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The Tax Plan Isn’t Just About Taxes—It’s About Shredding the Safety Net


The Tax Plan Isn’t Just About Taxes—It’s About Shredding the Safety Net

Greg Kaufmann

Ironically, despite Ryan and his conservative brethren’s concern with “dependence” on government assistance, rewarding work just doesn’t seem to register as a key antipoverty strategy.

"The public also envisions extensive subsidized housing—it has no idea that only 1 in 4 families that qualify for federal rental assistance actually receive it, and that their average income is approximately $12,500 per year."(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)


The banality of evil is astounding. Ryan and his fellow demon spawn are something out of a comic book. Unfortunately the pain and suffering they create is all too real. The fact that they can even get elected at all to enact their evil agendas is a constant source of wonder for me. This country’s populace seem to be so socially programmed that if you told them to walk off a cliff. most would do it gladly. No matter how oppressive those in power become, or how obvious in their nafarious activities, the people allow this travesty to continue. This country is diseased and I fear the illness is terminal. How can any country survive such greed, ignorance, hate, bigotry, and corruption.


Kaufmann sez: "You’d think some of these data would make an impression on Speaker Ryan, who is constantly clambering (sic) about the need for evidence. The fact is he simply doesn’t like the evidence he sees.

What Ryan likes or dislikes is irrelevant to the patrons he services.


“Think of it as a two-step project.”

A three-step, imo - shoveling bucks at the rich and cutting social services that, however inadequately, support society and lessen the suffering of the poor, that’s Kaufmann’s two.

The third is that immiserating and increasing the number of poor people effectively disenfranchises low-income citizens most likely to hold progressive views that could combat the predations of the rich.


How much does a new congresscritter make – $174,000? That figure puts them at the high end of the Middle Class and yet, as we have seen for at least the last decade they are doing NOTHING to earn THAT 'ENTITLEMENT’ (entitlement the way the reptardicons use it)! I’d say if we’re going to clean up government waste we should start with *them!

*My dad used to say that capital punishment was nothing more than sanitation … taking out the garbage – THAT’S what we need to do to the ‘entitled phuques’ like Ryan, McConnell and Trump!


So, okay, they got to rob the bank with their tax cut. Now we are faced with the gutting the safety-net next.

How can you have a thriving and successful country when it is filled with sick and dying people? You cannot. We do not have a government, we have a cancer.