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The Terror of Flint’s Poisoned Water


The Terror of Flint’s Poisoned Water

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

Less than one month after the attacks of Sept. 11, a senior FBI official, Ronald Dick, told the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, “Due to the vital importance of water to all life forms ... the FBI considers all threats to attack the water supply as serious threats.” In 2003, a UPI article reported that an al-Qaida operative “(does not rule out) using Sarin gas and poisoning drinking water in U.S. and Western cities.’” Where the terrorists have failed to mount any attack on a water supply, the Michigan state government has succeeded.


Hate crime, pure and simple. Prosecute Gov. Snyder!


The selective use of laws and whether to prosecute is fascinating. Petraeus leaks state secrets and gets a pat on the wrist, but someone like Edward Snowden must go into exile.

Banks steal from citizens (through felonious dealings) and pay small (relative to their income) fines, but if a citizen steals so much as $1000 from a bank, s/he will go to jail.

Hillary Clinton takes sensitive State Secrets home on her personal email/computer, but Julian Assange has to hide in an embassy.

So this idea of poisoned water qualifying as terrorism COULD be prosecuted as such; and many of us think it should be. However, the Koch Brothers' think tanks that largely write the scripts made into law would never allow for something as JUST as that.

This bears repeating:

"Less than one month after the attacks of Sept. 11, a senior FBI official, Ronald Dick, told the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, “Due to the vital importance of water to all life forms ... the FBI considers all threats to attack the water supply as serious threats.” In 2003, a UPI article reported that an al-Qaida operative “(does not rule out) using Sarin gas and poisoning drinking water in U.S. and Western cities.’” Where the terrorists have failed to mount any attack on a water supply, the Michigan state government has succeeded. In the city of Flint, lead-poisoned water has been piped into homes and offices since 2014, causing widespread illness and potentially permanent brain damage among its youngest residents."

Selective justice. Selective prosecution. Selective law-breaking. Selective use of "National Security," and assorted double-dealings.

Our national leadership has sunk so low.


That one percent has come out of the closet. They have always been in charge. They have always been above the law. They never felt, until now , that it safe to openly proclaim that. Prescott Bush openly financed the Nazi's in Germany and made money off slave labor. Fascists were behind an attempted Coup in the USA in the 1930's and received a slap on the wrist.

Things have obviously changed.

Part of this is the surveillance state and all of that data they have collected so assiduously as to who the troublemakers will be along with laws in place to label them as terrorists and a threat to national security.

They no longer feel the need to maintain the illusion it a peoples Government.


Austerity is the terrorist. Those 'cost-cutting', no tax republiCon governors are all leading the way and they are surely terrorist mo'foes by any definition.
What a way to monetize an essential element necessary for life than to totally degrade, pollute and poison, thereby making the people pay for a cleaner, safer system. Pay Big I might add.
Unfortunately, poisoned water in communities everywhere is far more common than one would know. Always hit hard are poor neighborhoods, by local toxic manufacturing and native american reserves, by mining operations.


What strikes me most about the Flint water crisis is that before they switched the water supply to the river it came from Lake Huron which is known widely as some of the purest water on earth.

What kind of government, supposedly representing the people, switches from such beautiful water to water from an urban river? They would not have made this decision if it were their families who were to drink the water and not the poor.

(And why we need a political revolution)


I am still waiting for my ordered copy of "Dark Money." The author follows the Koch Brothers' family history and just like the Bush family, those oil barons have DIRECT ties to the Nazis.

There are dots that are never connected.

When one studies the role that Allen Dulles played in collaborating with Nazis, and that he helped get many Nazis imported into the U.S. (Project Paperclip); and how the "philosophy" of the Nazis with respect to creating a disciplined military society (or society that revolved around militarism and its armies) has so much become the essence of this nation... and that several of its most powerful dynastic families including the Bush clan and the Koch clan developed power and resources through former Nazi collaborations... and that these same entities are extremely influential when it comes to present day national policies...it becomes clear that the TAINT of the Nazi mentality is still running things here.

And Nazis don't give a flying phuck about life.

They pioneered genetic engineering.

They used a scapegoat populace as projection of their own weaknesses and wrongdoing (that role is played by Muslims, today).

They understood the potent power of lies told often and using media for propaganda purposes.

They recognized the mesmerizing power of film (hence Hollywood's collaboration with the CIA on many pro-war and pro-torture projects today).

Although parallels with the past are real, and I can say with certainty that cycles repeat (as the rhythms of time necessitate these outcomes)... yet nonetheless, TRUTH holds a power and if enough people can be exposed to the truth, a very different paradigm becomes possible.

The greatest enemies to truth are blind patriotism, the indoctrinated view of masculinity that necessarily regales militarism, and religious ideologues who have conditioned their flocks to regard WAR as holy, proof of fealty to "god."

And when elites manipulate the financial picture so that too many working families are stressed from living on less and less, then the Scarcity Principle also takes hold and many feel a need to fight for their basic rights, necessities, and survival.


And even as you have ordered a copy of that book, this information is shared by the seller with the National Security State , and a computer program assigns your name to a list of potential subversives.

I am not saying you should not buy such books but merely pointing out how the Fascists monitor people reading about fascists.


“The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.” Zappa


yeah, so low they have to reach up to touch the bottom, as someone I once knew used to say.


I agree.

Those who control American politics and government have been pushing their agenda forward for many decades. In the past they met with bumps in the road and had to take a step or two back from time to time. But they've been persistent, always came back to where they left off, and pressed forward.

During the Clinton and cheney/bush-2 administrations I was amazed at how blatantly that agenda has been applied. Everything is so thinly veiled these days. To me this indicates TPTB believe they're in the endgame of their takeover.

I personally believe very few of the new American billionaire class are members of the inner circle who control what's going on. Like the politicians in Washington D.C., they are tools. The politicians codify the social and legal structures; the task of the financiers is to sweep up the remaining wealth from America's middle class. Won't they be surprised when those in the inner circle decide its time to sweep up that wealth from them and leave them behind?

  • In April 2014, Darnell Earley, the fourth of five Flint emergency managers appointed by Snyder, unilaterally decided to switch Flint’s water source from Detroit’s water system,
  • Despite that, the water was declared safe by officials. At the same time, as revealed in an email later obtained by Progress Michigan, the state began shipping coolers of clean, potable water to the state office building in Flint. This was more than a year before Gov. Snyder would admit that the water was contaminated.

I'm not sure one can hope for a thorough investigation, as you put it, considering the state has engaged in whitewashing tactics more than anything else. It's clear the state knew there was a serious problem long before they spoke about it. That in and of itself is quite incriminating. Perhaps it is just too difficult for some to consider the possibility--the probability--that this heinous act happened in our own back yard.


Nobody put acid into the water.

The Flint River happens to be extremely corrosive thanks to a century of industrial waste deposited in the surrounding watershed.

Before Earley had the local water district switch from the existing Detroit water supply and begin using the local River, he was told the water needed to be treated by adding chemicals that would reduce the corrosiveness of the River water. Earley rejected the treatment process in order to save the $8.5 million that would have cost.

The corrosive water scrubbed the layer of scale that builds up over time in all lead water pipes. That scale coating keeps fresh water from coming in contact with the lead surface. That's why lead wasn't a noticeable problem before all this happened.


In 2000 I visited America to visit friends. I landed in LA for my next flight. I had 20 minutes till my boarding. I went to the bathroom, washed up and then took my water bottle from my bag to refill from the tap. I was about to fill it when a cleaning lady grabbed my arm saying in a firm voice, "No, do not use this water, we do not use this water", I asked her why. She said "It is poison, bad for you, get bottled water from the machine down the hall". I thanked her and she left. Curious I put some water in my bottle and looked at it via the ceiling light. There were little brown particles in it.
I boarded my plane and landed in Houston, met my friend and arrived at their home. I went to the tap to get a glass of water and again, my friends said, "Oh, no not that water, here take it from our drinking fountain. We collect our water from town every week.". I filled the glass and this time it had what looked like petroleum on top, blue, yellow, brown colors one would see if it were petroleum. There were black particles in the water, so many that I just stared at it. Never would I have imagined that water in America could be like this. I live in Perth WA and we drink our water from the garden tap if we want too. It is clean water.

This was 16 years ago. Today I still drink my water from the garden and house taps as do all Australians across the country. The episode in Flint has opened the eyes of many Americans that should have been opened many years ago. Whilst some there have always had clean water available many parts of the country have not for a long time. America is a big country but it seems many are unaware of how the others live within it.


Our media is good at helping Americans play ostrich with their heads buried in the sand.

I've usually placed a glass of drinking water beside my bed at night. I moved into a dormitory at the University one year. After a week or so I began noticing that the water in the glass would taste "funny" if I took a drink in the middle of the night or early in the morning. Upon inspection I could see a thin layer of rainbow colored something floating on top.

Turns out the water in the drinking fountains had "trace" amounts of benzene in it. After a couple of hours the benzene would separate from the water molecules and float to the surface.

I presently use a water filter attached to my kitchen sink to filter out contaminants and unwanted particulates. In Flint, Residents are being supplied with filters, but there's so much lead in the water the filters prove to be ineffective.


When the Nazis when into the occupied countries they had emergency managers . Poison was one of the weapons in their arsenal. Lying and stealing was another weapon.


I don't especially like Michael Moore but his 10 point article about Flint's water is excellent.
It mentions GM got hooked up to the old water supply, that it could have been prevented for $100/day x 3 months, and that all children were likely poisoned because lead can only be tested for within 48 hours of consumption.



Correct me if my memory fails me, but wasn't it about 12 or 13 years ago that we invaded a country and executed their dictatorial president because he poisoned a bunch of his people? Is there a good reason why that hasn't happened here? The circumstance couldn't be more identical with a dictator deliberately poisoning a group of people who weren't of the same ethnic group as the dictator.


The difference here is that the dictator is a republican politician serving the interests of the elite social class.

This is class warfare, being conducted by the Have's against the rest of the nation's population.


Good point.
But I managed to evade the "thought police"a while back.
I got hold of two remarkable US books remaindered outside a small London bookshop.
"The House of Bush,the House of Saud": -an excellent work but the lawyers managed to make it a 'banned book'. It seems to have disappeared...
"fallout" by Juan Gonzalez, a New York writer/journalist: - a remarkable account and details of how the EPA and local government officials etc all conspired to keep quiet the details of environmental consequences of 9/11 for the residents and first responders of New York, with horrific consequences as many firemen etc from all over US also some from Canada. Flint is small beer compared with this.
I doubt if my purchases were recorded on computer, especially as I paid cash.
I never saw either book reviewed or referenced. WHY???