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The Term ‘Minority’ Has Never Made Sense. Let's Cancel It.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/18/term-minority-has-never-made-sense-lets-cancel-it

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Enjoyed the read.
Do not agree with D. Z. Jackson on every sentence he provides.

For example: Three Mile Island nuclear disaster commission report. The final chapters are the ‘minority’ report and are true. Neighborhoods did acquire increased cancer deaths due to fallout.

Particulate matter increase gives us increased corona19 victims in certain neighborhoods. Well, he coud have explained that folks already have COPD and asthma. Their lungs are already straining to survive. Throw in a man made virus and the individuals have a niagra falls failure.

Regarding attacks against Kamala as VP, from a majority perspective.

“It does not matter if her ancestors owned slaves, or what color her skin is. What does matter is her experience, education, work habits, ethics and skill to interview office seekers to cull out the bad ones.”
by Oldie on August 14, 2020

Tommy Jefferson told me that I may not always be right, but I am never wrong.

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Regarding Kamala’s uniqueness remark,
Being the first to integrate just means you were in school in the US in the sixties. Sounds like a unique experience but hey, most people in my high and junior high were bussed from wherever they lived, and my seventh grade ushered in the first integrated junior high experience.
It wasn’t a cure all. The day I graduated, 1973, marked the beginning of my city’s race riots, which was the next step toward where we are today.