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'The Suspect Can't Be the Investigator': ACLU Demands Special Counsel Probe Into Barr Over Police Assault on Protesters

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/14/suspect-cant-be-investigator-aclu-demands-special-counsel-probe-barr-over-police

Forget Nixon’s plumbers, I’ll find some real ones and show them Barr’s access point to which they may proceed to…

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Dis-Bar Barr.   And bar him from ANY future employment in ANY government agency.


The suspect can be the investigator, as long as Congress and the Courts allow these menaces to society to run rampant.


Didn’t the Nazi’s also try investigating themselves?

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At this point, these horrid creatures of perfidy and greed are going to go to the absolute limit to sow more corruption and dismantling of law before they are torn screaming by their talons from all offices they have nested in and born seedy fruit.

Yeah, the DamnocRats are going to fix everything – just like O’Bummer & P’Loser fixed everything after we got rid of The Lying Son-of-a-Bush by investigating, prosecuting and imprisoning all those who committed War Crimes in Iraq and Bank Fraud in the good ol’ U.S.A. between January, 2001 and January, 2009 . . .

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I’ve been waiting since 2001 for that to happen. Bring on the sharp talons.