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The Syria 'Dissent' Memo and US Bureaucratic Support for Kerry War Strategy


The Syria 'Dissent' Memo and US Bureaucratic Support for Kerry War Strategy

Gareth Porter

The memorandum by 51 State Department officials calling for US military intervention in Syria last week has been treated in news media coverage as a case of dissent from existing Syria policy by individual officials involved in Syria policy.


Part of that atttempt to build public support for a war on Syria is the demonizing of Russia that is ongoing in Western Media. One of the things being done to do this is to claim "unprofessional and dangerous conduct" by Russian planes intercepting US and NATO aircraft approaching Russian Airspace. They also complained about unprofessional conduct of pilots flying over US and NATO vessels in the Baltic as those ships approached Russian waters.

Needless to say unsaid is that NATO and US forces do this very thing to Russia but it not seen as newsworthy nor a sign of "aggressive" behaviour. Again one set of rules for them and another for the West a theme being advanced here as the US advocates another illegal war and the further arming of terrorists.

Here is a link to an article detailing dangerous behaviour on the part of the so called "Professionals" in the US Navy, video included.


We also do remember those US Vessels caught By the Iranians in Iranian waters?


During the American War Against The Vietnamese People it was the military demanding more war, the State Dept saying there is no military solution, use diplomacy instead.

In Syria, under Obama, Hillary & Kerry, it's the military saying there is no military solution, the State Dept advocating more war.



The following quote from this article shows just how those in power in the USA think. Accompanied by a list of all the Countries the USA has bombed from the air with its Air force and drones and cruise missiles in that article, along with what in fact were MILLIONS of peoples killed by these bombs the US Department of Defense had this to say...

We should expect conflicts in which adversaries, because of cultural affinities different from our own, will resort to forms and levels of violence shocking to our sensibilities.” – Department of Defense, 1999

Apparently slaughtering millions is a "kinder and gentler" type of Murder when it done by the US Military.

Here another article on Syria with the US Air Force scrambling to protect Al Nusra from a Russian Air strike. Al Nusra calls itself "Al Qaeda in Syria" that same group the US claims did 9/11.


"“more militarily assertive US role” in the Syrian conflict"

That almost makes it sound as if the USA was some sort of neutral party that had not engineered the entire thing, by funnelling weapons to ISIS across the Turkish border and by air dropping weapons to the so call "free Syrian army" which then passes the weapons to Al Nusra (Al Queda in Syria). It almost makes it sound that the USA agenda was not and is not still a Libya style destruction of Syria.

"there is little or no hope for progress in the political talks on Syria without some US leverage on Assad."

In this context "progress in the political talks" is a euphamism refers to the completion of the ongoing NATO backed terrorist destruction of Syria.

"New American Security (CNAS) released a report on a study group on defeating the Islamic State that called for a US policy to “threaten and execute limited strikes against the Assad regime”, to signal to Assad as well Russia and Iran that it is “willing to get more engaged”. The same report called for dispatching “several thousand” US troops to Syria."

"New American Security CNAS" is an Orwellian name, because clearly it has nothing to do with security. Syria has been marked for destruction in the PNAC plans that pre-date 911.

The USA agenda has not stopped. It has been delayed by Russian action, but by no means has it been stopped. The destruction of Iraq and Libya has been justified by a solid block of lies. The destruction of Syria no less so. The USA and NATO have no right whatsoever to destroy sovereign nation states, and they certainly have no right to be in Syria whatsoever.

They should get out of Syria altogether, because they have not been invited into Syria by the Syrian government and they have no right to be there.


The "Dissent" scenario is deadly serious stuff: the first indication of something big cooking for 2017, as soon as Obama is out of office.
Gareth Porter's post must be talked about and publicized as much as possible; otherwise the Americans together with their "willing European allies" will start a war with Russia to reassert Western dominance in the Middle East. How this war starts or ends is anybody's guess; but it will most likely be deadly for all concerned.


A country is a wonderful thing to waste, got drones? Vote Hillary for more of the same.