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The System: Who Rigged It, How We Fix It

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/26/system-who-rigged-it-how-we-fix-it

The system is rigged. But we can fix it.

More idiocy from another PhD.

Maybe, if we’re good and lucky and strong, we can overthrow it over a few generations>

Fix It?

Pure idiocy.


To change the existing reality you must create a new model that makes the old one obsolete.
Bucky Fuller …Futurist


Maybe the coronavirus will engender a different awareness of our inequality state, and its consequences in suffering and lives, economy and our future? Maybe the laying bare of conservative elites in Congress and business (e.g., votes against “overly generous unemployment benefits” this week, medical industry profits versus our virus-ravaged country, inadequate infrastructure for the task of recovery and health) will bring change at elections and in affiliations, bring more democratic socialists/progressives into office? Maybe the rigged system is becoming more apparent at this time?
Reich doesn’t offer any blueprints, but he does lay out what needs to happen, and he persists in a seeming optimism that we are up to the task. I appreciate that.


I like and appreciate your positive frame of mind.

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As long as a significant portion of the population continues to worship wealth we will be saddled with the continuation of this idiocy. Remember Paris Hilton–famous for her contributions to humankind–oh wait, never mind. Until the spell is broken and the Powerball is cast asunder there might not be much hope for a leveling of the playing field in America. At this point in time our best hope resides in Bernie, of that I am firmly convinced.
BERNIE 2020!


Yes you know when things look really bad the opposite of whats obviously for the highest good of all, that change is coming into our reality.

So curse the darkness not, be a light and shine into the darkness so all will see your good deeds.

Bernie is doing just that, let’s follow his example.


Reich was a member of the Bill Clinton Cabinet an administration that did more to rig the system in favor of the rich than any other. The only check on the power of the 1 percent was a Political party that would act to rein in that power . Mr Clinton ensured the democrats became indistinguishable from the Republicans in this regard with his “Centrism” and desire to get the money out of the pockets of the 1 percent into the Democratic parties coffers.

That said the example of Bill Clinton co-opting the Democratic party demonstrates clearly that the system IS the problem. There is no fixing or tweaking it. The thing has to be dismantled. Sanders said it best when he said “Billionaires should not exist”. The worship of money is central to the system called CAPITALism. The name Capitalism exposes what it really all about and it not about people, it about money.



Stop selling your new book, and take up the “Sword of Social Revolution,” and lead us against our elitist enemies.

Be the man you’ve never grown up to be.

Oligarchy conveys rule by the few, most likely wealthy. But I think plutocracy captures more better what we’re up against. Plutocracy emphasizes rule by and for the rich, and we know that plutocrats and the rich are a minority, so oligarchy is implied.

The first step for an addict is to see the problem. The DNC has destroyed the party of the people. FDR’s Party is no longer that. The Millennials with the GND must retake the Party and remove the Obama’s and Clinton’s from power. Not just them but all who favor the banks and bankers over the bakeries and bakers. It is apparent now why manufacturing everything overseas only benefits the few. Bring the jobs back and use tariffs like Bernie wants responsibly like Germany does. The Blueprint is there.


Robert, Robert, Robert----

The terms left and right do rightly refer to the conflict between " small minority who have gained power over the system, and the vast majority who have little or none." In other writings, lest we forget, this has long been called “class war.”

Confusion has arisen, though not at all coincidentally, because there exists a very prominent false left and a genuine right that makes false and absurd promises. The false left mostly resides in the Democratic Party (though matters are not as simple as that might suggest), and its members tend to promise equality in some rough form but deliver service to corporate paylords. The false promises of the right mostly come through the Republican mouthpieces (though Donald Trump is incoherent enough to be difficult to categorize). They promise that exclusion and exclusivity enforced by violent coercion will, by some miracle of inversion, produce what they call liberty, though I suspect that they confuse the word with property.

Few of the above, at least in the United States, have much to do with the heritage of John Locke, who did not himself form a Union, and whose phrase was “life, liberty, and property,” not “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”–property being, in the days of John Locke, the means of production.

Still, there is much correct in this article. The oligarchy is the enemy. But saying “Yes, we can” does not seem adequate to fixing it, nor even to beginning. We are going to have to eat the oligarchy out from the inside, and the oligarchs are not going to be happy during the process.

The oligarchy does indeed “divide and conquer.” But the division is not much that between progressive and corporate Democrats, as addressed here. It is as you wrote earlier, between the rich and those who serve the rich and the poor and those who might attempt to serve the poor.

This is not a time to unite behind Joe Biden, perhaps even less than it is a time to unite behind Donald Trump. Unity in general is not served by those ultimately similar failures in clarity. It is time to unite against both, and against the Senate offers a bailout to corporations and not aid to individuals, and the Fed that has so longed moved ahead of it and led it by the nose or pocketbook.

Robert, you mucked this one up four years ago; let’s do better. Unity is not with the Democratic appointee. It is with the rest of us.

As Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Labor, Reich made the mistake of publicly saying that corporations should have “social responsibility”. For that, he was summoned to the Treasury Secretary’s office and reprimanded, and Clinton, the neoliberal hypocrite, went along with the Treasury Secretary.

Since Reagan, BOTH corporate parties have been neoliberal tools of Wall Street and corporations, as union membership has decreased and wages have stagnated as Republicans exulted and Democrats stood by.

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Duckpins, that’s a 7-10 split. Retake the party?

Why bother? That’s like saying to the Sicilians, take over the Mafia, and convince them to open Italian Restaurants.

The Democrat party is too far gone to change.

Time spent on the establishment of a true “People’s Party” would be time better spent. With a mantra of corruption will get you expelled and incarcerated, let the people govern.

I like the bringing jobs back though.


…manufacturing jobs that is.

Damn Duopoly parties have ruined this country.

"The oligarchy understands that a “divide-and-conquer” strategy gives them more room to get what they want without opposition."

It’s just too bad that ALL of the people don’t understand that. The cultist bigots that continue to vote republiCon are voting against their own economic interests, but as LBJ said "If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you." - it was true when he said it and it’s even truer now.

Yes, WE are all suffereing from a rigged system, yet the politicians that have sold US out (from both sides of the aisle) will never bring meaningful legislation to bear that: removes all private money from our political system, helps to make it easier to unionize, increase the “minimum wage” to a true living wage, raise taxes on the rich and corporate, provide for true regulations and legislation to curb the avarice of these beasts! Nor does it appear that the cultist bigots are even able to comprehend nor are they willing too.