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The Syrian Test of Trump-Putin Accord


The Syrian Test of Trump-Putin Accord

Ray McGovern

The immediate prospect for significant improvement in U.S.-Russia relations now depends on something tangible: Will the forces that sabotaged previous ceasefire agreements in Syria succeed in doing so again, all the better to keep alive the “regime change” dreams of the neoconservatives and liberal interventionists?

Or will President Trump succeed where President Obama failed by bringing the U.S. military and intelligence bureaucracies into line behind a cease-fire rather than allowing insubordination to win out?


I’ll wait with baited breath to see how this goes although I bet the media, the Dems, and the deep state want nothing more than to see this ceasefire broken and another step taken to WWIII.


what the hell are we doing there in the first place?


"Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, Money makes the world go round, the world go round, the world go round…"


It’s very common, and always a precursor to peace, for a sitting president’s highest campaign officials to secretly meet with high level Russian attorneys during elections. This is especially the case when said attorneys represent an dictatorial autocrat and his oligarchical friends. No biggie, no concerns, peace at all costs, the rest is just deep state nonsense. Because, obviously, Trump’s new “shallow” state will of course be in our best interest, especially if backed in full by a former KGB agent’s wealthy oligarchical pals.


Another important piece by Ray McGovern, thanks.


So, if I understand Mr. McGovern’s harrumphing at the beginning of this article, US citizens and the press SHOULDN’T be concerned about whether Trump had the cajones to confront Putin over election tampering? We shouldn’t concern ourselves with that trivial question?

I think maybe we should all continue to be concerned about that.

Also, I am more than capable of being concerned about Russian interference in our election, the Syrian conflict, Tumpcare AND Trump’s obnoxious tweets, all at the same time even though many commentators seem to think I can’t do that.