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The Terror We Give Is the Terror We Get


The Terror We Give Is the Terror We Get

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Chris Hedges

We fire missiles from the sky that incinerate families huddled in their houses. They incinerate a pilot cowering in a cage. We torture hostages in our black sites and choke them to death by stuffing rags down their throats. They torture hostages in squalid hovels and behead them. We organize Shiite death squads to kill Sunnis. They organize Sunni death squads to kill Shiites. We produce high-budget films such as “American Sniper” to glorify our war crimes.


Nobody diagnoses the woes of a US-violence-dominated world a well as Mr. Hedges. But I sure wish he would spend more effort prescribing treatments…


We label those that we despise as “fundamentalists” whether its Islamic, Christian (the Oklahoma bombing) or Jewish (the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin), but the label is usually reserved for those in which we can identify as being religious. However some of societies worst mass murderers are die hard atheists from Hitler to Stalin to Mao. Corporate America is such an atheist murdering without conscience all in the name of increasing dividends to their shareholders. “Corporate fundamentalism” is as evil as it gets whether its Bhopal India in which corporate malfeasance resulted in 25,000 dead or whether it is the oil wars in which over a million have been slaughtered in the name of the almighty greenback, the corporate Allah of our times.
But corporate fundamentalism is a perfectly acceptable form of jihad in modern America. Only the most extreme corporate fundamentalists, like the politicians that make up the majority of those in Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court get elevated to prophet like status. It begins with America’s version of terrorist training camps, corporate brainwashing in which the sociopaths are separated from the ‘weak’, those who possess a conscience. Once the corporation realizes that you’re willing to sacrifice morals for the Holy Grail of Wall Street, sociopaths like Jeffrey Immelt, Erik Prince or Roger Smith are quickly elevated to positions of power. The ability to “make the hard decisions” such as wiping out tens of thousands of jobs or providing mercenaries for missions of fear and terror, is the basis for promoting from within. If a sociopath can’t sharpen their teeth in the corporate sector, the option of entering politics emerges where the likes of Scott Walker or Ted Cruz can suddenly find themselves in well paid positions provided that they continue to unconditionally support their corporate paymasters. The rise of “corporate fundamentalism” is the greatest threat to world peace today. Governments are overthrown, people are starved and bombed, ruthless dictators are installed and the public treasury is used almost exclusively for corporate contracts. But instead of giving praise to God, corporate fundamentalists use secular terminology like ‘democracy’, ‘freedom’ and other misnomers to push their agenda. The Corporate fundamentalists can’t use religious phrasing because every religion contains moral codes that their adherents are expected to follow. There are no moral adherents in the corporate world though. In fact the absence of a moral code is the only requirement for upward mobility in this sick, immoral system. Occasionally lip service is paid to the “Christian” God with phrases like “God Bless America”, but these deceptive phrases are only used in the most vague of circumstances because corporate fundamentalism can never stand up to the scrutiny of moral self examination.
Chris Hedges in his infinite wisdom knows this to be true. He also knows that the blind faith that most Americans have in the corporate jihad is never to be questioned. Corporate fundamentalism rules with its simple to follow mantra of “shop till you drop”, “individual responsibility” and “support the troops”. Corporate fundamentalists accept everyone from all walks of life as long as you never question their twisted version of capitalism and the reasons for their perpetual war against all who stand in their way.
Now we live in the West in which corporate fundamentalism is the only fundamentalism that is permitted. Many may not be convinced that that corporate fundamentalism is our answer to poverty, sickness and war, but they’re too afraid to speak out. Corporate fundamentalists have their own version of the “Revolutionary Guard” with punishes all who speak the truth. Whether you’re a whistleblower like Snowden and Manning or a popular preacher like MLK, corporate fundamentalists will seek out and destroy all of those who stand in their way. Until Americans realize that corporate fundamentalism is the worst type of fundamentalism out there, mankind will ride this out to our eventual extinction… but without the eulogy we usually afford to our loved ones who have passed away.


Don’t forget Obama, the Clintons and our other liberal misleaders on your list of sociopaths. They have been exceptionally effective at advancing the corporate agenda.


superb summary of the the state of America


Amerikan exceptionalism portrays the US as the good guys, when really the US is the #1 terrorist nation in the world, because it has to protect its vested interests all over the world through terrorism wars and with terrorist thugs, puppets and fawning terrorist parasites.

This does not mean there are not other nations that are not egregious and should be exonerated and are not culpable; only that American terrorism exacerbates the situation.

Good article by Mr. Hedges, except I wish he could add some solutions.


Hey Space cadet
Your message is as relevant and well written as Chris Hedges article! Great message and keep up the great analyses. Cheers