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The Supreme Court’s ‘Muslim Ban’ Decision Is Terrifying

The Supreme Court’s ‘Muslim Ban’ Decision Is Terrifying

Maha Hilal

I’m a U.S. citizen. I’m also Muslim. And the Supreme Court decision on the Trump administration’s Muslim travel ban scares me.


When they came after(insert group here), I didn’t do anything, because I wasn’t one of them. When they came for me, there was no one left to turn to. No one was left. Only a bunch of ball-cap (made in China) wearing goofs making “woof-woof” noises.

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Muslims who are US citizens should be concerned. And so should all citizens who do not pass the litmus test of white supremacists. The Muslims are the easiest target because of terrorism but the white supremacists who form Trump’s strongest support do not like many other groups of people.

yeah but, the population bomb just the tiny elephant in the room, invisible to everyone

This ban goes just a little bit further than what already existed - the terrorizing of darker skinned people traveling.
As a son of former Airline manager who took his family traveling when he could afford to stay in foreign lands, my four siblings and I can recount numerous occasions where we were treated harshly at ports.

Now it comes with a true death threat.

Just so a few conceited supremacists can validate themselves.

The entire post 911 security circus is mainly there for the same reason.



“The SCOTUS Muslim Ban is Terrifying” is an understatement.

The SCOTUS is terrifying…period.


The good thing that could come of this Muslim ban would be if ALL foreign nationals stopped traveling to the U.S.

No Muslims or people of color should come here, anyway, given our racist out-of-control militarized police and our racist, gun-toting, nutjob citizens. The U.S. needs to be completely isolated in a strict quarantine for a long, long time.

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Mrs. Minitrue says: “And other countries should refuse to admit ‘Americans’ into their country.”



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I am a 69 year old white guy and it worries me too. I just don’t like what this country is becoming.


Or what it has already become.

When I was growing into adulthood in the 1960s, I couldn’t imagine that I would eventually be living in the Rotten States of Amerika–but here I am. I’ve been married over 51 years, and have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. Why couldn’t I have foreseen that “America the Beautiful” would become “Amerika the Incredibly Ugly,” and NOT married–or at least NOT fathered any children?!!

I’m beginning to understand why Drumpf wants to build a wall between the USA and Mexico–to prevent people from leaving this hellhole. It’s a good thing that Drumpf’s head is empty: If there were any brains in it, he would realize that most of us would rather be in Canada than Mexico! I’M GLAD THAT HE’S AN IDIOT!! (In that regard, at least!)

AMEN to that!!!

The Muslims are the easiest target because of terrorism


Muslims are the easiest target because people are ignorant racists, and they are easy to vilify in our thoughtless society.

I’m beginning to understand why Drumpf wants to build a wall between the USA and Mexico–to prevent people from leaving this hellhole.

That’s why the East Germans built their wall.

There’s more to this ban in that it has some parallels to past regimes with the idea not to take prisoners.
They will no longer be allowed to flee despotic rulers and possibly regroup elsewhere.
All must be subjugated in the new global order and these countries are now virtual prisons with no escape.
All democracies have ceased to exist but in name only, brutal force is being used by law enforcement to condition and check dissenters,armed citizens will be hunted down as seditionaries by alien and domestic armies.
There is no future for anyone, the net is closing, its too late, no one can oppose them and protests are futile.
There are no more wars to fight but only through procurators, all countries including Iran are owned, make no mistake if it was really wayward it would have been the first in line for a brutal regime change .So the bombing threats continue and deflect suspicion, meanwhile these secret arsenals of the neocons are unleashed on the ME and a denoument of paralysing terror ravages the lands.
For millions a clean death is the preferred choice.