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The Terrorism Targeting Our Grandchildren


The Terrorism Targeting Our Grandchildren

Paul Buchheit

Four decades of American narcissism and greed and exceptionalism have allowed the super-rich to dictate the future path of our nation. We're paying the price now, with environmental disasters, nonexistent savings for half of our families, Americans dying because of expensive health care, and a growing fear of blowback from desperate victims of our foreign wars.

Environment Be Damned


'Charles Koch said, "I believe my business and non-profit investments are much more beneficial to societal well-being than sending more money to Washington."'

For a critical review of how he works, read Jane Mayer's Dark Money (2016). It is an excellent analysis of how Kochism has metastasized throughout the country.


"Every American should contemplate the levels of Shock and Sorrow and Anger WE WOULD FEEL if another nation bombed a wedding procession in the United States."

This sort of Opinion does not ever make it to the average consumer of Corporate Media.
It is marginalized to the point of disappearance.

We Citizens were whipped to a frenzy by this Media following 9/11.

Years and years of providing the Middle East with their own 9/11's, on a daily basis, have been minimized and justified to us Citizens in a contorted, unquestioned, mendacious manner as "Protecting Our Freedoms", for which we must hail every new Military Recruit as a "hero" who must be "thanked for his/her service".

Just as the rights of the unborn are ceaselessly defended by those who don't see Collateral Damage as Murder, are these same Heroes abandoned by the System that uses them and spits them out to deal, on their own, with the resulting damage they sustain from having become a Flesh and Blood Cog in this Infernal Machine.


Reading Mayer's book currently, and excellent source of information about the Kochs. Excellent article by Buchheit as well. It would be a very good thing for this country to have this discussion finally, after so many decades of avoiding the subject.


Never mind the Koch's and the rich -

This article touches on food - the food industry - and we could include Big Pharma and Big Agra - subjects not discussed often enough here on Common Dreams.

We have forgotten how to eat and feed our children properly - and I think the consequences are far from trivial.

Read mental and physical ill-health - and that would translate into moral degeneracy - a wicked combination.

And no one needs to wait on the hollow words of Trump or the Paris Accords to address this matter.

Learn to eat properly, exercise regularly - or even better, recontact the natural world on an ongoing basis, best if you can do it - in an adventurous way - with life and limb at some risk.

Leave the politics alone for the time being - its all smoke and mirrors anyway.

I just saw on the BBC World News that the Dakota Access Pipeline water protectors have been water-cannoned.

PS: The latest climate science, i.e., "The Terrorism Targeting Our Grandchildren":

Evolution of global temperature over the past two million years

Carolyn W. Snyder
Nature 538, 226–228 (13 October 2016) doi:10.1038/nature19798
Received 27 January 2016 Accepted 24 August 2016 Published online 26 September 2016
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What an excellent analysis of the state of affairs. Thank you for this succinct piece.


This weekend my daughter, a single mom with 2 kids and an annual income of $22,000, informed that her medical insurance deductible is $13,000. The best she could do given her income, in beautiful oh-so-special and very very red Idaho. That's terrorism of the wealthy against the poor. Who needs ISIS--we have enough monsters at home.


Anybody have a memory that is working - Go back 8 years - listen to a passionate Obama campaigning in an America tired of war - offering a message of Hope. Many of us (His Supporters) ended up very disappointed. Then stretch your memory - Dr. Jeremiah Wright - "America, your chickens are coming home to roost" - and we the people shut up a powerful voice which had helped shape Obama. Is is merely a fluke that his message of Hope - His promise of change - his moral conviction and courage to fight for justice also was silenced? Dr. Kings voice still rings true - a voice of clarity grounded in absolute commitment to non-violent cooperation between brothers of different cultures and skin colors. His commitment to his moral conviction lead him to speak against war as well as against racism and economic systems locking people into poverty. His voice rings loud and true today - and speaks as clearly to our situation as the generation he motivated. Let us hope another generation will have the privilege of hearing another such leader - even while Dr, Kings message remains strong long past the criminal assassination attempting to silence him. It is time we listen to national leaders who dare to speak truth - we have silenced the voice of reason through popular political slogans, entertainment news, and political correctness far to long. Lets turn a patriotic slogan into something meaningful. May God grant the United States of America leaders who speak truth with compassion and passion, and citizens with spirits willing to learn and change.






Terrorism ....I hadn't thought of it like that...an economic drone visitation on the poor by the blindered, insular have-it-alls. The worst kind of psychological warfare threatening the health of your family, leaving you feeling guilty for not having the wherewithall to have met the challenge to your homefront....


Life expectancy is lowered with increased pollution, more catastrophic accidents,less access to adequate health care. All ages are affected.