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The Tax Scam: Naming the Culprits


I’m truly tired of the women that have too much testosterone, (thank you dem women)…such small-mindedness, most seem to be on the red side of whatever imaginary line we’ve all drawn…Greed truly sucks. We have to take the money out, these wholly owned reps spend half their time vying for the dollars that keep their campaigns alive enough to shoehorn them into office, one more goddamn time.


I see Bernie Sanders as an old time moderate democrat-and he is great----but yes more people need to follow in his footsteps and take the message further. There is a real debt in this country and it needs to be cut by cutting military spending. Stop this legalized bribery system of corruption. Break up these media companies. And people need to understand that they are the owners and not buy into this elite brainwashing that has been going on for centuries. SUPPORT THE COMMONS!


This is in no way a sound tax policy.

This is pure and simple tax theft through abuse of office, and, anyone or any entity accepting stolen funds is an accessory to this theft.

If law enforcement agencies will not do their jobs in apprehending these criminals and recovering the stolen monies, do not be surprised if in the near future, self appointed patriots do.


This goddamned bill is nothing short of ABUSE – both physical (what it does to seniors and handicapped citizens IS physical b/c of what it will do to their Medicare and SS); and psychological b/c now we are waiting for the other shoe to drop! Not only do I think we should protest in the streets, and call these goddamned terrorists, but I honestly think we should bring charges against them for abuse – they are NOT doing their job and we definitely should fire them next November, but we need to get their attention NOW, and voting them out a year from now is way too little, way too late!


Goddess bless you Pony Boy! Great minds really DO think alike!


As a progressive, I am certainly not inspired by the Democratic party any longer. Although I didn’t agree with every decision Obama made, I did agree with most of them and voted for him twice.
Here in CA, we have the ability to “Write-In” the candidate of our choice and I chose to write-in Bernie Sanders. I am so sick of the Republicans and their constant siding with big money and corporations, it seems that we don’t stand a chance of fighting them unless we can find someone who can motivate the general public with good policies and the ability to communicate them effectively. So far I can’t think of one person who can fill that bill.


Yes,. yes, call, protest.

But this battle is long lost. It was lost last election when the people who work for the corporate and libertarian wealthy donors instead of the voters were put into power.

They aren’t listening to the people. This disaster is a done deal.

The only thing that will actually have any effect is organizing voters to win in future elections.

Asking these Republicans not to pass this would be like asking Israel to vote to ban Jews from Israel.


As a progressive, it’s simple.

Unify the opposition. That means do not split the vote against the Republicans, who are the plutocrats.

If the Democrat is better, no matter how bad, support them. Try to get the best Democrat we can. Fight for progressives to take over the Democratic Party. But unify the opposition.

The price is massive to Republicans winning, and there is no excuse for going third party in any race that is close (I’ll give you some slack in my state of CA as it wasn’t close).


About Harris - I watched her rise to fast, with a lot of party backing, and was very suspicious of her as a corporate Democrat.

But I’ve liked just about everything I’ve seen her say and do as a Senator. I’m hoping for the best.

Sometimes we might get politicians who ‘brand’ themselves the right way however ‘sincere’ and sometimes we need to settle for that when it’s the best we’re going to get.

I’m cautiously optimistic on her, but not as well informed about her as I’d like.


I agree. Yes, we can opine all we want, but unless we have a mass mobilization in the street, we are powerless. Democrats will not stand up for us. Sanders should step away, but he is too busy thinking he can run for president. What coalition of organizations can do this?


I agree with your sentiment 100%, except we didn’t grant them rights nor did our elected officials. Between five and nine unelected justices have granted them 1st, 4th, 5th, and 14th amendment rights over the last 130 years (not in that order). We have never really had a true democracy.


There are plenty of people who can “fill that bill.” They just don’t have the money backing them that is required, these days, to get elected. The only practical way to fight this that I can think of is to legally forbid buying elections, and provided funding for people who now are too poor to make it onto a ballot.


Of course they won’t help anyone’s economy except the top few percent. Congress made sure there are no conditions on the welfare for the rich. They claim it will drive the economy like never before which is a hint that this has never before helped the economy.

This is all carrot. Where is the stick? Where are the conditions that REQUIRE active economic growth before those at the top can collect?


Goddess Bless You Wolfess, my Sister!

Stand Tall and Proud that you have been Blessed with the Vision of Vengeance against those of no moral character that would suck the World dry just for their pleasure.


The economy is not the issue.

Their Greed and Abuse of Power, is.

The Hounds of Hell are on their way for them.


Take your point. Too bad that so many are taken in with the constant (by design) flag-waving. Notice how many of our seditious politicians are often seen wearing flag pins, which I receive as an indication of their opposite agenda.


I neither make nor need any excuses for voting third-party, and until I see a “sincere act of contrition” from Brand D, I’ll continue to do so. The D party needs to apologize for selling out their long-suffering supporters, and to actually do the will of their constituents.

So take your threat-and-blame act on the road. You might find some who’ll listen among the majority of US citizens who have given up voting at all.


In the 60s the plutocracy was able to eliminate some of our best leaders through murder. We have really not had that kind of leadership since. Can you name a Martin Luther King, Jr. like figure in the last 50 years - or a Malcolm X or Fred Hampton. Most of the upcoming politicians got the message - play the game or you will be eliminated. A willingness to use murder to subvert a democracy is a very powerful thing but not that unusual in world history.

I think great leaders are necessary to lift up a people, show them the way and encourage positive action. Bernie has some of those traits. The question is - are the people able to be led? They seemed consumed by selfish interest, division, entertainment, giving constant attention to fame and wealth. When a people will send their children off to get killed or maimed in wars based on lies and keep waiving the flag and defending the lies, then we have real problems with getting integrity in any aspect of our national life.


Obama was a caretaker they put in to appease the masses somewhat after the huge financial crisis and the needless wars in Iraq & Afghanistan. Do we really even know who Obama was or where he came from? He is a mystery man most likely CIA. Of course, he kept the wars going, Guantanamo open and advanced drone killings including of American citizens. Yea, he was great.

He did nothing to punish Wall street and banks for their criminal behavior that led to financial collapse and difficulty for so many. He is now being rewarded for his service as they all are.


The alternative sucked big time. We had limited choices and I felt he was the best choice