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The Theft of What Was His: Wrestling While Black


The Theft of What Was His: Wrestling While Black

Another small, cruel, cutting indignity: A black varsity high school wrestler, faced with an ultimatum by a racist ref to cut his dreads or forfeit a match, stood pained and still as a white trainer hacked off his hair and identity in a video that's gone viral. Amidst the uproar, New Jersey has opened a civil rights investigation and the ref has been benched. From the ACLU: "This is not about hair. This is about race."


Here’s another reminder—please, let it be the last!—that the Mason-Dixon Line runs through the Garden State. This ref should be permanently barred from any position of authority, especially where young people are involved.


This Assho… should be charged and do time in prison for this hate crime.


Oh awful person Maloney----you truly are full of raciest baloney. I bet you were trying to freak that wrestler so that your chosen guy would win. He , the best wrestler , won anyway—but you Mr. Maloney lost all credibility as a human being--------Plus you were willing to not only humiliate him, but you wanted him to lose. This is a law suit that should go forward, because you attacked his identity and tried to make his life hell-----but he didn’t give in and won anyway. Maybe you would make better use of your time, Mr. Maloney, if you volunteered as a tacking dummy for the football team.


his coach and his teammates should have immediately forfeited and stuck by their guy. then promptly walked out of the competition.

this is utterly degrading and absolutely unforgivable. dreads are more dangerous in football by far, and no one has to cut theirs off there.

stupid white people.


It is particularly painful to watch the seduction towards submission by people whom this young man almost certainly had thought of as comrades and fellows.

Without knowing just what the dialog was with the coach and the team, I can only hope that Andrew Johnson has someone among all these people with whom he can walk this event back to make decisions about his identities and allegiances.


The Century of Insanity where this type of unacceptable behavior is acceptable. The reporter mispronounced the name of the school. I suspect they all do except for Latinos/Hispanos. The name of the school is Buena, which in español means good. It’s not “buna.” That’s world-language disrespect #1. Then disrespect #2 was a Black guy’s hair style and cultural disrespect. Ms White Basura who was interviewed supported the cutting of the guy’s hair, as expected. I suspect if someone wanted to cut her hair for some ludicrous reason she would be playing a different tune. This is so anti-ethnic and against another person’s culture. A sign of the times, most unfortunately. Expect more of it. I would have quit the team right there. Walked out. Accept me as I am or I’m leaving. This is so embarrassing to the guy who was getting his hair cut which was obviously the intent. White basura trying to embarrass a Black guy. And why did everyone sit there in silence? Silence = complicity. Why did no one start chanting, “Let him keep his hair!”


Reading the statement that was released by the wrestling body, it seems clear that if attention had not gone viral, they would have done nothing.


Maybe I would have too but, I don’t have any interest in making it in mainstream sports, becoming an Olympic athlete, helping out the school team, family or anything that would make this a difficult choice, especially on such short notice. I don’t disrespect him for making the decision that he felt compelled to make under duress. The criticism is all on the umpire, the school, the team, his coach, maybe even the folks in the stands, if they actually knew what was going on, and the athletic sponsoring organization.


Maloney would feel right at home at ICE. He’s their kind of Amerikkan.


How absolutely horrible. The employees in question should be charged with assault & battery, arrested and jailed. They should be immediately fired and the district sued - with the student & family, and all families in the district, particularly minorities - but all families should feel grotesquely offended and threatened that their children are attending school in such an environment - issued a long, sincere and public apology. Disgraceful. One can well imagine what other kinds of so-called teaching professionals they have hired for their schools - and what else must going on in their classrooms.


HI nighthawk:
And the frightening thing is that ICE would no doubt hire him immediately. Welcome to Scary America—as this harassment seems to start early : (


This may have been meant to humiliate, but Andrew Johnson beat them in every way.
Bravo Andrew! They can’t take that away from you.