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The Tax Scam: Naming the Culprits


The Tax Scam: Naming the Culprits

Robert Weissman

There's only one way to stop the #GOPTaxScam from becoming law: massive public mobilization that makes very clear the culprits will be held to account


The plutocrats own this country because the American people have abdicated their power. Legislators do not act in the best interests of the people because they owe their seats to the donors. Or, in such cases as our President, the donors themselves are taking power. We don’t vote. We don’t take the time to research the issues. We don’t understand the issues. We let idiots and manipulators tell us what to think. We are too lazy to deserve our democracy.

Hopefully people will wake up.


The CEO is now viewed as a deity. Their divine wisdom is the final arbiter of all public policy.

Corporations own everything.


Hard to understand the issues when secretly created policy wrote and amended and made “public ,” last minute with no possible way to comprehend what is actually in the bill before voting on it , seems to me even the strong basers when presented with the end result policies will be not so happy ? Guess we will find out when someone close is denied cancer treatment , or other social services that end up under the hatchet ,hunger sets in , cut the budget by cutting the policy makers golden health plans ! Bring their wages to match those that are paid minimum wage , Jeeze what a messy coup we are witnessing, who’do thunk it ?


Corporations do not own my vote. Who owns yours? Do you use it?


When I was working at a job, people sometimes demanded that I make a decision without all the facts. My decision was always the opposite of what they wanted. I may have paid a price for being principled, but I slept well and was never ashamed of what I did.


This theft (tax plan) is only supported by 25%. And this is a continuing theft from large states to small states. States like Calif only get back 80 cents of the dollar sent to Washington and states like South Carolina get back $2 for every dollar sent.

I do believe by republicans being in power people are seeing what they are about. Even some Trump supporters I know have become quiet.


Those that choose ignorance and truly “fake news” and “false facts” vote 100% and vote for those that lie to and then screw them. And then those voters say, “thank you” - I’m so glad that Trump is my president and Roy Moore my senator. "Thank you for ending my health care and taking my few and giving it to those deserving billionaires like the Kochs and little donny trump. Thank you for screwing me,please keep it up." Then there are those who are bright, well read, know the issues and are pissed off because the Dems are lost themselves and tried to mobilize people with their "courageous and inspiring call to action" - "A Better Deal" - you cannot be more pathetic if you tried. And then most don't vote. Yes - sometimes our choices are between horrific (Trump and Repubs these days) and milquetoast Dems - as a life long Dem, I will still vote mostly Dem, but am really getting fed up with their constant asks for yet offering no inspired vision, plan or frame for the nation and our future.
Just imagine if the Dems actually created an inspiring, compelling unique vision, plan and frame for 2018 and 2020, AND then all those who stayed home because Hillary is clearly imperfect, or voted for Jill whatshername, actually voted to oust all Repubs in Congress who are up for election in 2018 and then get rid of Trump, Pence and then Ryan is cornered and outnumbered as Pres for 2 years and can do no more damage, then R’s destroyed in 2020 and a new inspiring Dem president in 2020 with majority in all of Congress. This my fantasy as a boomer with children. WE can actually make this happen. Read, become - as Jefferson pleased 240 years ago - an educated and informed citizenry - and VOTE VOTE VOTE. Do more if you can, but at least use your brains and vote.


SO WILL DEMOCRATS STAND UP. Democrats don’t have to support the continued funding of the government-----the republicans have control and the votes to pass the funding so let them do it. Democrats have been locked out of these two major issues-healthcare and taxes–so will they be wimps or will they take a stand.

There is no reason any republican can’t be defeated in the states that lost in this tax bill,NY,NJ,Calif and many others----and one senator Collins----these people stay in their seats because the democrats refuse to really run against these incumbents.

I applaud Manchin for standing against these tax cuts but he and Feinstein both need to be voted out to send a message to the establishment—both are facing primary challenges in 2018.


So if this theft passes will we hear a chorus that all the war programs need to be CUT?


Illusion - Dianne is my Senator, and along with Kamela Harris, I will vote for Dianne again. I’m proud that Caloifornia has two good women as Senators. Dianne was our Mayor in SF. Certainly not perfect, but don’t waste our time or $ on her. Focus on getting rid of the truly bad apples in the Senate and House - choose the 3-5 Repubs of your choice in the Senate and then we’ll get rid of those in the House on the R side of the aisle. Dianne is far better than every Repub and even most of the D’s in the Senate. A proud Californian


No wonder the Democratic Party imploded in 2016. A reliance on identity politics as usual.
Given Feinstein’s support for the Iraq War, sponsorship of the Patriot Act, support for NSA surveillance, advocacy for censorship of internet and prosecution of Snowden, support for agribiz subsidies (as opposed to conservation farming) et al, is it any wonder why so many now eschew both of the main parties?


I agree with RogerH. Dianne is next to worthless. Don’t you know she is a republican in her votes almost always. She is a corporatist.


Conclusion inescapable: Republican politicians (and their appointed "function"aries) are scum.


Corporations (at least, the corporation per se) are killing us, and they are perfectly within their right (that we granted) to do so.


Actually, with their power to buy high-powered lobbyists, including former members of congress, corporations own the power to make your vote useless, especially if you wasted it on an R or a D.

I use my vote to undermine the 2-party farce. But I don’t kid myself about influencing anything outside of my city and county, nor should you.


Don’t forget the names of the heartless bastards who crave to be our new feudal lords and ladies–that is, the ‘owners’ of the GOP because of the campaign cash they dole out! They, surely, should be the first to mount the scaffolds to either meet Madame or do the airdance!!


“The driver of our debt is Social Security and Medicare”. If he believes this (I don’t think he does), he dumber than a bag of hammers.
Rubio, the driver of our debt is our war dept. budget and your repug’s tax cuts to the rich.


“The plutocrats own this country because the American people have abdicated their power. Legislators do not act in the best interests of the people because they owe their seats to the donors. Or, in such cases as our President, the donors themselves are taking power.”

I agree, except the American people haven’t “abdicated” their power. Money is power, and in the last 200 years or so, the plutocrats have seized power. That seizure has debilitated our democracy. For example, the majority of Americans object to enactment of the Republican tax proposals, just as they object to the dismantling of the ACA and the assault on the environment. But those things are happening. A huge factor in this is the mainstream news media, which give lip service to ordinary Americans, but refuse to unmask the donors who are pulling the strings of the puppet politicians.

I remain optimistic. Even though Bernie Sanders was weak, and doesn’t seem that interested in unmasking the donors, if we can get more like him – hopefully younger, too – and if we can keep voices like Common Dreams alive, our democracy can recover from its current sad condition. What else can we do? As Churchill said, democracy is the worst system we know of, except for all the others.


I like Sen Feinstein, but she has to go! She is a Clinton democrat,she came in with the election of Bill Clinton and she should have stepped down at the end of this term. We need to stop the madness of all this military spending which she supports. We need real healthcare reform which she has done little to address. We need to get all this big money out of politics which again she has done next to nothing in addressing.

Calif also has an open primary so it can be a race with two potential dem or a green-so progressives should go all out in this fight. And this is a challenge to the green party—put up one or two strong candidates for senate and house races in Calif—there is a real chance to win. Defeating Feinstein would be a death blow to Clinton Corporate Democrats. And sad to say but Harris is in the same mold of a corporate democrat----she cannot be trusted.