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The Surprising Popularity of ‘Far Left’ Policies


The Surprising Popularity of ‘Far Left’ Policies

Jim Naureckas

“The Far Left Is Winning the Democratic Civil War” was the headline over a Washington Post report (5/16/18) on the results of recent primary elections.


That these supposedly ‘far left’ candidates give the D-party establishment jitters highlights the big problem with a 2-party farce: Viewpoints from Bernie to Manchin have to be accommodated, which ultimately means far left viewpoints are compromised away to the margins. But times, they are a changin.’

The Age of Trump and a moribund D-Party is the time to run MORE DSA candidates, MORE Greens, MORE Independents, and to actively point out that the D-Party big tent is the place where liberals are told to STFU.

I haven’t voted D in a decade. It feels liberating to not have to hold my nose when I vote. And if the Ds want to pursue a strategy that emphasizes moderate policies like RomneyCare, militarism, and corporate fealty to big donor money, I welcome them to their collapse–it’s already well under way.


In my opinion, “Left vs. right” is the problem. It’s the Sheep skin the Wolf hides itself under. It causes otherwise intelligent people believe fairytales and keeps them from seeing the obvious. Left vs. right serves both the republicans and democrats equally in keeping their respective followers from noticing what’s going on in plain sight.
No matter who’s in power at the moment, left or right, the conservatives and liberals of the 1% will always win while the rest of the conservatives and liberals always lose. When I hear democrats framing the conversation as Labor vs. Capital, like they did before the New Democrats began sleeping with the enemy, I’ll listen.


The “far left” as defined today by the issues embraced rather than propaganda labels, used to be the “center” - a dedication to American values and societies needs, not 1% big-money thieves and parasites!

The DINO DP establishment since at least Bill and Hill Clinton and the DLC sellout wing took power to proclaim “it’s the economy stupid” (translation = it’s greed and big-money vulture capitalist interests that count!) - really what they meant was that big-money clients and campaign-contribution bribes were far more important to their own power and prospects for personal wealth than the interests of the vast majority of working people - the “ordinary” guy, gal and family! Unions, a living wage, fair taxation on the uber-wealthy, senior and infant care, environmental wild-animal protections, the “Safety Net”…all the things espoused by FDR & Eleanor and many Republicans (old-school, now extinct!)

The charade fraud was carried-on, and expanded, by Obama, the “progressive” fraud, who set-back reform, the 99%, and the nations real needs with 8 freakin years of lies and deceit! The Clinton’s and Obama betrayed the people and party to set the stage for the trump regime and the nightmare we are living thru (hopefully) now! The same sellout DP scum are in power today selling us down the river of greed and rule of fascism and exploitation!

The DP establishment plan is to lose again apparently by ignoring the demands of “the left”, Progressives, Independents, the Dem “base” and all people of conscience and even a modicum of wisdom!

The media was bought-out by big-money accumulated to obscene degree by “tax cuts” on the wealthiest primarily - journalism and investigative reporting turned into propaganda, lies, and nonsense to support either or both political parties at the expense of truth, justice or the “American way” - the Common Good became the “far left” and greed became god profits above people and the ability to live even if families and people were not wealthy in money terms! - shades of that mental case Joe McCarthy and depraved trump mentor, Roy Cohn.

The DP establishment is morally bankrupt, its leaders complicit to R’Con servitude to wealth and power…they will never support “the far-left”, progressives, common decency, or the possibility of the 99% gaining power…and the ugly beat goes on…


"They’ve got a set of Republican waiters on one side and a set of Democratic waiters on the other side, but no matter which set of waiters brings you the dish, the legislative grub is all prepared in the same Wall Street kitchen." - Huey Long


THIS IS A GREAT QUOTE!!! And it’s from the 1930s, right? But "people’ didn’t know back then. BS


Maybe it is fair to call the Green Party far left. These candidates were all Democrats and could be part of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party although they may be to the right of Bernie Sanders. They all were trying to win elections and come with a winning message based on the voters in their districts. Not all progressive candidates won. I think the NY Times did better than the Washington Post this time around.


I think it’s great that progressive Democratic candidates are representing the party in the general.


You are playing some kind of odd semantics. Pro-labor and anti-capital is understood everywhere as being “left” and pro-capital and anti-labor are regarded as “right”.


Come on people…the writer named half a dozen people…and what he labels as far left is a long long way from far left. It any other reality they would be centrists. After everything that has happened…with Trump in the White House and Hillary as the previous nightmare Democratic Candidate…and all you have to show for it is a half dozen centrists to represent the left in action? Please don’t make me retch. This is nothing…no revolution will come of a half dozen middle of the road “rebels” in Congress, assuming they are even elected.

Remember the Democrats just need their standard dozen of willing Corporate tools willing to sell out at the appropriate moments and the fucking corporate fascists remain in power in perpetuity. Every time elections come around people common sense seems to be the first thing that exits stage left. That is how they hold you captive year after year and decade after decade. This is…nothing. Wake up for christs sakes.


We the People must shout down those “alleged liberals” who say Universal Healthcare, Free College, Peaceful Coexistence, and Legal Cannabis are not attainable.

We know that they are.

We also know that those who say they are not attainable, say so because of their personal greed and lust for power over us.


This is all a bunch of crap. What is considered “far left” now was in the 1930’s, 1940’s, 1950’s and up until the 70’s was the fucking norm. The Democratic party stood up for the working class & poor (and finally in the 60’s for equal rights for ALL Americans) and for most of those years held most of the State houses and governorships. Domestic laws were passed to help the 90%, such as S/S, medicare, Medicaid, food stamps (SNAP), unemployment insurance etc. Tell me what the fuck Carter, Bill Clinton, or Obama gave us that equal the impact of the policies I just mentioned?


The Green party IS NOT far left. Go to their website and read their platform and it is pretty much FDR-LBJ right down the line.


The mission of certain commenters here is to shift the entire conversation to the right.

And give them credit: It’s been working for 40 years.


That’s understood in places where people perceive what words mean by definition rather than repetition.


To understand what the “far left” really is look to things like the founding document of the CCF in Canada such as “The Regina manifesto”. It called for the outright elimination of Capitalism and private property with all resources and wealth used for the common good of all.

No mainstream party currently exists in Canada, The US or in Europe that can be deemed “far left”. They all support Corporatism and Capitalism and by extension , inequality and inordinate power surrundered to those that benefit most from that inequality.

Again , the Democratic “moderate” of today is yesterdays Republican. 90 percent plus of todays “Democrats” would have been perfectly comfortable in Nixons Republican party . Nixon himself would be deemed “far left”. In addition to the establishment of the EPA Nixon also signed into law a 2 dollar an hour minium wage increase. Nixon also raised the Capital gains tax from 25 percent to 35 percent.


In the 1966 Congressional election the LBJ you speak of, lost 47 seats. It killed " guns and butter ", leaving mostly $$$ for the guns, guns, guns.
The Establishment Dems then, in hindsight, made a historical mistake. They doubled down on the wars in SE Asia and " fighting commies " and sent the progressive wings of the party to the backbench. They’ve been there ever since.
If HRC would of become POTUS, her foreign policy wouldn’t be less expensive than Trump’s $714 Billion Boondoggle (DoD Budget ). That’s baked into The Washington Consensus ( also called The Uniparty Scam/Looting of The Treasury 2.0 ).
The Sanders Campaign began with offering real cuts to DoD ($80 Billion yearly ) totalling $1 Trillion over the decade. Coupled with changing the corrupt Federal tax code ( called rejiggering ) the results would of been sufficient to give everyone a lot more butter ( maybe even a cow ), so to speak. And, a much nicer place to live in for everyone, too. Even people who aren’t white.
However, it would not of fed the Criminal Class currently running our country ( which includes the Clinton/Obama/Trump Adms. ). Therefore, while roughly 2/3rds of all Americans can agree on making policy changes to the great benefit of 90% of the population ( including the young, poor, elderly and disabled ) it will not come to pass with the current politicians we have. Why?
Welcome to the United States of The Criminal Class. When viewing the current Senate you should be seeing The 80 Most Wanted List of Elected Thieves. When viewing the House of Representatives you should be seeing The 360 Most Wanting to reach The 80 Most Wanted List of Elected Thieves. Or, you can just whittle it down to The Washington Consensus/Uniparty.
In the end, they are the sole reason we Americans have murdered millions abroad and incarcerated/impoverished millions on the home front. To expect them to share the wealth of this country more equitably is to expect Santa Claus to bring you a pink unicorn next Christmas. It is not on their collective agendas. Just sayin’.


No, Yunzer, that has not been the case for some time. I spent a few years grading undergraduates’ essays several days a week, and the understanding of left and right and also liberal and conservative that came out of the 20th century USA appears on its way to becoming deceased. It has faded year by year at least since about 2000.

I am not a particular fan of this new usage, but very many otherwise reasonably sophisticated students not only use the word differently themselves, but have no idea whatsoever what you or I might mean by it. They take it generally as a word of affiliation, not of ideas or ideology.

This is part of the fallout of the usurpation of left, liberal, progressive and so forth by right-wing corporatist warmongers. You can’t call a sheep’s tail a leg forever without kids eventually observing that sheep have odd fifth legs.


I agree with most of what you said, which a lot of people here fail to see. I disagree that liberals always lose. I can see why a lot of people don’t like them because they have become somewhat out of touch.

What I don’t understand is how anyone thinks they are exempt with no responsibility from this left-right dogma. I never thought I would say this but it isn’t well thought out and it looks petty. Meaning the cure is not much better than the stew it emerged from.

Edited: Don’t take the second part personally, I didn’t mean you.


No offence taken.
What I’m trying to say is we can’t win the argument with them when we let them frame every fight. Millions of people are waiting for someone to speak for them and no one is. The one thing they have in common is the fact that they have to work for a living. That’s who the democrats used to represent. If they still did Dotard Drumpf would be skidmarking his silk boxers in NYC instead of DC
The Vichy democrats aren’t an opposition party. They are Wall St.'s J V team.