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The Supreme Court Ignores the Reality of President Trump’s Discriminatory Muslim Ban


The Supreme Court Ignores the Reality of President Trump’s Discriminatory Muslim Ban

Cody Wofsy

The Supreme Court today rejected the challenge to President Trump’s Muslim Ban. In its 5-to-4 decision, the court failed to make good on principles at the heart of our constitutional system — including the absolute prohibition on official disfavor of a particular religion. The fight against the ban will continue, but the court’s decision is devastating. History will not be kind to the court’s approval of an unfounded and blatantly anti-Muslim order.


“Hate” was appointed to the $upreme court by Donald Trump and is now showing in it’s bigoted ruling.

5 men are showing how they are Racist, Islamaphobic, and Immoral.

To call them “justices” is a lie.


I’ve seen your responses to people with whom you disagree. You don’t hold the moral high ground to lecture anyone on hate.


They are simply doing all the things they were put there by their masters to do. The Supreme Court is as rigged and corrupted as all the other branches of government. At this point all that is left of Justice is smoke and mirrors…


I really didn’t expect anything else. This is what happens when you install a member who was president of the fascism club in college.
Progressives and anyone wanting justice will now have to look elsewhere.


Well, another downside is that many will interpret what the court says to mean that only Christianity is allowed…so I guess Amendment 1 is already toast? However, there are enough people who hate Israel, who will assume that Jews in America are to be treated the same way----i,e, not being Christian and all. Although weirdly, it was the Jews who created the Christ motif.

Sadly, if people were to read real world history, they will find that in the ancient world the Christens burned down the Library of Alexandria and all that knowledge----and if it were not for the Islamic scholars of that time—who took ancient information and histories away with them----------it would have been very possible that NO ONE would have heard of Greece or its democracy…

Islam, and the Muslim scholars saved that history------------without them—we might never have known of Greece and its democracy at all---------the Enlightenment would never have happened, America might not have happened-----I wonder who we would have become…although looking at the Supremes-------it is horrifying to see what they have become----and by extension-----the morphing of We the People into Horror America.


National security concerns. OK. But.
How many Americans, apart from combatants in the U.S.-initiated military actions in several nations- Iraq, Afghanistan and others- have been harmed, assaulted, kidnapped, or killed by Muslims since 2001?
I don’t know. But probably the number is available somewhere.
Next question: How many Americans have been harmed, assaulted, kidnapped, or killed by professed “Christian” Americans, their fellow citizens, in the same period?
I suspect the difference between the two numbers would be shocking evidence of which group poses the greater danger to me or to the United States.
A third quantity, of course, is the number of Muslims killed by professing “Christian” Americans since 2001.
I’d bet money that the first question’s number is by far- really by far- the lowest number.

I first noticed the anti-Muslim (or more generally, anti-Arab, or anti-Middle East peoples) after the OPEC embargo happened about 45 years ago, and Americans were waiting in lines at the gas pumps, or arriving at the pump and it was out of gasoline, all over the country, and a groundswell of resentment was obvious, tangible, and rather extreme.
Americans felt entitled (then as now) to fuel from the (so-called) Arab nations, which are populated mostly by followers of the religion or faith or doctrine of Islam.
The next big thing that caught my attention, as part of the emerging (in my mind) bigger picture was the first Gulf War- operation whatever it was with Stormin’ Norman and the fake incubator story and photos of charred Iraqi bodies trying to climb out of vehicles as they were being burned literally to charcoal by American and “coalition” weapons, including weapons which are banned or should be such as CBU, white phosphorus as anti-personell weapon, and no doubt other means of destruction that many people worldwide would consider to be inhumane weapons whose use constitutes war crime.
Then came September 11, 2001, and the big push that has only persisted and escalated and spread, as military conflicts do. Over a million dead, but I guess that since Vietnam, “America don’t do body counts”.
Dominionists and end-timers, according to various reports, are now salted all through the United States military forces, their academies- West Point, Annapolis, the Air Force Academy, and who knows, maybe even the Coast Guard Academy ; they are reportedly in high positions in the civil government - perhaps senators, representatives, cabinet heads, National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, and who knows about the FBI- maybe there as well.
There is, as many people are aware, a certain percentage of professing Christians who believe that “all these things must come to pass”- terrible events prophesied in some of the Old Testament books but mainly the prophecies contained within the New Testament’s Book of Revelation.
I’m no Bible scholar, but it seems to me that the prophecies indicate that there must be a divinely ordained huge war, even a war of extermination, because that is what “God” wants and demands, before Jesus returns, a prophesied act that flies in the face of common sense and science and, in fact, has no solid rational basis to inspire belief in it- more’s the pity.
So and so said so; it is hearsay and it is over two thousand years old and has been translated from ancient languages into modern ones with no real assurance that either the original text is authentic or valid in any way, sometimes, and no assurance that the translation truly captures the meaning of it.
When people are unhappy with themselves, a very common, almost universal human tendency is so seek a cause for the discomfort not by looking within but by looking without.
For example, if suddenly a man feels a severe pain in some part of his body and at that moment another person comes into view, walks by, or speaks, an automatic association is made subconsciously, in a basic Pavlov’s dog kind of way.
Many people do not seem to utilize their native powers of introspection in order to realize that when they are angry or disturbed, the problem is almost always not outside of themselves but inside.
This is not to say that external forces and events can not harm us or cause us distress.
But an outside hostile force (enemy, human or other type) is not necessary to cause the same kind of internal distress that can more quickly and, you might say economically produced with a few simple thoughts- blaming thoughts- resentful thoughts- of the general type “He- the “Other”- (other color, other language, other religion) is the cause of my misery”.

And from that follows “if the source of my misery is eliminated my misery will be relieved”- another name, or description, for what then transpires, is “killing for peace”, and next, killing for peace becomes institutionalized, funded yearly, is given a black budget, and thoughts of right and wrong are not examined too closely, because those who have already surrendered themselves to following orders easily make the transition to following what, they are told, are “The Lord’s” orders, and disobedience does not mean a time in the brig or a court martial or a dishonorable discharge when The Lord is disobeyed. Instead, disobedience means eternity in fiery torment- like the Iraqi soldier made of almost pure carbon, a human briquette, in that famous photograph from Kuwait about, what 28 years ago- so, the way for the good dominionist soldier professing “prayerful Christian” to get along with EVERYONE- his human bosses and his divine C.O.- he is told, kill more for peace- kill Muslims for peace; he is trained to hate, to disrespect, to accept torture and inhumane treatment of prisoners, assassination of anyone designated, etc.
One last comment. I won’t belabor it but it is a crucial element, a key to everything else, and no solution can arise until it is realized, and that is that the Muslims did not, and in my opinion could not have done the 9/11 attacks, or if any Muslims were in fact involved, which is really hard to determine with certainty, their part could have only existed because of collaboration with the main culprits, who must have been Americans with access to all kinds of things. The planes were real, but whether there were any people inside is hard to know with certainty. But it IS possible to know with certainty (for no one has been able to refute the demoliton hypothesis, the ONLY hypothesis that fits all the acknowledged facts)- that the Twin Towers and WTC #7 were destroyed with high explosive and incendiary materials that were carefully placed some time before 9/11.
This is the point where many progressive or leftist types balk. I don’t know why. Perhaps it is similar to the desperate impulse which a cuckolded spouse has to REFUSE TO KNOW, instead living in a fantasy that can only be sustained by deliberately ignoring the blatant fact of betrayal, for it is too painful.
The problem is that rejection of he “inside job” concept prevents any accurate analysis, any fully-supported opinion, and probably any solution, in the foreseeable future, of the military conflict, and all the evils that have come with it, in the slow genocide of Muslims by, primarily, Western “Christians”. When will someone in power be brave enough to use the term “Crusade” again? Remember when George W. Bush used the word? He didn’t say it too often or for long. I suspect someone in his circle of handlers said, “Uh…Mister President, perhaps ‘crusade’ is not a wise choice…”
For the record, I disapprove of the wars, the persecution of Muslims or anyone else, and think killing for peace is about the worst idea that ever took hold of the sorry-ass human mind. , I disapprove, but can’t think of anything to stop or mitigate it whatsoever- except, perhaps, to continue to learn, to read, to listen, and if possible, to inform others.