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The Surge Delusion: An Iraq War Anniversary to Forget


The Surge Delusion: An Iraq War Anniversary to Forget

Danny Sjursen

The other day, I found myself flipping through old photos from my time in Iraq. One in particular from October 2006 stood out. I see my 23-year-old self, along with my platoon. We’re still at Camp Buerhing in Kuwait, posing in front of our squadron logo splashed across a huge concrete barrier.


Excellent article, Mr. Sjursen.

What a shame our so-called policy makers don't include those such as yourself capable of and willing to understand and articulate the complexities of foreign affairs.

It is a statement of the obvious, but this is what is sorely needed for our future, as a nation, but also as a global community.

Thank you for this voice of reason into and against the void of delusion.


Two footnotes need to be added (I'm sure there are many more) to this article include the currency the Iraq surge 1) provided the 2008 McCain / Palin campaign, and 2) will provide the Trump propaganda machine.

Shortly after the 2008 GOP convention the campaign's foremost plank became McCain's promotion and support for the surge from its beginning, while Congressional Democrats and even some Republicans did not support the surge. Through most of September 2008 campaign dynamics resulted in candidate Obama's failure to respond to McCain's claims being construed by voters as tacit concurrence with McCain, thereby putting GOP poll numbers in an upward spiral while Obama's poll numbers slipped. Murkin voters were eating up the surge myth like free hot dogs on July 4. The surge hit number one on voters' issue list.

By the end of September everything changed when Lehman Brothers' failure became the straw that broke the camel's back...the economy went into freefall with more pink slips issued in the subsequent month than had been issued in the previous decade. Suddenly the surge was out of print and out of mind, the GOP took heat for the crash and Obama would have had to try hard to lose the election. Had the crash occurred in November rather than September, the surge myth would have ruled the remaining days of the campaign and McCain would have won the election.

In addition to the surge myth, on election day 2008 a new myth was added...that Murkins were ready for a black POTUS. The subsequent eight years unequivocally proved that nothing could be further from the truth.

The second footnote is much simpler...Trump knows that Murkins' appetites for surge myths are comparable to their appetites for free hot dogs on July 4. Expect serial surge myths from Trump's entire band of pirates during the next four years.


Mr. Sjursen,

Not only did you show bravery while serving in Iraq but you show bravery right here by speaking out and writing this article. You've got a good head on your shoulders. I hope you continue to hold it high and use it well.


Please do not turn into another John Kerry or Bob Kerrey.


Worry about your own behavior.