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The Strike Warfare Chimera

The Strike Warfare Chimera

James A. Russell

You could hear the back slapping in Paris, Washington, and London as the allies unleashed a fusillade of missiles at Syria in response to the April 7 chemical attack in the suburb of Douma. The “precision” strikes are said to have crippled the Assad regime’s chemical weapons capability—the same weapons that were supposed to have been voluntarily given up way back in 2013 in that now infamous deal between the Obama administration and Vladimir Putin.

Politicians who support the spending of $Billions on Bullets and Bombs are Killing us all slowly.

Reject Duopoly politics.

Support candidates and political parties who believe Peaceful Coexistence and Diplomacy are tantamount to Human Survival.

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What’s the point of having all of these cool weapons if we’re not going to use them ? (snark)

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“The truth is that we have no way of knowing whether the weapons have been destroyed or whether Assad will keep on using them.”

Weren’t the facilities inspected in November and found to be free of illegal chemicals?

Again, there is no proof Assad did or has been ‘using them’! The author invalidates a fairly interesting article by spouting the party line and as usual, not providing evidence.

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The lesson from Vietnam (learned or not learned) that for every single innocent death, ten enemies are created, is being repeated in the Middle East. The sooner the US armed forces retreat, the better.
The sooner US arms are denied warring factions in the Middle East, the better.

The trouble here, aside from the obvious disregard for human life, appears to be one of philosophy and values.

These strikes certainly do succeed in “doing something”: they make a huge mess and panic, intimidate populations, and drive people into refugee status.

The rulers mostly believe and like to believe that coercive violence is useful and that people must be damaged and punished and restrained to act in what we bizarrely call a civilized way. This belief they are apt to retain because it flatters them deeply.

Except for communication, all the businesses of control and rule are extractive and damaging as they are now arranged: agriculture (centralized, poison and GMO-based), water (massive dams and aqueducts along with deep-water pumping and massive pollution), energy (grossly irresponsible nuclear and hydrocarbon), finance, legal and illegal drugs and medicine. Communications are being progressively harnessed to become more exclusively oppressive and extractive.

Because of all this, the rulers tend to see destruction and disorder over large regions as positive, though this belief seems to also involve harboring unrealistic ideas about the results of all this (https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/syria-chemical-attack-gas-douma-robert-fisk-ghouta-damascus-a8307726.html).

Actually, in this particular case, we can be fairly certain that no chemical attack happened. Robert Fisk and others have come on site and spoken to locals, none of whom seem to have experienced such an attack.

It is apparently not altogether clear what-all did happen, but unless you can imagine a poison gas attack that none of the victims notice, it seems thoroughly clear that the Western story is false–and, as such, one in a long and populous series.

The lies go on unchallenged and impervious to truth. No truth no freedom.

I tried telling people that, it doesn’t sink in. A few years ago, I read a ten year CIA report. It stated in the sudan and somalia in 2003 (I may have the year wrong), there were less than a thousand so called terrorists in each country. After ten years of drone and air strikes, the CIA said there was about ten thousand in each country. They also stated that there were about 17K taliban in Afghan at the start of the war and there were 17K taliban ten years later.
They stated that the bombing campaigns created more terrorists because the bombings were killing their families. Obviously no one in government paid attention to their report. But their report certainly does say that our war is failing and just creating more hate against us.

I tried. It doesn’t sink in.
“A few years ago, a 10-year CIA report stated Sudan and Somalia in 2003?, less than 1 Thousand terrorists in each country. Ten years of drone and air strikes, the CIA reported 10 Thousand. They stated 17K Afghan Taliban and 17K Taliban 10 years later. They stated bombing campaigns created more terrorists as bombings killed families. No government paid attention to this report. It most certainly says our wars are failing and creating more hatred against us.” The Lesson of Vietnam some people learned and recommend.
Warren Buffett is an ugly old fart.

Unfortunately the people in power didn’t learn any lessons from vietnam except that wars make profit for someone. That one they learned real well.
We also didn’t learn the lesson from the fall of the soviet union which exhausted itself competing militarily with the US and ignoring what the people needed. Russia still hasn’t recovered except for the rich. They are profiting while the people suffer.
Sooner or later our empire will fall. The rich will survive on the ashes of the empire. It is the rest of us who will pay the price.