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The Stories Corporate Media Failed to Cover This Week


The Stories Corporate Media Failed to Cover This Week

Sonali Kolhatkar

Donald Trump’s antics over the past week have sent the world into a tizzy.


If idiocy has a critical mass like fissile elements, then Trump surely exceeds the density limit. Here we sit with the world’s most powerful idiot holding the “button” for the world’s most powerful waste of human effort (the nuclear arsenal) and people wonder why we still read Kafka…


Author’s point is spot on when it comes to stopping Trump and the Republicans, not to mention her list of important issues the media has ignored is anything but complete. We progressives need to focus and research more on the damage Trump and his goon squad are doing and focus a lot less on every airhead comment he makes. He and his idiotic remarks will be gone, hopefully soon, but the damage he’s doing will take a long, long time to clean up.


This article is about political developments not covered by msm… but let’s also not forget forest fires raging above the Arctic Circle this past week. I would think that should be newsworthy. No?


If this isn’t already a weekly report, widely distributed, it should be! The “news” is by and large, a sideshow. Network TV “news” now only a half hour, so dedicated to selling garbage usually deadly, it makes a mockery of the people’s Right to Know!

The media/MSM/press have betrayed and abdicated their - the Fourth Estate’s - responsibility to our republic, “democracy” such as it is, and to truthfully and fully inform the public - anything less is a betrayal - the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

If the idiot masses (trump supporters) want scandal and gossip, bald-faced lies and/or propaganda they can still have Faux news and The Enquirer to satisfy their eighth-grade education and gross stupidity.

What news outlet has not been bought-up, subverted by big-money or turned into a beauty show interspersed with auto ads and big-pharma selling their poisons?


I would like to see more coverage of the peace movement to stop all the “wars” and lives lost in the Middle East! Oh, wait…THERE IS NO FUCKING PEACE MOVEMENT IT SEEMS!!!


There are a number of countries capable of mass destruction besides the US, Russia, and Israel. On this list are China, North Korea, the UK, France, India, and Pakistan, In all the talk about Russia it should not be forgotten that China is the number two power in the world and because of Trump has been gaining influence in many countries as the US unilaterally gives up its relationships that took many years to develop. There seems little doubt that the two biggest winners in the 2016 presidential election were Russia and China. Russia is mainly trying to increase its status by destroying Western democracies but China is increasing its status by building important relationships.


The results are yet to be finalized but China has effectively been declared the financial winner and the coming US controllers. Ripped off American jobs the catalyst by the billionaire sellouts. The dollar on its deathbed. Patriot Act the enforcer. Dump had in mind the US talking about third world shitholes.


Here’s a story that far left sites like CD isn’t going to come within a million miles of reporting. In a word, Nicaragua.

Your favorite c American communist is back in the Killing Protesters Saddle again. Funny how you CDers blame fruit companies and past American meddling for the hordes of c Americans ILLEGALLY & FRAUDULENTLY crossing our border while pretending to be parents yet no one talks about the real terror of living under communism.

Especially when you have a Castro trained, sexual daughter abusing, bank robbing ex-con Marxist like old Danny Ortega.

In an election in 2006 which certainly calls into question the memories of the electorate in Nicaragua, Danny was once again reelected. In 1979, when the Sandinistas finally achieved victory over the Somoza government, with Ortega at the helm. While many hoped that the change of rule would bring better conditions, it did not.

Communists always make things worse. Ortega ruled with an iron fist, tens of thousands of people died, millions of Nicaraguans fled to America and elsewhere, the country was economically stagnant and impoverished, and Miskito ethnic minorities were brutally oppressed. Ties with the Soviet Union and other communist countries ran deep, surprised?

Amazingly, Somoza lost in an election in 1990 and for 16 years Nicaragua was able to heal but like I mentioned, in 2006, with Chavez pouring millions into the election, Danny Boi was back.

Too bad for Nicaragua. He immediately began cementing his power so no stinkin’ elections would come into play again. And now it’s all come to a head as demonstrations initially begun to protest cuts in social security have turned into full blown, country wide civil disobedience.

Danny don’t like no civil disobedience. He’s killing people. Again. Hey, it’s what ALWAYS happens with communism. In the course of these protests, hundreds have been killed and many more have been injured and imprisoned.

I see a groundswell of opposition is forming both here and in Europe but nary a word of the killing is getting any play on HuffPo, WaPo, The NYT, TruthDig, KOS, CD…

Now I might have missed an article but c’mon, look at the coverage Israel gets in the far left news sources for DEFENDING itself vs yet another Marxist murderer doing what Marxist murderers do.

Bueller, Bueller.



Wrong. CD had an article on this pretty recently.


Holy Crap Batman, that article, while indulging in a little too much America is the root of all evil and not nearly enough of the current nightmare under Ortega, is actually a fairly accurate picture of where I understand present day Nicaragua to be.

CD better be careful when a right wing kook like myself finds himself nodding in agreement.

Thanks for the link.

For whatever reason, CD comments is effing with me here


Too bad you’re so busy casting stones all the time.

It gets in the way of your seeing common dreams.


Sonali- the missing story last week and the week before was and is and will be YEMEN/ its been the worlds worst humanitarian crisis for a year, a crisis made by USA/Saudi/UAE warfare on an already poor and hungry country