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The Supreme Court Is a Slurring, Undemocratic Mess


The Supreme Court Is a Slurring, Undemocratic Mess

Peter Certo

The Supreme Court is a real piece of work. Over the last few days it’s been popping off far-right proclamations like a drunk uncle at Thanksgiving. Except this uncle gets to make the rules in your house, and he can stay there until he dies.


Anyone harboring any doubts about the status of the plutocracy?


It is sadly ironic that the one branch of government [allegedly] not directly exposed to political parties is the most influenced by them. Washington was right in his farewell address to warn against the establishment of political parties.


The U.S. political and economic system is horribly rigged in favor of the 1% oligarchs, which the current Supreme Court majority favors and serves, in decision after decision.

Also, there’s been a class-war counter-revolution by the right-wing and the corporations in reaction to the democratic people’s movements of the 1960s and early 1970s.

Both political parties have betrayed the common people to favor big money corporations and the super-rich for the past 45 years. But especially bad are the years when the far-right Republicans are in power. So the present years are, and will be, especially bad years for the common people of the U.S.

The big money and big power of the 1% oligarchs are deeply and widely entrenched – and are growing worse every single day! So, while the common people are fighting back and winning an occasional victory – big money and big power are winning most of the battles in this ongoing class-war.

Don’t lose hope and don’t give up the fight for political and economic democracy, justice, equality, and humaneness! But be prepared for a long, hard struggle for what we want, need, and deserve.


They are showing their true colors!


RE:…slurring, undemocratic mess
Well, the evidence points to that it’s well-oiled efficient machine - working as intended for the oligarchs.


There’s no law saying we have to have 9 justices.


Not sure I’d bring that up until the left (the real left), is in control. Trump and company thinks about that and we’ll have 9-10 extremists on the court.


The supremes aren’t immortal. I’ll go to jail if I elaborate.


Giving so much power to a handful of people who are not elected by the people and who hold that position for a lifetime is the very antithesis of democracy. The Supreme Court was the Founders’ ace in the hole to make sure the aristocracy could maintain control over the unwashed masses. It has a long history of decisions that do just that. Impose limits on all federal judges, elect them, directly, and, especially, put critical case decisions to an annual popular vote of the people. Will never happen, though, until this filthy political system is taken down. The power elite in this country are all for democracy until they actually have to put it into effect.