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The Syrian-Sarin ‘False Flag’ Lesson

The Syrian-Sarin ‘False Flag’ Lesson

Ray McGovern

A review of events leading to the very edge of full-blown U.S. shock-and-awe on Syria three years ago provides a case study with important lessons for new policymakers as they begin to arrive in Washington.

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When Saddam Hussein declared he had no WMDS and they had all been destroyed, this confriming the conclusions of the UN inspection team, the US Government called him a liar and indicated they had PRROF those weapons were stockpiled that was beyond dispute.

Saddam Hussein was telling the truth. The US Government lying.

When Vladimar Putin declared that it was the rebels that committed this Sarin Gas attack and Assad also indicated the Syrian Government did not carry it out, the US Government claimed that it was beyong dispute and that Assad and Putin lying.

As it turned out Putin and Assad were telling the truth.

Yet we still have people that insist that one must believe their own Government over that of “dictators” because , from what a can gather, it “patriotic” to do so.

This latest “Russian hack” nonsense is such a blatant psyops on the part of the same government that gave us the “Gulf of Tonkin” and “Saddam isgoing to Nuke New York City” it a wonder it can gain any traction among people that claim the ability to think critically.

The US Government lies, as a matter of course. The Mainstream media goes along with those lies. Accept it because it a fact.


Syria could have destroyed all its chemical weapons at any time prior to the deus ex machina but did so only after the war hawks began to pound their drums more loudly. The lesson for Washingon was that serious threats get serious results.

As for the deus ex machina, the idea did not originate with Putin. Charlie Rose introduced the notion of giving up the arsenal to prevent airstrikes in an interview with Bashar Assad on Sept. 9, 2013. Assad’s response suggested he was open to the idea (charlierosedotcom/videos/19570 Minute 17:36). Reporter Margaret Brennan, a CBS colleague of Rose, raised the matter with Kerry at a subsequent press conference (statedotgov/secretary/remarks/2013/09/213956.htm). Kerry said sure. Then Lavrov and Putin jumped on the idea and took credit for it. Voila, deus ex machina!

“enter Putin from stage right with an offer difficult for Obama to refuse – guaranteed destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons on a U.S. ship outfitted for such purpose”

Nice spin. Secretary Kerry mentioned it “off the cuff”, then at a prearranged meeting between Lavrov and the Syrian PM, Lavrov put it in front of the Syrian. This was all a one-two arranged by Obama and Putin at the G20 earlier. Mr ex-CIA analyst should know better. My guess is he does but uses disinformation to achieve a more important goal, it’s called trade \craft.

“We are currently focused on the fact that the U.S. Congress and Senate are discussing authorization for use of force. … As you know, Syria is not attacking the U.S., so there is no question of self-defense; and anything else, lacking U.N. authorization, is an act of aggression. … we are all glued to our televisions, waiting to see if they will get the approval of Congress.”

If Putin said that, then clearly he was also in the USA at countless election booths voting personally for Donald Trump and hacking into emails at some internet cafe in Seattle (you know, that socialist city which is full of Putin’s stooges).


“It’s such a squalid demonstration of where intelligent critical thinking is at currently among the American public and Washington bureaucracy that so many otherwise liberal minded folks are being played like a fiddle on this issue that has the potential to spiral out of control.”

There is no intelligent critical thinking going on. It’s all blatherskite for personal political ends.


Just search MIT Sarin gas missle analysis 2014. OBAMA used Syria to divert from the illegal war started in Libya on behalf of Sidney Blumenthal and Hillary and the war profiteers including the Banksters.

Just another bunch of MSM propoganda was spewed there too, including the use of NYT. Add here that Obama continued operations in the Middle East and should be prosecuted along with George Bush for war crimes.

That said look up key words: NDAA, propoganda, 2014. Lies by a democratic republic means you really do not know if you are one anymore. You do not even know if Trump lost by a small margin the popular vote.


Whether or not the idea originated with Putin is neither here nor there. Putin followed up on it and brokered the agreement with Assad and Obama. Wasn’t Kerry’s position that Syria would never give up their chem weapons? It is obvious that he wanted a military and not a diplomatic response to this false flag gassing event.