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The Tax Scam: Naming the Culprits


And they are?


YEA, FUNNY - THERE ALWAYS SEEMS TO BE NO ALTERNATIVES. CONVENIENT AND face it - unless you have been vetted by the elite plutocracy, your name will not be on the ballot for either major party.


John McCain is the worst of this lot. Battling cancer himself, he still voted to kill thousands upon thousands of Americans doing the same, including a good friend of mine. As far as I am concerned, this cancels out all of the credit he earned by a life of service to our country. This is the ultimate betrayal. He should be deeply, deeply ashamed of himself.


To me wearing a flag pin or driving around in a pick-up truck with giant flags waving from the pickup bed truly reveals that they really aren’t that loyal to our country.

But even worst, is all the TV programs, commercials, and computer games that promote war and violence. TV shows like the Seals and Swat and similar shows only numb our senses and soon make us feel “that’s normal”.
I refuse to watch those shows as there is better content to watch on TV.


Same here.


I’m talking about people who want to work in governmental positions and are smart and well-trained. The only jobs I know of that you have to purchase, as opposed to being hired for on your merits, are political positions like senators, congressmen, governors, etc.


Yes my brother, I have not had an easy life but I have grown strong – “That which does not destroy me makes me stronger” [Nietsche] – and at my age I just want to give as many of “those of no moral character” the opportunity to grow as I have grown thru adversity … and if that doesn’t work GUILLOTINE their worthless narcissistic @$$es!
And then of course … I want world peace :thinking::sunglasses:


World Peace through Massive Beheading.

Well, at least to start.

Out with the Bad Gunky!


I’ve been saying all along that progressives must insist on getting special interest money out of elections and have candidates raise their own money from their potential constituents. Bernie did it, and so can others with a strong enough progressive message and presence. That means Republicans would continue to take special interest money, but they’d be easy enough to recognize and tear apart because they accepted “big money”.

God damn the Supreme Court for giving corporations “personhood”. But if they were really “persons”, they’d have to pay the same highest tax rate that wealthy individuals pay. It’s wrong, wrong, wrong.


And since they are people we should be able to arrest, try, and convict them when they break ANY law! And after being found guilty, their death sentence would be disbanding the corporation and never be allowed to be ‘recreated’.


So many heads, so little time – bad funky is right!


I generally agree with you on this. I object to the widespread admiration and advocacy shown in the entertainment media for vengeance, aka revenge, retaliation, getting even, etc. In my opinion, which appears to be shared by some religions, although not avidly, vengeance is immoral. That’s the reason we have jurisprudence. Well defined and organized jurisprudence provides a rational alternative to vengeance. The immorality propagated by the media carries over into foreign policy. The United Nations is one of the chief rational alternatives, but it has a very tough time achieving that purpose.


Raising money from potential constituents is pretty close to getting special interest money. I advocate that if candidates receive donations, they should be limited in size and there should be full disclosure of who the donors are. To allow Republicans to “continue to take special interest money” should be illegal, because that money gives the candidates power over those who don’t get special interest money.

Bernie Sanders had some good qualities, but I think he catered to the gun lobby. I’m not aware if he got funding from them. Do you know about that?


You should pull up the debate she had running for the Senate against Sanchez. I was actually going to vote for Harris until I watched this debate. Harris comes across as very smug—and you said it -----how did she rise so fast?She owes people. And I will bet not very nice people.


Ya, it kind of reminded me of Obama, where you could see how he was selected for that 2004 convention speech and sort of had a machine behind him.

I agree with you about her seeming to ‘owe people’ - but I give her credit for what i see her say and do and hope for the best. She is being talked about for president…