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The Storm Is Over


The Storm Is Over

Kathy Kelly

Lightning flashed across Kentucky skies a few nights ago. "I love storms," said my roommate, Gypsi, her eyes bright with excitement. Thunder boomed over the Kentucky hills and Atwood Hall, here in Lexington, KY's federal prison. I fell asleep thinking of the gentle, haunting song our gospel choir sings: "It's over now, It's over now. I think that I can make it. The storm is over now."


" Working together we could reclaim misspent resources and correct misguided policies. Our fear and isolation from each other, aiming to get a step up above our neighbors, our reluctance to live in a shared world, may be worse than the other storms we face."

And wouldn’t it be a mercy if we could relearn how to do that?


We can. It’ll take a concentrated effort the fruit of which those who are my age might not live to enjoy, but we can.


“my age” - I am 72, so perhaps, like you, I won’t live to see it, but I keep hoping, keep stating my opinion. I truly appreciate your positive attitude.