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The Swamp


The Swamp

Christopher Brauchli

Drain the swamp.

—Donald J. Trump

It’s great news for Kansas-and who’d have thought it. Of course it hasn’t happened yet, but it seems to be a possibility.


Great analysis Chris! We've seen reversal of Trump statements on several issues. Now, he wants to fill his cabinet with the swamp rats he claimed he would purge from decision-making.
The one key we saw in mid-western tax cuts is where we saw job growth and job decline is striking.
What an incredible hoax the country is looking at now.


The climate in Kansas has been dangerous for a long time. Thomas Frank alluded to this in his book back in 2004.

The insane right wing has taken over most of the state Saying anything against the mono culture of racism and evangelism immediately paints a bulls eye on your back. It is the reason the Phelps church is based out of Topeka. There is a reason that Dr. tiller was constantly under threat in his practice.

The jayhawks are almost extinct. BTK killers are probably being greater numbers than the Jayhawks. KU should change their name to TillerKillers.

County fairs have at least one anti abortion stand. They have some innovation ongoing there, but it too is being done under by the long arm of a divisive church.

The republicans have been in control of the house for decades, and Sibellius was an anomaly

.I was directly effected by Brownbek's cuts in 2011 as I was cut from the community college in Salina, in the heart of Kansas.

Kansas has massive Agricultural departments in their colleges (KSU in Manhattan) These are not funded by farming or grain profits. They are funded by Monsanto, and a large majority of the Ph.D candidates aspire to further jerry the genetic system to make big bucks down at the headquarters in St. Louis.

Borwnback and Koback love them Jesus and Monsanto. Whereas housing was still cheap compared to Colorado, the prairies were being turned into swamps a very long time ago.

The middle of the country, rust belt/corn belt et al has been hurting for decades. Innovation has been drained - The new BMW three stroke engine may have come out of there, but that was never produced in Hutchinson, which is still limited to Lawn mover engine units.

You can still get free land if you move to SE Kansas. Good luck with facing down ignorance when you get there.