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The Surprising Popularity of Military Coups


The Surprising Popularity of Military Coups

John Feffer

News of the military coup in Turkey was dribbling in on Saturday afternoon when I was having lunch with a group of six friends in West Virginia. Suddenly, one person looked up from her salad and said, “If Trump gets elected, I’d support a military coup in this country.” At least one other person at the table seconded her opinion.


Feffer writes:

"... the mechanism by which Trump seizes power will not be a coup. For the moment at least, the ballot box still rules. If he manages to attain the White House in November, it will not because of the brilliant organizing of the Republican Party, which is divided, feckless, and craven. It will be because his adversaries hand him the opportunity on a platter." [my bold emphasis]

Correct! Thank you for recognizing that the stupid, sold-out, and corrupt Democratic Party is one of the main reasons why Trump is possible in the USA.