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The Task of 'Sleepy Joe' Is To Put Liberal America Right Back To Sleep

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/06/task-sleepy-joe-put-liberal-america-right-back-sleep


After watching our local Democrat voters never stop apologizing for Obama and Biden from 2009-17, I will indeed be surprised if Biden doesn’t set the stage for the GOP to retake the White House in 2024.


Wouldn’t that be Trump to retake the White House in 2024?

Imagine what the next four years are going to be like with Trump completely unfettered, roaming the countryside among his base, who, as we all know, are not going anywhere.

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Brentwood police find hanging mannequin with ‘Sleepy Joe’ sign outside home

Is there a lesson here about picking up the symbols and tools of the oppressor? Local media (KCBS) conscientiously opted to stop repeating a phrase touted by a champion of lynching.

Maybe one of these days we can start all over again, put the insult-humor and Russiagate xenophobia behind us, and start discussing matters as if we thought the people we’re talking with (each other) are adults. What’s wrong with grownup discourse?

But it won’t be Biden doing the sleeping. It will be the liberals who cheerlead him. Biden – or perhaps Kamala Harris – will be busy making sure his corporate donors get exactly what they paid for, whatever the cost to the rest of us.

That’s some of Jonathan Cook, phoning it in, apparently. I got almost the exact same vibe from Chris Hedges yesterday: As if all the precambrian progressives are frozen in amber, unable to move, to adjust to the moment. I’m like, ahem, Mr Cook? I kind of think the following might have some influence on USA’s future historical track. Maybe you haven’t heard anything about the worst outbreak on Earth:

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (lastest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    9 WEEKS              CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   9.  02/27/2020          16          16
>  18.  04/30/2020   1,062,430   1,062,446
>  27.  07/02/2020   1,669,514   2,731,960
>  36.  09/03/2020   3,400,114   6,132,074
>  45.  11/05/2020   3,449,696   9,581,770

The final segment of this nine-week view just pulled ahead of all previous segments today, smoothing out our three-hump outbreak into a single wave. US Americans are now dying of Covid at a rate of 880 per day, or one every 98 seconds. I don’t understand how Cook can blithely prognostibloviate away with no awareness of the biggest historical tsunami of all. Definite WTF moment with Jonathan Cook here.


Indeed, it is a the gods must be crazy moment…

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Trump is going to be facing multiple indictments, in particular for tax evasion, a number of civil suits and maybe criminal charges over his sexual adventures and who knows what else from his multinational charade. He is going to have to figure out how he is going to pay back Deutchebank and a number of other creditors without handing over his golf courses and the Trump Hotel in DC (the GAO still owns the building, the business can be seized or liquidated).
Just like what happened to the Clinton Foundation, after Queen Hillary bombed out; Trump will no longer be investment grade, and his credit rating will be embarrassing.


…“the Biden camp represents an ineffectual rainbow coalition of competing social identities, deluded into believing that those divisions will make them stronger, not weaker, in the fight for economic justice.”

That is pretty insulting to the Bernie crowd, the “Squad” (about to double in size) and all those who worked their butts off to take down a president who is a cross between a Mafia don and Mussolini and lately has shown an utter disdain for our already highly wounded democratic process. And it also makes no sense.

Trump’s most recent statements, merely characterized as lies and undemocratic, may show a serious decompensation into delusions. In other words he is losing his marbles; which is not surprising considering he must understand that on Jan 21, the criminal and civil justice system will be after him. If he is still rational, a country with no extradition might be his best option-if there is any money left. And I suspect Melania will divorce him.

Mr. Cook makes the grave mistake of predicting the future; I am assuming he is not clairvoyant, so this is risky (potentially embarrassing).

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The Clinton Foundation is still doing exactly what it has been doing for the last twenty or so years, providing medical care in countries that have an even rougher time than the US in finding anyone to treat any disease.

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When i looked up the Clinton Foundation 990 a year ago, maybe more, they seem to have spent more on travel expenses than they gave away. That is, they travelled in style to give in penury.


Trump will be under arrest after he leaves the White House… assuming that he can’t buy his way out of all of the charges waiting for him in New York.

I doubt it. Just because Trump is no populist and no reformer does not mean that he is an MIC or financier favorite.

Think Bushy–inner beltway, connected family, CIA and MIC-aligned, thoroughly compromised and owned from within. In 2015 Jeb was the de-facto Republican candidate, and Democratic money and Tea Party organization nominated Trump. We will be very apt to have neocon candidates from both parties in 2024.

I like Jonathon Cook. He is ‘spot on’ when it comes to identifying the root causes of the American political system. I for one, struggle with choices such as either trying to change a Party from within or trying to join a new party with a next to zero chance of even being acknowledged.
Even violent revolution seems to be a waste of time as too many Americans have bought into corporate America’s narrative and will only end up killing other dumb schmucks rather than toppling the Establishment. While most Americans voted for Biden simply because he was the lesser of two evils, the 70,000,000 who voted for Trump actually thought that he wasn’t such a bad president. The bar is set so low by design and not by a fluke in human nature. Generations of the MSM dumbing down the population by feeding us the corporate narrative has bared fruit. It will be no easy task to explain to so many people that they have it all wrong.
If 81% of well educated people in one of San Francisco’s best neighbourhoods voted for Nancy Pelosi over the far more intelligent and honest Buttar, how can we possibly hold out hope that a great awakening is just around the corner? Corporatism is the new religion and it has claimed more victims than all of the Holy Wars of the past combined. Do we even have a chance?


Cook makes good observations here, but the “temporary win for torpor” is apt to last for a bit, at least in electoral politics. The Democratic Party will apparently be headed by the most unabashedly conservative Democratic president since the 1800s–Mr. Clinton being more abashedly conservative, as was convenient for him at the time.

What is meant by “back to sleep” is “put down” “Liberal America” and leftist Americans were asleep enough to largely endorse Biden. This was done under duress, by a lack of electoral alternative, but that is no motive for rulers to reduce the duress. Many Democrats will join the central media in minimizing Biden’s transgressions, the better to cover their own, complicity, as minimal as is the complicity of a misled voter in the ills of a nonrepresentative candidate.

No, nothing much good is likely to happen in anything we call “politics” within the USA for a good long time. We had might as well get set to use the next few cycles to prep long term, foundational, and generational change from a local level, mostly but not exclusively outside of government.


I’m just going to rant away. As a default scenario I expect that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will hand out money to the nuclear power industry in recyclable brown paper grocery sacks with paper handles. They will buy us millions of Chinese solar panels. Then they’ll call it a day.

Our real goals are to stop ALL major aspects of climate change, greatly inhibit government corruption and create vibrant and sustainable regional economies in the process. Proper climate R&D can succeed and would succeed. Turning us all into sex workers won’t do the job.

The current weather forecast is for 1.4 trillion tons of greenhouse gases to be released from the Arctic tundra. Unlike a megafire that is headed directly for your city, humanity shall never lift a finger to stop this process. Out of sight, out of mind. Put it on the green agenda or else all currently living trees on Eaarth will be dead. Certain trees with airborne seeds such as poplar trees will survive because they can reseed themselves thousands of miles away. Expect chronic worldwide agricultural failures. Expect massive human starvation.

My name shall not be a curse upon my children’s lips because I don’t have any children. I don’t have children because I planned to work in the green pandemic. I was a bit psychic.

A Chinese proverb says that people should pay the doctor while they are healthy. You’re in a green pandemic so do likewise for the green inventors. Focus directly on solutions as if deploying solutions is the military imperative. Focusing on maximizing profits for the government’s friends misses the mark and encourages massive corruption of the goals.

Hesitate to give money in bottle-sized brown bags to people whose intellectual athleticism has been measured in Ph.D. degrees, because general intellectual athleticism doesn’t always translate to any particular needed skill set. Focus on the exact skill sets that we will need now, or soon.

Long-term, learn to offer degrees in invention. No college anywhere offers such a degree. Expect that good inventors usually aren’t great at human resource skills, that the great ones aren’t great at anything other than invention.

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Cook claims liberals are “deluded into believing that those divisions will make them stronger, not weaker, in the fight for economic justice” Wrong. It are not the liberals that believe in the “divisions” but the established social norms that maintain the divisions. Liberals want to include LBGTAQI + people and other minorities equally in society, in contrast with the traditional society that divides them out by rejecting their right to equal acceptance.

As Bernie said tonight speaking with George Stephanopoulos, we should concentrate on fighting for policies that bring people together around goals that provide benefits in common, rather than harping on “identities.” “Identities” are not eternal traits, but are the consequence of the singling out of certain groups for discriminatory or repressive treatment. Who gets discriminated against varies from society to society and time period to time period. Of course we need to fight racism and to reverse centuries of theft of real and social capital. But that fight needs to coexist with the equally pressing need to build a coalition – and yes, that means trying to appeal to white, working-class “deplorables,” – around a popular set of objectives. Making the abolition of ICE or the careless slogan to "defund the police the most prominent part of your program is a recipe to keep on losing.

Politics is our Spirituality demonstrated.

There’s work to do !

Excellent, sang-froid quality analysis, written in excellent language. Reality is that the US has for a while been a gradually decaying empire. It may not be as glaring to the ordinary person, as human life is short compared to empire’s life.

In this election, let’s not forget that roughly 70 millions voted Donald, 74 millions voted Joey, and another 100 million voted neither. Whatever the reason for those 100 million, how is that for the “greatest democracy?” One way or another, this bigger group is either home for the neglected or the dissenters. But it is half of the voting age society. And not that the voting defines democracy in the US, but since voting is what we are discussing.

On a random side note, sharing what I heard yesterday in an interview from Roberto Saviano (Italian journalist who has lived in the US for a bit). He described the US as a country of vast poverty hardly compared to that of Europe, of vast ignorance hardly compared to that of Europe, and he well articulated that the centers of power and culture that are sold to the world, are just that. Isolated centers in a vast country.

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Here in Canada the people that belong to the “Conservative” party have come to understand the elimination of racism , sexism and things like gender identity are evolutions they have to come to accept. There a good number of people inside these parties that understand that attacking people based on identities is something that will have to disappear. This why when a Politician vocalizes his disgust for gays or persons of certain ethnic origins and so on, they are generally turfed by the party even inside the Conservative party.

It not that these people do not exist in Canada. There still a good number of them but they are now considered fringe and while a few parties have formed that reflect their views they garner little support in elections.

In recent elections where Conservative parties lost, I was listening to radio programs where supporters of Conservatism called in. More then a few indicated they had to abandon Conservatism based on Social issues and stick to Conservatism based on Fiscal Policy.

We have a long ways to go yet to flush these things from the system and I do not expect it to happen in my lifetime but it a goal to work towards. Progress should be about making progress and not be about going back which is something guys like Trump promote.

Now I understand all of these issues are important to the groups that are affected the most by it but here I would reflect on the words of Helen Keller when the right of women to vote being discusses. She pointed out that while that important , the right to vote would mean nothing if it did not result in dramatic changes to the economic system. She used as example men in England having the right to vote yet they were still toiling 12 hours a day 7 days a week in coal mines alongside of their children. To her that right to vote meant a responsibility to use that vote to END the injustices of the socio-economic system called Capitalism.

To those 70 million plus that voted for sleepy Joe, nothing was really won if it just becomes “big business as usual”.


Ditto. It just means going back to the pre-Trump world (at best), which produced Trumpism in the first place. And this is not Biden’s fault. It is the Democratic Party’s doing/undoing.