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The Summer of the Shill


The Summer of the Shill

Matt Taibbi

Years ago, when I was an exchange student in the Soviet Union, a Russian friend explained how he got his news.

"For news about Russia, Radio Liberty," he said. "For news about America, Soviet newspapers." He smiled. "Countries lie about themselves, tell truth about others."

So far 113 Republicans who've worked in government have said publicly they won't vote for the GOP nominee


I'm not particularly impressed with this piece by Mr. Taibbi (who can be bright, incisive and articulate at times)... mostly because of its reference to "both sides."

Quite a few C.D. posters "get it" that both sides of the aisle are mostly theater. When it comes to big business, state surveillance, war, and ecological exploitation, both parties play for the same corporate donors and thus enact very similar policies.

On social issues including the status of Blacks, the safety of the Black community, the status of women and their right to sovereignty over their own reproductive powers, and global warming (as a viable concern), the Democrats have BETTER positions.

But on anything related to foreign policy, there's not much daylight between these supposed teams since both obviously play for the same donors.

Mr. Taibbi spends more time articulating the seeming differences that make for great theater and/or passionate sport. In so doing, he leaves out the salient factor that Big Money owns both teams and the plays on the part of either reflect that loyalty.


Matt, Matt, Matt, you took the words out of my mouth. Everything you said about the media is spot on. If, while flipping through the channels, I happen to land on one of the Fox or MSM channels I mute it till I can move on.
I am over 60 and used to watch CNN and MSNBC every morning for my news for the day. Slowly, it got worse and worse, till there was no reason to watch either one, it was always the same lazy journalism or flat out talking points from the government.
Finding news sites like this one was truly freeing. Finally, news without pundits milking each story to death. And without the sickening oil and gas, and pharmaceutical commercials that send me up a wall.
There just aren't anymore media news channels that are unbiased like the old days and pride themselves on reporting the truth. I grew up trusting those news anchors to inform us of what was important. Now I look for articles by people like Matt Taibbi and others that are consistently on top of what we need to know. I only wish everyone got their news this way as we are way more informed than T.V. news watchers.
I will be very happy when the corporate monopoly on news goes under for lack of an audience. And good riddance! A lot of people think in sound bites and talking points now and will argue with you and swear they know the truth.


But where do you go to get the news that each of these candidates were the finalists picked by the Merchants of Death, the Hollywood-Military-Industrial-Complex? Perhaps the women of America think that Hillary would be the one to best address urgent domestic deficiencies, but her shilling for big corporate interests puts even the reporters to shame.


With the big events this summer being predictable party conventions/limp campaigns. and Olympics in one of the most regressive, polluted, corrupt and dangerous cities in the world, I turned the TV off two months ago and listen to the radio about half as much as I previously had, and you know what ? I am having a great summer and will not turn the TV back on until November, if ever. I lived without a TV for 8 years in the seventies and can do it again.

I already know who I will vote for in November, so I don't need to follow anybody's campaign.


When everybody becomes a corrupt liar, then nobody is a corrupt liar. Then the term no longer distinguishes anyone and will have become meaningless. Problem solved. Just as, when marriage is outlawed, only outlaws will have in-laws.

Plus the real news this year is that the Chicago Cubs are going to win the World Series. By comparison, all other events fade into nothingness. Once that happens, nothing else will matter. Ever. The world can come to an end and no one will even notice. The evolutionary purpose of human existence will have been fulfilled.


That is the World series that the rest of the world does not play. USA! USA! USA!


i) trump may or may not slow down usa&NATO military interventions, but warmongering HRC will bring nuclear war...

ii) trump may or may not stop usa imports of good produced by semi-slaves in lesser countries, which would give back to organized labor its lost power to negotiate better salaries and working conditions... but HRC will for sure further weaken union power by expanding even more free-trade in goods produced by semi-enslaved labor.

iii) trump may or may not disrupt global investments in enslaved labor... but HRC will continue obama's efforts to give global financiers ever more power over the earth's lesser peoples (including over the usa's lesser peoples).


" Big money owns both teams."
Very,very true!

One has to wonder if big money is using Trump for a shill to enable aaaaaaaaaggh, a Hillary POTUS!


You may mean well... but I find it annoying when people respond to my comments with things that I have stated in this forum on multiple occasions.

I hold the copyright to a movie script written 20 years ago that speaks of the elites' interests primarily in stock averages and sports scores, and that the whole People Magazine programming of celebrity politics as basis for (and what passes for) analysis is something I've critiqued in these threads often.

If someone wants to parrot me, take tidbits of my prior commentary to pass off as their own (which happens on a regular basis), that's bad enough. But then to lecture me using MY own ideas?

Give me a break.


Lol. Sioux Rose once told me I was not on as high an 'astral plane ' as herself and so I could not comprehend her writings!! The dear woman has massive ego issues. Be forewarned.