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The Tax Bill Is the Grinchiest Christmas Gift Yet


The Tax Bill Is the Grinchiest Christmas Gift Yet

Michael Winship

At year's end, Donald Trump and Congress are putting a lump of "clean, beautiful coal" in our stockings.


A heist of 2 trillion dollars is taking place at this moment. A theft of 2 trillion dollars from the common people. The thieves, the top 10% ,some of the thieves Trump,Buffett, Gates, Mercers,Kock’s—we need to name these thieves-----it is so important to put a face to the crime.

And who aides and abets in this crime,the media. The President of the United States comes out with bold faced lies and the media hardly calls him on these lies. That this is a middle class tax cut ,that this will not benefit him personally. Throughout Trumps campaign he talked about taxing goods coming into the US----this was a central theme in his campaign—there is nothing like this in the bill.Already the business channel CNBC is saying this bill will have little impact on jobs coming back to the US. In fact foreign investors are going to reap billions from these tax cuts.


Trump is the Grinch, and we all should have known that Trump’s focus as president and a narcissistic sociopath was I-me-mine. He lowered his own taxes. Who cares about non rich Americans?


The tax bill was bought, paid for and delivered by people who believe the true hero of “It’s a Wonderful Life” is not George Bailey but Henry F. Potter.


I think Bernie Sanders is Clarence------people are seeing what the republicans are about, but sad to say the democrats are still caught up in the influence of money.

This movie is timeless-so relevant today.