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The Threat Is Real: Israel Escalates Its "Ethnic Cleansing, Without Guns"


The Threat Is Real: Israel Escalates Its "Ethnic Cleansing, Without Guns"

Facing the fifth demolition of their homes - and the largest such decimation since 1967 - Bedouin residents of the critically located village of Jabal Al-Baba are fighting to halt their eviction by Israeli forces intent on severing the West Bank and surrounding Jerusalem with a ring of settlements. To Israel, Palestinian communities are "a bone in the throat"; to those who live and work there, ousting "people whose only dream is to herd sheep mornings and evenings" is "a shame for humanity."


Hard for me to decide if I’m more ashamed of US or Israel… either way, I sure wish there were a Hell…


Makes me wanna puke. If I say something I am anti-jew, if I don’t say something I am complicate.


Not True

These are Criminal acts Perpetrated by a Government

As such they belong in the World Court in The Hague

Hold to that

The rest of the rhetoric is just that, a smoke screen to hide the Truth of the government’s actions

Ratco Mladic received his just desserts so will others


You can certainly say something about this without being “anti jew”. Or you can say something about this and be an anti Semitic ass. Bibi prefers the latter.


Plus the government makes it hard to even speak about rejecting their blatant criminality


Back when Israel was created they used the native american issue as an example and put others on a reservation. They did not take into account the differences in cultures. Native Americans did not have a written history or a written religion when we committed mass genocide. Still they robbed others of their land and homes and shoved them into open air prisons. There are those still alive that have keys to their former front doors. This is discrimination at the highest of levels and is wrong by any sane mind. Much like Native Americans they try and fight back as best they can but because of the propaganda machine they are not seen as human, much like Native Americans of today.

I hate reservations, I hate those that build them and I hate those that perpetuate them.


We’ve come full circle…Makes me wanna Puke too…


I was polite and mild mannered when inside I am screaming. Most people look at the “zion” or “jewish” issue as opposed to the human issue. We Americans are so high and mighty in our collective white supremacy that we fail others horribly. The “solution” to the Native American issue never ever should have been used as a model. Now look at what we have, an open sore that will not heal until one group eliminates another and the question remains; Why?

Thank you, we’ll puke together :slight_smile:


“Greater Jerusalem” sounds an awful lot like the “Greater Third Reich.”


how can I condem, ethnic cleansing, theft,holucust, racism, apartheid
AND not be call anti-semite?

commondreams, will again ban my account for uttering resistance against the state of Is______


its called never again, so in turn the persecuted are now the killers of babies of dark people


Bibi will call anyone anti-semitic if they aren’t singing the praises of the apartheid state Israel. It is easy to control the narrative by assigning people under a label.


Israel is not apartheid.


If you’re looking for really dark people, you’ll find them among the Israelis, not among the Palestinians.


The Palestinians would beg to differ.


What would they say?