jail innocent people.

In Canada and Britain, laws which “legalize” these fraudulent “cases” is imminent, as the courts and juries are loathe to convict people whose only “crime” was mental illness and/or radicalized thoughts conveyed and worsened by “enforcement investigators”.

The “Big Man” tactic has been all but outlawed in Canada, so the Harper gov’t is using other means, (deportation of students/landed immigrants is a new fave) to claim “progress” in the GWOT.


As a parent of a young man with schizoaffective disorder, I find the behavior of the FBI in this case worse than that of a bunch of sadistic pedophiles.


Why are my tax dollars paying for this? In the case of the Boston Bomber who reportedly was in the Ukraine with his CIA Uncle getting terrorist training, and then supplied explosives by the FBI, he would have never been a terrorist unless incited to do so by US Federal Government people desperate to prevent budget cuts proposed by the administration weeks earlier.

Is what I read in alternate media.

I feel none of us can trust these agencies anymore. We’d be safer without them.


This travesty is still not enough to earn a Cheney, one of the yearly awards in the Security Theater business.


It’s worth noting that this sort of thing plays well with a huge swath of the US population. As far as a likely majority of our fellow citizens is concerned, Sami Osmakac is just another Muslim raghead who got caught before he blew up a Walmart full of perpetually frightened, proudly ignorant Middle American consumers. I know this story is going to be playing hard and fast on Fox and CNN, and-- rather than questioning the veracity of the FBI-- many of my politically benighted colleagues will be heaping scorn on Obama for letting too many of these swarthy, violent illegals into the country.


They have to manufacture terrorists but the threat is so great they need to monitor everything we do or say?

What’s wrong with this picture?

Here in Oregon the FBI manufactured a terrorist (Mohamed Mohamud) and, when he wanted to leave the state, they convinced him to stay so they could run their fake bombing plot here. The result - The Portland City Council decided to reverse its prior decision to not be involved with the Joint-Terrorism Task force.

Fake Terror: It works