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'The Swamp Is Alive and Well': Trump-Connected Lobbyists Have Raked in $10 Billion in Covid-19 Aid for Corporate Clients

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/06/swamp-alive-and-well-trump-connected-lobbyists-have-raked-10-billion-covid-19-aid


“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”–Thomas Jefferson

Tyrants: Republicans and Corporate Democrats


I’m shocked–shocked!–to find that sex is being bought and sold in this brothel!


The US empire is the virus. Corporate capitalism is the virus. Push the ruling classes into the ocean. Overthrow their epistemological monuments. They are idiots and fools. Their idiocy has nearly destroyed us all. Rip their throats out of their necks.


Hey Jake! always enjoy your articles but tell me a little about the other 3, 960 lobbyists? There could be many more since I heard that 4,000 figure compared to 300 before 80’s. My numbers may not be accurate but you all get the comparison. I lobbied on behalf of the Sierra Club to get the Bottle Bill passed in Oregon back in 1969 but I wasn’t an industry lobbyists or a paid lobbyists just a concerned citizen/mother/wife.


Twump, the self-proclaimed outsider, could never have sold that line about “draining the swamp” without the contemptuous, in-your-face corruption of the Clintons and the DNC.


I know we need people who inform law makers on many levels about industry but we need restrictions as who can be a lobbyists, credentials, licensing and a citizens board who approves the licenses for each industry.

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On the other hand: “Nothing will fundamentally change.”


tRump DID drain the swamp. He got the catfish out. And filled the swamp with piranhas and gators.


From the close of the article:

Arguing that sweeping reforms will be necessary to prevent such profiteering in the future, Public Citizen said “few scenarios would better embody most people’s image of the Washington ‘swamp’ than dozens of hired-gun lobbyists cashing in on their government connections during a public health emergency.”

“In the short term, the government, of course, should do everything it possibly can to offer the public an unobstructed window into the details of where the trillions in public dollars are going,” the group said. "In the long term, future administrations and the Congress should embrace systemic reforms to sever the conflicts of interest that incentivize government officials to favor the wealthy and well-connected over the constituents whom they are hired to serve."

The systemic reforms that are needed, go much deeper than imagined by Public Citizen. We need to reform the system to end the looting class – the “wealthy and well-connected” – who are, in fact, “the constituents whom they are hired to serve” in our structurally corrupt swamp.

There should be no “billionaires,” soon to be “trillionaires.” There should be no “limited-liability, investor-owned corporations.” There should be no “looting class” who colonize and extract “their” wealth from the Earth and the people.

They are not only looting us during a pandemic public health emergency, although of course they are doing that. But they have looted the Earth to the point of obvious ecological catastrophe now unfolding.

When will “we the people” put two plus two together, and recognize that it adds up to the entire economic system built on colonization, enslavement, mass murder, and looting, by and for the looters at the expense of all of life and all of humanity?

“Systemic reform” needs to get to the source of the crisis, the very basis of “the economy” itself, which is “the swamp” that needs to be drained. We need an entirely different basis for “the economy.”


Oh, wait. Only “Trump-Connected Lobbyists?” Didn’t the Covid-19 “relief” bill have to pass the House, which is controlled by the Democrats?

Yes, it did. In fact, on May 7, 2020, this was the headline on Common Dreams: "Pelosi Support for Corporate Lobbyist Bailout Denounced as ‘Dumbest Political Maneuver You Could Possibly Make Right Now’. "

From that article: "Speaker Nancy Pelosi has thrown her support behind a proposal to allow corporate lobbying groups to receive bailout money from a Covid-19 relief program meant for small businesses, a move one critic bluntly as the “dumbest political maneuver you could possibly make right now.”


“What we have in this country is socialism for the rich and capitalism for everyone else.”

The two party system is an obvious failure, our elections have become increasingly expensive for a reason; corporate money now controls them.

I am quite puzzled, frankly, at most Trump supporters as they are also among the most abused by this corrupt system.

I am a registered Green , not because I agree with everything on their platform or even vote for all their candidates. I think running a candidate for president by Greens is a waste of resources frankly, resources that could be better spent winning city, county and state Offices.

Having noted that I think this election is unique in that it is very important both to vote and to vote for Biden. Getting rid of the misogynistic, ego maniacal, ignoramus we have in the White House is more necessary than refusing to vote for Uncle Joe for his position on some issues that oppose left wing ideology.

The battle for the restoration of our democratic governance will not end with ousting Trump but it simply cannot begin with out that ousting.

Send Trump on to a NYState prison and rejoin the battle against corporate rule.


And the beat goes on…

The whole Republican Party in my view, is nothing but tyrannical and needs to be eliminated from any political power, much like what happened to the Whig Party in the 1800’s. Once that is done, the DINO Democrats need to be next on the Progressive, agenda.



Well said! I would only add that their idiocy will destroy us all unless we destroy them first!


Welcome fellow Green!

It’s a no win situation. Yes tRump needs to be out. The problem with the other candidate is that if he gets elected then the donkeys won’t change their stripes ( guess I am mixing things here !). There is a very small probability that the progressives in the d party can do something.
Right now, it looks like the country can go left and go off the cliff or go right and go off the cliff. And maybe that has to happen for people to stop watching tv and vote in their interest.
Watch mouseland ? Search on YouTube.


Stop calling D.C. a “Swamp”.   It Is a CESSPOOL!!!


That’s a great point. i felt odd using the “swamp” metaphor in my own post, because swamps are important ecosystems. “Draining the swamp” has been the ecocidal act of colonizers and “developers.”

Drain the cesspool!

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There is no morality at the corner of Money St. and political Way.
Dissing democrats won’t get us anywhere. And republicans are having it just the way they want it.