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The Tasks That Still Tower Above Us

The Tasks That Still Tower Above Us

William Josephson

Bill Josephson is one of my oldest friends. We met in 1961 when we were founding organizers of the Peace Corps. We’ve been close ever since. We differed in our reaction to the election and from our exchange of emails he on his own initiative wrote this piece — “the most personal essay I’ve ever written,” he told me. I asked him to let us post it and he agreed. — Bill Moyers

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Interesting how many still remember JFK - I know I do.

I have noticed that science and climate change - biodiversity also, has just about disappeared from the screen here at Common Dreams, unless one considers the NoDAPL discussions, where the larger picture was frequently brought up.

Since Vince Lombardi is right, I’m posting a worrisome link to the National Snow & Ice Data Center, specifically a graph of Antarctic Sea Ice right this season. The graph is worth many words - more discussion is of course available at nsidc - Arctic Sea Ice News:

I note also the British Antarctic Halley VI Station is being moved as a chasm in the Brunt Ice Shelf is developing relatively rapidly:

I am wondering if we have poked Wallace Broecker’s climate beast once too often ?

I think climate change ranks right up there as a “task towering above us” - like the proverbial sword of Damocles.

Manysummits in a frigid Calgary - it is actually warmer in southern Greenland just now !

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Curious the writer mentioned Vince Lombardi, who was fond of quoting UCLA Bruin’s football coach Henry Sanders that “winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.” That, which includes winning by every possible means, fair, and mostly foul, has been the motto of the Trump and Hillary campaigns.

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Perhaps Josephson should have elaborated on his assertion that the presidency unmade Carter ?

History has already confirmed that compared to most of his 20th century predecessors and ALL of his successors Carter stands as a moral, charitable beacon rising high above the swamp crawling with his reptilian predecessors and successors.

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AFTER his presidency, or during? During, he presided over U.S.-backed Indonesia’s killing fields… as detailed in the Chomsky film, “Manufacturing Consent.” Later, he wrote a helpful book on Israel and Palestine. Was his presidency, though, really a turn away from U.S. empire?

I gave this article an up-tick because it’s more informatively and suggestively written than many, and allows for thought more than limits thought. Treat us people like intellectuals, and maybe we can recognize more that we are!

well, I like philosophy, so that’s maybe why I made a somewhat odd point of highlighting this particular article. there are many others, actually, that can be very moving, informative, important–here on CD and elsewhere.