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The Test of Leadership as Sanders Rolls in Oregon


The Test of Leadership as Sanders Rolls in Oregon

Robert Borosage

Bernie Sanders won the Oregon primary big last night – 54 percent to 45 percent for Hillary Clinton – while ending in a virtual tie in Kentucky (Clinton, 46.8 percent vs. Sanders, 46.3 percent). Both states were closed primaries, with independents barred from voting. That surely cost Sanders the victory in Kentucky, as he has been winning independents by large margins in primaries across the country.


"Will the Clinton campaign be confident enough to be a gracious winner? Will it be smart enough to understand the importance not only of “accommodating” Sanders, but also of learning from him, embracing a bolder vision and speaking clearly to a far deeper pain? Will Clinton herself be capacious enough not simply to embrace the Sanders voters, but to reach out and earn their votes and excite their energy?"

Huh? In other words, will Clinton be a good enough actress to convince Sanders voters, many of whom abhor her and what she stands for, that she has had a sudden and genuine transformation from the Dark Side to the Light? Doubtful.

Notice that the assumption here is that Sanders has no chance of winning the nomination under any circumstances. We shall see. A lot of what he has done already has been very "unlikely."


The DLC and DNC have been driving the party into the arms of corporations for years. They've been selling us out to the highest bidders.

They know that if Sanders gets in, they're out.

So they're making excuses for Sanders polling higher than Clinton against Trump. "Trump hasn't begun attacking him," they say. "Trump would prefer to run against Sanders. The country will never elect a socialist."

They try to make themselves believe Clinton has a better chance, even though all evidence says that Republican hatred of her is so high that even people who hate Trump will vote for him because they hate Clinton more.

They ignore the fact that by nominating Clinton they'd be losing a whole generation of voters. The millennials are enthused because Bernie represents a change in the status quo - a change that will give them a better future. They're not going to vote for the candidate of the status quo just to stop Trump. They're either going to stay home, write-in Bernie, go Green, or vote for Trump if Sanders isn't the nominee.

They ignore the fact that independents needed to win the general election strongly favor Sanders and dislike Clinton.

Faced with the prospect of losing their power, the politicos and apparatchiks aren't going to go with the candidate who polls better and has a positive favorability rating. Their reality is if Clinton loses, they'll still be in place, and if Sanders wins, they won't. So they tell themselves Clinton is the better candidate. They tell themselves she'll win.

But they're too smart to really fool themselves.

And Clinton's regular supporters are too indoctrinated to see the scam.


It isn't Sanders that faces a test of leadership; it's the Democratic party establishment. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that Sanders has the best chance of winning in November, but will the party choose him or go with the weaker status quo Clinton? Surely there are some mainstream Democrat leaders who will opt to choose Sanders for the sake of the party's future or is the party so mired in the pursuit of money that it will shoot itself in the foot and stay with Clinton? Stay tuned.


Robert Borosage can go jump in the lake. Bernie is the best candidate and he will prevail. Bernie's revolution will continue to gain momentum and Bernie Sanders will be the next President of the United States.


Hey Hillary, spin this you war monger:


Sad to see Mr. Borosage do the kinder, gentler version of asking Sanders to step down. After all, his "analysis" insists that Sanders will just play sheepherder guiding all of the millions galvanized by his message of economic and social justice back into the usual corral.



Bernie has become the people's candidate because he is proving what everyone knew was possible; many $27 contributions can outspend corporatistas.

Bernie is a sincere man. He is not lying to trick us into another regime change war, environmental rip-offs or voodoo economic trickle up to wall street.

Global climate collapse is an emergency that Bernie Sanders places front and center number one. Bernie Sanders is attempting to nurture rapid change for survival of our specie. Distributed human intelligence is using Bernie and seeing itself do it. Humanity is maturing.


Let me see if I have this right. Barbara Boxer, a sold out Democrat, is telling Bernie that the test of his leadership is whether he can get his supporters to vote for Hillary? That's rich. He has run an amazing and unifying campaign and nearly overtaken their appointed candidate, something Boxer could never have done, but she thinks she can utter these nonsense challenges as if she is someone entitled. She was at the Nevada fiasco as well. Make a note folks, she has to go.
Big congratulations to Bernie and his campaign. He has touched all of us with his message and integrity.
Clinton, Boxer, Pelosi, McCaskill, Feinstein, and more, are females that have gotten into the government, not by hard work for the people but by taking money from donors wanting access. They are steeped in corruption and lies. They, like Albrigh,t are women that should not set themselves up as role models.
What they just can't fathom is that this campaign isn't about Bernie, it's about us and our right to have the benefits of our work. Since the party has made a hard right turn we are under no obligation to respect them or vote for them, much less be concerned when they utter shallow comments about us and our campaign.



I was beginning to think that corporate and big banks ruling this country, writing the legislation and continually escalating agendas for themselves while literally destroying the will and endurance of the American people, including democracy had become the norm as it appeared that every candidate running for president were all happy with the status quo and were prepared to take the whole country down the disgusting rabbit hole. But, then for the first time in a very long time there is someone offering hope for the survival of America and that person is Bernie Sanders. Hope is a powerful influence with people, everyday, ordinary, hardworking Americans who have lost so much and are facing a bleak future. This one person, who is giving his all by offering another way, is the very dedicated person who understands that change can happen if we all work together to make it happen. Hillary 'talks the talk' but without conviction or integrity. Her words are meaningless. Trump sort of 'gets it' but his ego gets in the way and his mouth betrays any sense of maturity as if his brain is not functioning on all cylinders. It is disgusting to hear a grown man result to name-calling as if that is an indication of one-upmanship. Not a positive qualification for someone to be at the helm of America.


She sure is proud of her killings. Sickening.


Sanders can probably best be understood In terms of his own guiding mythos, that of socialist revolution. Those who see him in the footsteps of FDR do not understand that it is other historical figures who inspire him, figures unknown to most of his followers.

There is no doubt that Sanders is very familiar with the great figures of the revolutionary tradition: the martyrs of the Paris Commune, Joe Hill and Emma Goldman, Gene Debs, Rosa Luxembourg, the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, Henry Wallace... all of these gave proof of the purity of their causes only through their defeat, martyrdom or exile. Perhaps even Sanders does not fully understand his own need to go down to glorious defeat but anyone who has shared in this great myth can understand just why Sanders cannot simply quit and endorse Hillary. If he did, he would no longer hear the strains the Internationale playing somewhere in the distance.


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Interesting take on Sanders. I think it is well known that Eugene Debs is a big hero of his as he has made this clear and I think has a picture of Debs hanging in is Senate office. I have wondered if Sanders is much more radical than he seems to be and that his claiming to be a democratic socialist is really just something to make him electable in Vermont and not really his true beliefs which are further to the left.


I agree with most of what you say barring Borosage jumping in the lake!

Bernie Sanders is our president right now as far as I'm concerned! Since Senator Sanders entered the race I have been for him and never once have I changed my mind because there is no other choice! :fist:


I'm glad Bernie is still in this. Yes, he has a shot to win the nomination, albeit a very challenging one, not simply related to getting the votes but the more daunting task of having to deal with the DNC.

His campaign is still driving the issues, while Clinton and Trump and the MSM have already shifted to the BS politics that drive election coverage but have almost nothing to do with actual problems and solutions people face. I say almost nothing because there are a few issues sprinkled into the character attacks and counterattacks that fill the airwaves, but these are a narrow range of social issues that only skirt the edges of completely avoid any discussion of the core causes of our failing system - namely capitalism, racism, and paternalism.

So battle on, Bernie. Your presence is important whether or not you win the Dem nomination and election. Remember this is about the Movement, not simply Bernie's campaign which is only one part of it.


Years ago, especially when I lived in northern CA, I used to like Barbara Boxer and think of her as one of the handful of better Dems--certainly much better than Die-Fei. No more. Since she is not running for re-election to her Senate seat I think she is clearly angling for a position in a potential Hillary Administration. Her level of sell-out makes her worse than the ones that you know, up-front, are sell-outs.


IF Hillary secures the nomination, and IF Bernie decides not to run as a third party candidate, it would be a betrayal to his supporters for him to try to roll the movement up onto the Clinton bandwagon. It would be delusional to believe that Hillary and the neocon leadership of the DNC could be moved in a more progressive and populist direction. To try to do so would be a tragic waste of the largest progressive force since the civil rights movement of the '60s. Bernie could perfunctorily endorse the party's nominee, and then get to work on getting true progressives elected to congress. Imagine the Bernie Show, with all its momentum, rolling from state to state and enthusiastically endorsing dozens of truly progressive candidates. Many, currently with almost no chance of winning, could be swept into office, and breathe new life into a chance for democratic change. Without a purpose and attainable goals, the movement becomes resentful, disillusioned and disaffected, only adding to the not-so-constructive angry anti-government undercurrent and increasingly dangerous social unrest. Chris Hedges predicts the road we are on will inevitably lead to violent confrontation between the oligarchs and the 99.99%. This point in history may represent the last available exit before the end of the road.


Yes, I will not vote for this woman, Mr. Borosage.


Get it straight. We are finished with establishment politics. We can't stand Hillary. The corporate shills in the media. We are going to Philadelphia to make Bernie Sanders the President of the U.S.A.