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The Thing Sanders, Trump, and Clinton Agree On. It’s That Bad



Correction: Clinton does not oppose TPP, she only claims to.


Cannot repeat this enough. HRC would turn away from her "progressive" stances the minute she got in.

Korten should know this. She's been for the TPP, for fracking, for everything she's now changed her public tune to--she's another Obama, or worse.


That was way to generous of you to name Hillary Clinton against TPP. If elected it is not a given that she will reject TPP, she has not committed to do so like Bernie has and Trump's continual railing against TPP.

If elected Hillary will cave just like Obama caved to many corporate interests starting with dropping Single Payer and caving to drug industry and not allowing negotiating drug prices.


And once Trump is president and gets the ear of his billionaire buddies in sectors outside of RE, he will be for it too.


It is not enough to struggle against the TPP: it's necessary that all those who devised, promoted and are attempting to force it down the throats of the world's 99% - and that include lawmakers and presidents or prime ministers - be prosecuted and jailed for the rest of their lives.


Possibly. Trump is basically running a campaign as a reality show. I don't believe anybody knows — including Trump himself — what a Trump presidency might look like or what policy choices would result, although I suspect a big dose of status quo, delivered with a diction that makes the Shrub sound almost coherent.
Clinton would preside over a minor tweak to the language of TPP that would magically remove all her reservations and return it to the "gold standard" of deals — her original position.
To sum: Three candidates agree to SAY the TPP is bad news. One of those three actually dragged the others to that public stance.


Please do not put Bernie Sanders in the same sentence with either HC or DT. Bernie has a long record of standing against the TTP and the TTIP and Bill and Hillary Clinton's NAFTA! Hillary Clinton has a record and that record reveals a person who has continually had bad judgement derived from years of experience from which she appears to have learned little. Little that is about Human Dignity and experience which has left her with little, if any, trust from the 90%. This election really boils down to two issues, TRUST and HUMAN DIGNITY. This is true in both the national and international realms.


The first step is to vote against any Congresscritter that voted in favor of fast tracking TPP and is up for re-election in November.


The benefit of Trump rejecting TPP is that he is louder than all other candidates combined which hopefully gets even more voters becoming familiar with TPP than Bernie has succeeded in doing.


Trump knows how to wiggle out from under bankruptcy and make hundreds of millions doing it! He might be able to help all those poorer countries who are struggling to get out from under the weight of the IMF and World Bank.


With all due respect, Mr. Korten, it wasn't that people would be unlikely to read them, the text was quarantined and treated like a National Security directive that congressional representatives were not even allowed to take home or take notes on!

"Get the world’s most powerful corporations together to make a wish list of rule changes."

(This is precisely how the Koch Brothers networked and created a billionaire's club that little by little hammered down many EPA regulations and other pesky impediments to their personal versions of free trade and free enterprise.)

·"Bundle them into an international agreement of thousands of pages of technical legal text that few people are likely to read."

This is particularly well-stated, and also supported by John Perkins' in his book: "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man":

"The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank stepped in as global loan sharks. They refinanced the national debts in return for acceptance of “structural adjustment,” a kind of bankruptcy procedure that forced each indebted country to roll back its social programs and open its national economy to foreign corporate ownership and market penetration. I witnessed the resulting devastation of the poor and middle class during my 15 years living and working in Asia on the staff of the Ford Foundation and USAID. Colonial rule had returned in a new guise."


Are you serious? Attributing humanitarian objectives to Trump?

Trump is about Trump's personal fortune... and profits!

Have you HEARD what he has to say about Hispanics, Muslims, and his provoking his fans to beat up Black protesters inside his audience pool?

Does this guy have any interest in alleviating the financial (or other) pain of people outside the U.S.?

If you think so, you are delusional.


Absolutely - our politician are trustees and they have betrayed those duties. They should all be criminally charged. All who signed should be doing serious time for attempting to perpetrate a fraud.


Trumps power lies in his populism. His business is construction and gambling.Will he succumb to the militarists, big oil, big pharm .., industries he has no part of?

Will he want a pat on the head or will he realize his power is the people - reality TV viewers,

Clinton will challenge Putin at every turn. Putin has stopped ISIS in Syria and she is furious about that. Funny how ISIS shows no interest in Israel. They must be taking their orders from Saudi Arabia seriously.

Trump is less dangerous than Clinton. We know she will escalate world conflicts. Trump says he won't. So a random guess only means he might be as dangerous as her.


To late, the U.S. is already an oligarchy. Data driven study done by Princeton University...... http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-echochambers-27074746

A day late and a dollar short, as usual.


The stuff Trump has said about Iran (tearing up the agreement and doubling the sanctions) sounds pretty escaltionary to me...

He is also likely to crate at a minimum, a very tense situation, with one of the US's neighboring states.


If Clinton becomes president....." Did I say I was against the TPP?, I'm sorry, you must have misunderstood me ".


Well he says he has no desire to fight with Putin. Clinton has made it clear Putin is Hitler.

We know Clinton will escalate violence because she has said she would. She is furious that ISIS (Saudi Arabia's agents) has been stopped in Syria. Iraq, Libya are now hotbeds of extremism. She has been pushing to make Syria another hotbed for unchecked terrorism.

Sadam, Qaddafi and Assad all gave factions like ISIS no room to operate. Unlike the USA who supported terror in Afghanistan. Terror is a tool for domestic manipulation of all the low information Chicken Little voters. and HRC will bring us terror lots of it.

Trump wants to invest less in NATO / tell SA to go fight ISIS.

So Trump we guess he will do the opposite of what he says whereas Clinton is dedicated to increased militarism.

Trump won't be any worse but he might be better.
Clinton's speech to AIPAC was all about getting in Irans face

Donald's a wild card and foreign policy wise at worst he is like Clinton at best he is true to his word.


Bernie has dictated the tenure of this election cycle.