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The Threat of War with Iran

The Threat of War with Iran

Stephen Zunes

The White House has ordered an aircraft carrier strike group off the coast of Iran and a fleet of bombers have flown to U.S. air bases near that country, while preliminary plans are apparently underway to send 120,000 U.S. troops to the region.

It’s time for those of us in this country who are fed up with this government’s wars for profit to threaten them with total revolution, whatever that may look like.


I understand what he means, but there is something wrong with this sentence: “As a result, should a Houthi commander order a rocket attack against a Saudi air base in retaliation for ongoing deadly airstrikes that result in casualties among U.S. personnel stationed there, the Trump Administration could then portray it as an Iranian attack against the United States and an excuse to launch a war.”

In the Arab Israeli war the State of Israel launched a sneak attack on the Arab nations before any war declared. They history books and the State of Israel claimed this as “self defense” suggesting that Arab nations started the war when the Country of Egyprt moved a single weak divsion into the Sinai Peninsula ,that territory part of the Country called Egypt. Moshe Dayan later admitted that this divsion was no threat to Israel and was only used as a pretext to justify a sneak attack.

In the US war on Iraq and in those ongoing against other nation states the USA claims the right to pre-emptive war as an act of self defense as while these nations did not attack the USA they might do so in the future.

On a daily basis the USA Threatens Iran with war. They have declared sanctions against Iran. They move military assets to to the Iranian border. They have had multiple Political leaders indicate their desire to turn Iran into slag and return that country to the dark ages. These threats of war are deemed crimes against the peace under the UN charter.

Using the same reasoning of Israel in 1967 or the USA in Iraq , any attack by Iran on US forces would be deemed an act of self defense. Now they will not go there. Iran knows full well that the USA itches for another war , but the utter hyprocrisy of the nation called the United States, one that was born in hypocrisy with its declaration of “all men are created equal” even as their one percent owned thousands of slaves , is once againt apparent.

As was noted as the first of them got of the boats from Europe. They speak with forked tongues.


An insurrection is certainly needed. It can’t be a frontal assault because they are way too powerful. It requires careful planning and foot soldiers willing to get their hands dirty and arrested. Hypothetical: Take down Wall Street’s power grid. Destroy commerce from reaching markets. Stop the functioning of communications channels. This will be messy and bloody. There will need to be doctors, stocks of medicines, food, water, a way to communicate without the normal channels, and a host of other contingencies to plan for. A siege of this sort has to last months or longer to have a real effect that will get noticed. Stopping food shipments from getting rto store will surely get noticed real fast.

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The economic sanctions imposed on Iran are Economic Warfare.

It too, is a war crime.

Here’s to the International Community finding it in them to provide some some of military blockade to prevent our murderous regime in Washington DC from carrying out their murderous plans.



Are you familiar with the USS Liberty incident? Odds are Israel will stage a redux of that attack to goad the U.S. into war with Iran.


Odds are.

So now when the Houthis , who have been under attack for years by the Saudi’s in an illegal war against that nation, respond to that agression by attacking Saudi Arabia, it claimed they do so “under orders from Iran”.

These guys are so desperate for a war.

“a hair trigger situation now exists that could result in a major conflagration.”
Rather in this case: “an orange hair trigger situation now exists…”

Just stop shopping!

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Just all of us on The Left stop shopping and that would do it. Economic boycotts work.

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What if the American troops and bombers instead of attacking their designated targets in Iran instead turned 180 degrees and attacked their commanders and the corporate infrastructure responsible for ordering their their attack on Iran. Leave the brass, CEOs, billionaires and politicians facing their own troops in a reverse assault. The rationale would be internationally applauded and backed up. All the military needs to say is we are tired of oppressing our fellow humans in neighboring nationsand ourselves being sacrificed for the benefit of the richest 1% of our population and their corporations that are destroying the capability of our planet to sustain life all to satisfy their unrelenting greed. Foronrce we are going to do the right thing and fight the oppressors. Wouldn’t that be a sight to see?

Now you know why Joe Biden has been selected for POTUS in 2020.