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The Tax Bill Is a Lifeline for Democrats. Will They Sink or Swim?

The Tax Bill Is a Lifeline for Democrats. Will They Sink or Swim?

Richard Eskow

We’re at a crossroads in American history. 

"We are experiencing historic levels of inequality, where two families – the Waltons and the Koch brothers – own more wealth than 115 million people." (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

From the article:

“For Democrats to win in 2018 and 2020, they’ll need to do more than tie this bill around the Republicans’ ankles and hope they sink.”

Yes. They’ll have to convince enough of the electorate that Democrat victories will improve their lot. To paraphrase, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me in every election since 1948, shame on us.”


The problem is, the Democrats are hamstrung by the inherent conflict in trying to please both their working class base and their corporate donors.

The working class understands which groups is winning that conflict, and it ain’t us.

Case in point: Did anyone notice Northam in Virginia already backpedaling on the Medicaid expansion?


Furthermore, many congressional Democrats will personally benefit from this bill giving them the opportunity to take their “moral outrage” to both the political bank and their personal bank. It’s Cynicism 101 at its best.


Thank you Richard - Dems must offer more - they must change and reform utterly to make that a reality - a reality they don’t now represent.

If past is prologue, they will sink…those who didn’t learn a thing from two huge mid-term election losses and did not alter course or change their own arrogant/corrupt service to wealth and power rather than represent the 99% and reform a loosing MO, will not have the gumption, honor, or courage to “swim” - they will believe as so often before the massive public opposition to trump&co policies will have nowhere else to go than return to the other side of the coin…the LOTE game must not be allowed to succeed yet again. The grass-roots coalition must demand and force change one way or another or there will be no victory, only continued deceit and cowardice - business as usual!


The Democrats are at a crossroads.

Make a deal with the Devil, or make a deal with the American People.

Both the Devil and the American People could pay their salaries.

Who here thinks the Democrats would pick the American People?

He’s back pedaling when he says Medicaid expansion is a no brainer for Virginia? How so? Instead of googling stuff, maybe you should speak with live Virginia Democrat. Or a Virginia Republican state legislator, since one or two of them will be needed for expansion.

Cynicism summarizes the content of many CD comments. The kind of cynicism that would have seen Roy Moore elected to punish those Democrats. Fortunately voters in Alabama and Virginia weren’t buying.

Yep, all Democrats got was Medicare, Medicaid, the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, the Equal Employment Opportunity Act. Oh yeah, Obamacare. But y’all hate that.

He says it’s a no brainer with one side of his mouth, and with the other side he says he’ll negotiate with Republicans. Here’s your translation: Northam will come out of a major electoral win with the wind at his back signaling to Republicans that he plays softball.

The Democrats…The party who changed compromise to pre-capitulation.


Except for Obamacare, the programs you mentioned were passed years ago by LBJ. Obamacare was just a giveaway to the health insurance companies.

The Democratic party has done nothing for the middle class in years. Clinton destroyed the Glass-Steagle Act which gave us the crash in 2008. Take off the blinders about the Democratic party.


I think it’s a good thing that you’re not actually involved in politics. To get it done he needs to lop off a couple of Republican. He can’t just post a comment on an out of the way web site.

A. Every thing I listed occurred post 1948 in response to the prior comment.
B. The repeal of Glass/Steagal was bad for its own reasons, but not the cause of the 2008 Crisis. There are a couple of good books to read on that.
C. Obamacare expanded Medicaid, which is the very subject being discussed and supported by most. Why are you here?

He can also remind a few Repubs who narrowly won seats that Medicaid expansion was a big issue for lots of voters and that he’ll use their ‘no’ votes as a cudgel against them in the next election.

Or are you one those fainthearted Dems who only has carrots and no stick? Hell, why even ask the question, when the answer is so obvious, coming from a political coward like you.

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Yes, anybody continuing to disassociate Clinton decriminalizing Glass-Steagall and other New Deal regulations from the 2008 crash has either been locked in a closet for more than two decades or is a political coward, rubber stamping their team, er party’s actions irrespective of the morality thereof.

Yes, although decriminalizing “Glass-Steagall was not THE cause of the 2008 crash”. its destruction of the firewall between commercial and investment banking enabled all of the other 1978-2006 New Deal regulation decriminalization to more deeply negatively impact more nations and more people, AND enabled the big investment banks to co-mingle their business to the extent that they were able to threaten to blow up the entire economy if Congress didn’t commit trillions of taxpayer dollars to bailing them out…and it wasn’t Congressional Republicans who voted in favor of those bailouts.

Glass-Steagall decriminalization also effectively broke the FDIC by bringing way more commercial banks down than the FDIC had money to bail them out. As a result, FDIC insurance premiums are now five times what they were a decade ago, thereby preventing US savings account interest from ever significantly rising again.


But if you don’t do as instructed by your paymasters on Wall St, you run the risk of not getting invited to give $500,000 speeches.

Oh, wait, I think the per speech fee is up to $600,000.


The working classes in most of Europe, being militant and having political parties that actually represent them, were able to win a comprehensive package of benefits that are the envy of those who understand them. Here in the US, Medicare and Medicaid—one age-restricted, the other means-tested—were the best deal we could get from our “two-party” system.

Obamacare (AKA the Orwellian-named Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) was originally a Heritage Foundation proposal, later adopted by Massachusetts under Gov. Mitt Romney. Its purpose was to forestall a true universal health CARE program for at least another generation.

Thanks a bunch, sold-out Democrat party. I don’t know where we’d be without y’all watching our backs.


I was amused to see the recount in the Virginia 94th House of Delegates district gave the Democrat the victory by exactly one vote and that will, in turn, create an exact 50-50 split in the legislature with two recounts in Republican districts still going on. So at least in the House of Delegates it may be that zero Republicans are needed to expand Medicaid.

That reminds me that it was 175 years ago that Henry Shoemaker caused all of our problems.


You wound me so deeply, anonymous commenter. In the future I may have to hide behind some nom de post.

Romneycare did not include Medicaid expansion. So not quite the same. So there was a single payer plan that got pushed aside for Obamacare? In what universe?

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