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The Story About Judicial Dysfunction Behind the Comey Whiplash


The Story About Judicial Dysfunction Behind the Comey Whiplash

Marcy Wheeler

I’ve been home from Europe for less than a day and already I’m thinking of sporting a neck collar for the whiplash I’ve gotten watching the wildly varying Jim Comey opinions.


Indecision 2016: bringing out the worst in the most...


This article should focus more on how Comey tried to protect Clinton in his first investigation rather then what goes on now. This included the FBI doing things like granting immunities to multiple peoples interviewed, the FBI ordering the destruction of Laptops that they had access to, the so called "loss" of laptops when they were sent in the mail. There were multiple instances of perjury where it claim people just "forgot" and of course that nonsense that there "No intent to do harm".

The dysfunction occurs because the Attorney General and President both compromised the investigations and Mr Comey faced a revolt in his own staff as to how this all handled.

This is a CYA moment as in spite of fabricated polls things look worse and worse for the Clinton Campaign due to Wikileaks and that very same Wikileaks is exposing emails that the FBI director thought would never see the light of day. Now he in panic mode because if Trump wins , Comey himslef might come under scrutiny.

Rather then face up to the fact the Democratic party offerred up one of the most corrupt candidates in recent history, one that even risks losing to a buffoon like Donald Trump, the DNC and media want to make this all about Russia or the process itself.


The higher you go, the less they follow the law - go figure - or better yet, don't. Disgusting and disappointing as the rest of the scene. Vote Green.


Yep, MarkJNovitsky, logic says the Weiner e-mails reveal something worse than the usual Clinton corruption (aka "the new normal") or Comey wouldn't have stuck his neck out. Maybe this is the smoking gun. Clinton will probably be President before we know whatever it is she's pulled now. That means impeachment is on the table before the election! Progressives have been hoping that their terribly flawed champions Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders might push Clinton to the left -- No way! She's going to pivot hard right in hopes that the Republican House will accept her as one of their own, and won't pass articles of impeachment against her.