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The Terrifying Legacy of David Koch

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/23/terrifying-legacy-david-koch

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From the article:

“…they turned the brains in one of two American political parties to rancid tapioca.”

And the others into a den of scurrying, supplicant, self-censoring mice.

Money is NOT speech.
Corporations are NOT people.
Capitalism is NOT democracy.


With the Kochs I think it’s also important to mention their father who gave them their political beliefs. Fred Koch built fifteen oil refineries for Stalin between 1929 and 1932 and became virulently anti-communist after seeing people he worked with purged. So he left Stalin’s Russia to build a gigantic refinery for Hitler and did not seem to pick up the same hatred for fascism. In the 50’s he then became a founding member and principal funder of the John Birch Society and instilled his blacklisting anti-union cold war views on his sons throughout their youth. Fred Koch was so extreme that even J Edgar Hoover’s FBI considered him a right wing subversive (he got their attention when he accused President Eisenhower of being a communist).

Like Trump and his father - sometimes the fruit really does not fall far from the tree.


I am up in the Canadian Rockies first-hand bearing witness to the stress that many of the conifers are undergoing to what appears to be climate-related affects, similar to early stages to what I saw in 2005 in the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska. The Kochs and their Ko-conspirators, such as Faux News are traitors to this Planet and all of its inhabitants. Any bad luck that befalls them by any means is all right by me. The more violent, sick, and slow, the better. I am not a sadistic person by nature, but their malfeasance must be repaid in kind.


I wish I could believe in divine justice, or karma, or what-goes-around-comes-around, but it seems tailor-made to prevent us put-upon proles from seeking justice in the here-and-now.


So, it appears he couldn’t take it with him (any part of the 60+ billion dollars they are said to be worth). So the question is: why horde it?

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“In classic libertarian John Galt fashion, they inherited their money from their father,”

Mr. Cooper, if you gonna reference a book there a few ways to make sure you get things right. Here they are in order of difficulty:

  1. Read the book
  2. Watch he movie
  3. Check wikipedia
  4. ask someone
  5. ask someone to proofread your story

Looks like you didn’t do any of those.

how much do you really fucking need…?! this guys’ head should have been on a pike 30 fucking years ago

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The oligarchy has no shame. They are mobsters with smiley faces that decide who lives and who dies.

The Kochs and Co. bought the government and every agency in it. They own the banks, the media and every politician. Now they flaunt their wealth and power openly.

Ghislane Maxwell, Epstein’s pedophile trafficker was photographed in LA at a hamburger joint a couple of days ago, reading a book on the CIA. Yet no agency seems to know or care about her whereabouts or her crimes.

charitable contributions by corporations and these rich parasites serve as a nice whitewash technique. That way everytime someone points out some dark cause or policy they pushed, some dolt will point out that this person also has done good. But you know what, i dont want their money that comes with strings attached. First of all it is tax deductible so not really charity. And secondly, I much prefer if they paid their taxes and stopped exploiting people in their employ and the planet than basically pollute and destroy and then pay a fee. Like Bill Gates: I will start admiring him when he a) he doesn’t tax deduct his so-called charity and b) starts paying taxes (or Microsoft starts paying taxes). Until. then he can shove his phony charity up Steve Jobs’ greedy ass in the other-world.

David Koch’s tomb Stone needs to be unmarked but with only the words: Corporate Ecocide Criminal.

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I hate David Koch died…without taking his brother with him.

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I’m starting to believe it’s a game for them, much like the saying “he who has the most toys at the end wins”. Clearly with so much suffering in the world, they don’t feel like the rest of us, guilt, shame, duty, honor, these are not emotions they understand. This seems to apply to all in the 1%.

If we taught civics class maybe Koch brother would have less influence. Teach yourself, your elders, and our youth civics. Teach them how to “ASK FOR WHAT THEY WANT.” Go Greta Thurnberg! Wants are free they just take energy.

Is there a reason they lack emotional intelligence? Koch brothers were probably rendered powerless from birth and thus have a huge appetite for power. There hearts are coal. They pretend to be philanthropic but use their dollar power to control power. Shame on us.

You sound angry and vengeful to me. Let’s be cynical; don’t you believe in the second coming of Christ and man made Armageddon? As we prey for peace.

I know little about this field of study, and my comments are based purely on observation over the years. It does seem IMO that many in the upper 1% have many of the same emotional traits, or lack there of. This and a few other factors (luck, timing, means, etc.), allows them to achieve their wealth. I don’t believe the average person placed in their position, could be so callus to their workers or the rest of humanity for example.