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'The Stuff of Slumlords': Ben Carson Unveils Plan to Triple Rent on Poor Americans Using Housing Assistance


'The Stuff of Slumlords': Ben Carson Unveils Plan to Triple Rent on Poor Americans Using Housing Assistance

Julia Conley, staff writer

Blatantly flouting his own agency's recommendation for how much money Americans should spend on monthly housing costs, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson announced Wednesday a plan to triple the rent for low-income individuals and families who receive housing subsidies and to impose work requirements on many recipients.


Carson must be an amazing neurosurgeon. He’s successfully removed his own brain. Not sure who removed his heart though.


Bring on the revolution Ben. As someone who is convinced America will not rise up until hunger finally demands it I thank you for working so hard to take away the poor’s last few crumbs. Taken together with the evils your fellow vampires are doing, the revolution I seek is virtually assured. I just have t to sit back and watch you steal the last bit of dignity, the last bit of food, the last bit of fear of fighting the system away. Hunger Trumps Oppression every time.


He suffers from a severe and perhaps incurable condition called posterior craniosis. His head is so far up his own arse the specialists are afraid he’ll die if they pull it out.


Triple the rent??? If they could afford it- they would not be in this position in the first place!


It didn’t have to be removed, because it is made of stone!


Every time one thinks the trump regime and its agents for wealth over people just cannot possibly sink any lower or destroy this or that, they prove us wrong time and time again!

They say an administration is known by the people it chooses to lead the various departments of state, and we have seen the very worst kind of men and women, only unified in that their own incompetence, service to wealth and power, criminal self-interest, and malignant nature, kind of disperses those hideous characteristics in the chief of them all…the ugliest American.

This very ugly move by trumps HUD Stepin Fetchit continues that record of taking from the most vulnerable and least able to afford the agenda to give to the richest in America. A heartless, soulless, compassion-less and truly evil bunch of rotten scum is the trump regime rotting from its stinking head…it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see that this is a very low-life move against the most vulnerable…or maybe it does?


“The increase would triple the rent for the lowest-income households, which currently pay $50, bringing their monthly expenditure up to $150. Many recipients would also be required to work at least 15 hours per week at a minimum-wage job.”

I think this wording is incorrect, or at least unclear. The highest earning recipients (not lowest, and 712 thousand of them) would have to pay 150. The 30-35 percent increase raises the ceiling up to 3 times.

In any case, it’s definitely heartless but what do you expect from such a callous person and Trump goon.


I remember writing this after the election last year.
The end game is upon us.
The power brokers of the GOP, the Mercers, Kochs and Bradley’s, knew that they would only have two years to make their final play. Two years to fleece the national treasury, and start two wars, the cultural one in America, and a real one overseas. The courts will be packed with Nazis. Unions will be finally destroyed. Abortion will once again be criminalized. The EPA and depts of education and energy will be eliminated. The next six months will see a frantic rush to complete there plans as they know the house is all but lost, and the Trump presidency is about to go down in a spectacular pyre of debauchery.
The next six months may very well decide the fate of our nation.
The banshee is about to scream for the USA.


All visions of any type of freedom slammed shut.


Wow. The Twitler cabinet is a bunch of truly amazing grifters and heartless bastards.
The shear volume of the continuing ratfckery, from every conceivable direction, the ‘wreck everything’ hurts the heart and boggles the mind…


I guess it is easy for twitler and his minions to identify and persecute the new “Jews” here in the Fourth Reich. They come in different colors.


The initiative unveiled by Carson Wednesday would raise the rent for tenants in subsidized housing to 35 percent of gross income (or 35 percent of their earnings working 15 hours a week at the federal minimum wage), up from the current standard of 30 percent of adjusted income. About half of the 4.7 million families receiving housing benefits would be affected, HUD officials said.

The cap on rent for the poorest families would rise to about $150 a month — three times higher than the existing $50 ceiling. About 712,000 households would see their monthly rents rise to $150, the officials said.

Washington Post

Note: Cap on rent–the poorest will be forced to pay at least $150 in rent and that is up from the $50 they must pay at minimum right now. We have gone from War on Poverty to actual War on the Poor. As a senior living in senior housing this increase will further need to come out of an already low budget for food and already low SS. Many seniors are not simply struggling with finances but with physical pain. This will definitely not help.

And for the youth of color, here is another heartless attack on the poor:


This heartless Tin Man needs to get a hold of a Socialist Wizard of Oz for a proper heart for that vacuum in his conscience.


May his Gawd have mercy on his soul.


Work first Welfare reform has been in place since President Clinton signed The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996. Healthy people want to work. What really worked, in the work first, welfare to work program, were the incredible job training programs. Persons coming late to modern skills gained confidence in the new job market. A hand up, not a hand out. Entry level jobs were a living wage job back then. No need for food stamps or rent subsidy, at least in area I lived in. Jobs skills training and a living wage benefits the whole economy. Just common sense Micro Economics.


I don’t often use the “N” word, but here is one of them.


Lately it has been pointed out that Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom was a sensitive and thoughtful man working to help to do the best for all in the worst of impossible times. I suggest that we start considering changing the name used to describe the black lackys of the white overseers as Uncle Bens for if nothing else he is gormlessly catering to the 1%.


This guy is a creep that has found a home in the republican party and now in the top levels of our government. He does a great job of serving the needs of the new confederacy and whatever the racist power elite want. Was he separated at birth from Clarence Thomas?


seems like it hasn’t worked out in the long run. Just look around smitty at all of the homeless people on our streets. We needed low income and public housing that was affordable and well run. Instead we got indifference and failure to meet the needs of the people.