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'The System Is Shaken': As Yellow Vests Persist in France, Macron Bends With Minimum Wage Hike and Pension Tax Canceled


'The System Is Shaken': As Yellow Vests Persist in France, Macron Bends With Minimum Wage Hike and Pension Tax Canceled

Julia Conley, staff writer

Following four weeks of "Yellow Vest" protests which have erupted into violence at times, French President Emmanuel Macron indicated Monday that his government can no longer ignore the demands of hundreds of thousands of citizens—announcing a minimum wage increase and a cancellation of a tax on retirees, but still refusing to relent on one of his most widely-criticized tax reforms.


Macron needs to work the other end of the continuum - tax the rich for their carbon usage.


It has been reported that most of the protesters are middle class workers so they should be making more than the minimum wage. I believe the French have very high taxes but also a very good safety net.


Tax the rich to do broad wealth reform, vastly reduce the wealth gap and income gap, and for “war mobilization” to radically reorient the economy away from extraction exploitation and looting, toward ecology and humanity. To include swift comprehensive move away from carbon energy, but not just taxation “for their carbon usage.”


See what hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens can accomplish.


To reduce the carbon footprint in all countries a change in vehicle production should take place. All vehicles produced over a certain engine displacement or weight limit must be propelled by other than fossil fuels.
Likely electric (battery) or hydrogen at present. That gets the biggest polluters off the road to start with…


The French have a clear message for the U.S. Re-invigorate the unions. Our pols. have essentially destroyed the American union. The French, as a nation, proved the essential value of a workers voice in 1968, when the students and truckers essentially shut the country down . We bought the opposite argument and let the politicians, both parties, destroy all worker right. We continue to demonize unions while praising corporate greed. Corporate and political corruption makes any union corruption seem like child’s play. We even shot students to death at Kent State


They’ve got Macron on the ropes and scared, and need to keep the pressure on until he has no choice but follow poiticscorner and webwalks advice about taxing the rich.
Exactly what our politicians need…To be scared.


Macron was actually once a member of the Socialist party and decided to leave that Prty and form a movement deemed more “centrist”. In other words he turned his back on the left trying to appeal to the Right wing and Centrists.

Centrism is NOT a solution to the problems of the Working Class as the French people have come to understand. Centrism does not address inequality, it very much lipstick on a pig.

Many Americans see this same thing with the Democrats and many Canadians see this with the Liberals.

Go left and far left! There can be no half measures here.


“But Macron refused to budge on his massive cut to the government’s “wealth tax,” which he introduced last year, cutting the taxes of the richest French households by 70 percent.”

Macron didn’t budge on his tax giveaway to the rich. He knows he can circle back like a vulture on the working people. They know what they are doing. Don’t be fooled.


Thanks Edith Bunker.


Gosh, listening to the American corporate media, you’d have thought the French were spoiled lazy bums rioting over a few pennies gas tax. Funny how the media left out the part about taxing retirees’ pensions and all the rest of the neo-liberal agenda.


Here in America we give the richest man on earth billions in tax subsidies to open a fulfillment center. The propagandists have convinced the poor working stiffs that taxing the rich is a bad thing.


Americans are either too stupid or too cowardly to pull a general strike, or C. all of the above.


The MSM is controlled by the same group that seeks eternal wars and unlimited military budgets. There will be no accountability for money spent by the Pentagon. All the better to steal my dears.


Here’s hoping the French won’t settle for a few crumbs off the table while the oligarchy stalls for time.


Viva la France! Dey gots balls!


But they have long understood that their unions are under attack – and the wage
floor especially given inflation. Their benefits as well. And they understand that
government depriving anyone of a living wage will eventually strike them. They are
wise enough to fight for ALL – against the few wealthy who have also captured their

Besides – the French have a history which suggests they will act.

Right now in US that tradition is only beginning to be built.

The original Revolution here sadly put the wealthy in charge of our nation.
Our Founders didn’t create a democracy - they created an Elite-Patriarchy and
privatized the Commonwealth.


Plus we need immediate conversion of all gas-guzzling cars to electric/solar.


All true –

Never underestimate the power of right wing propaganda which serves Elites by confusing
the public . . but I do think most Americans have caught on and understand that now.

The real sadness of our nation’s control by those serving Elites/wealthy is in the great violence
it has done in its present history of war and its past history of wars to serve them.
Think of Nixon and Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia – that was 1968 when the world should have been
addressing Global Warming – but Nixon was involved in killing kids at Kent State.

Antiwar protests in Kent had erupted following President Nixon’s TV speech on April 30 that U.S. forces had invaded Cambodia, thus enlarging a war he had once pledged to end. The next day Nixon derided antiwar students everywhere as “bums.” Protests on the campus and in the neighboring town of Kent had erupted resulting in some vandalism and property damage. The college ROTC was set ablaze on May 2nd. No one has ever determined who set the fire, though students were falsely blamed. On May 3, 0hio Governor James Rhodes, a Republican conservative running for the Senate (he lost) called antiwar students “worse than brownshirts and the Communist element and also the night riders and vigilantes. They are the worst type people that we harbor in America.”

0n May 4th, then, Ohio guardsmen fired their M-1 semiautomatic rifles, a .45 pistol and a shotgun for 13 seconds, killing four students and wounding nine others.

We do know that, according to a government memo dated 0ctober 9, 1973, “undercover federal narcotics agents were present on the Kent State University campus on May 4, 1970.” Also an armed federal agent was present on that day though no one was able to prove that his weapon was ever fired. It has never been shown that the agents were tied to the shootings, though there have been allegations of a government conspiracy. But still, rumors were rampant. Students were said to be armed with weapons but none were found. Another tale had it that a student sniper had fired and that too was shown to be a lie. In fact, we do not know why the National Guard – the Vietnam era’s haven for men dodging the draft – was called in and who ordered the men of Troop G to open fire.

But Macron refused to budge on his massive cut to the government’s “wealth tax,” which he introduced last year, cutting the taxes of the richest French households by 70 percent.

Macron should be raising taxes on wealthy by 70%.