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The Three Big Reasons Republicans Can't Replace Obamacare


The Three Big Reasons Republicans Can't Replace Obamacare

Robert Reich

Republicans are preparing to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and have promised to replace it with something that doesn’t leave more than 20 million Americans stranded without health insurance.

Yet they haven’t come up with a replacement. And they won’t, for three reasons.

First, Republicans say they want the replacement to be “market-based.” But Obamacare is already market based – relying on private, for profit health insurers.


That's why what they will propose and enact won't work. The only sustainable solution is single payer which, of course, the rest of the world already knows. No reason the troglodytes in Congress would take the next logical step after the ACA and enact single payer. First they will have to punish us with a obviously industry stacked program that can't possibly sustain itself. Even hiding the costs won't work because the public will eventually catch on to the fact they have been saddled with a less effective more expensive program. The time to refuse troglodyte health care is now, not after it fails. That will only happen if the public responds.
Do you think we will?


Medicare for All sounds good to me. The Republicans might just surprise us all and be the first to get it passed. This alone would probably insure them another 4 years in the White House. It has been said through the ages, without sacrifice there can be no victory. If Trump and the Republicans realize early on that the top 1% can afford to be the group that sacrifices, they can be victorious for many years.


Is Trump's Mexican border wall still on the table to keep Murkins from going to Mexico for more affordable medications, medical, and dental services after he enables Eddie Munster to realize his lifelong dream of gutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid ?


Scary thought but true. Who would think a Republican sweep would be ushered in with a guy promising to help workers and hold corporations accountable ('course, thats what he's promising, what he delivers is another matter).


This is really exciting! I had no idea that all this time republicans have been denouncing government involvement in healthcare, even Medicaid and Medicare, they secretly had universal government funded health care in their back pocket! I can't tell you how surprised I am at your....prediction?


You heard a very different candidate than I heard. May I ask your sex, race, religion, immigration status?


"Immediately repealing these taxes, as the GOP says it intends to do, will put an average of $33,000 in the hands of the richest 1 percent this year alone, and a whopping $197,000 into the hands of the top 0.1 percent, according to the Tax Policy Center."

That's what Republicans do. Consequences are not something that worries them. They prefer to think of these as opportunities.


Republicans have no plan to replace the ACA------BECAUSE THEY DON'T WANT TO REPLACE IT WITH ANYTHING! The only issue for them is how to kill it with few noticing what they are doing.


Any replacement scheme is flawed by adherence to Voodoo economics. Voodoo economics is the standard mainstream thicket of lies we are all supposed to kow tow to.
Except being lies, the results are always far from ideal. In REALITY federal taxes do not fund federal spending. They are basically a cost to our spending ability because the government takes back some or sometimes more than they spent into the economy each year. Robert Reich's assessment of tax issues is therefore erroneous. In REALITY the Federal government is empowered by the Constitution to buy any government expense with new money, from so called "thin air" It doesn't have to delete a sum from any account, but it still does its accounting in the normal way. No commercial banks or borrowing is required, not one cent!
The Government can make people pay in to the scheme, but it's not fundamental to its function. There are some benefits in to having a payer contribution, so that it doesn't become rorted by being free. It's just a tax on the service and the money taken goes nowhere, just as with any tax.
The point is, it can never go insolvent and never burden future generations with debt. It can never be an unfunded liability.


B, It's not so much a prediction, as it is a vision that I had during the campaign season. I had a strong feeling the Democrats had screwed themselves by picking the weaker candidate to represent them, or, after they intentionally f'd Bernie, it occurred to me that Trump and the Republicans could do all these really good things for the country and lock up the White House for many years to come. I am remaining positive until which time current events conflict with my visions. For the sake of the country, I hope my vision was closer than not.


Troy, Do you seriously think after being denied the White House for the last eight years, the Republicans are going to do something blatantly stupid as that, which could have voters revolt in the midterms and lose them control in Congress? I don't. Guess we'll have to wait and see. Wanna bet $5 on it?:relaxed:


When hell freezes over, the republicans will do something that takes money from the rich. Nor will they do anything that helps the poor. Their entire program that they have announced is a giveaway to the rich while hurting the poor.
Their derision of the poor will not allow they to do the smart thing. Instead their dedication to the rich will make sure that all these decades of helping the rich will continue. Intelligence is not their strongest suit.


I do and I would be willing to bet a thousand on the fact they will screw the american people and give the rich the money. They have done it before. Since reagan they have practiced an economic policy that helps the rich only. It's why wages are stagnant for all but the rich. It's why their tax cuts are all geared for the rich.
I would actually be willing to bet all my money that in two years they will tank the economy with all the things they have promised to do and will do. They will repeal the ACA with nothing to really replace it. They will cut taxes for the rich. They will undo all environmental protections they can, plus as many worker protections as they can. They want to pass a 'right to work' law to finish off the unions. A 'religious rights' law to be able to discriminate freely. And those are just some.
Look at any solid red state and see what they have done and are doing. Those red states are lag in every standard of living, yet the people there still vote for those republicans. And will continue to do so, no matter how bad it gets. Now the republicans get to do that country wide. And those people who voted for them now will vote again in two and four years from now.
It will all be blamed on liberals, jews, gays, muslims, etc when things get bad. We are their scapegoat.
What worries me is when it gets bad, the ones who wish to get rid of us now will be joined by the rest and the pogroms start. There is too much hate from them.


There is way too much hate and fear in your words Skip. The Republicans may not be intelligent, but they aren't stupid enough to blow this chance to hold onto the White House. We Americans will not live under a repressive government. We did that once a few hundred years ago, and fought for our independence. Lighten up. Just don't be late for the revolution.


It is truth and reality, it is what they have done. One look at their record shows that the public still is willing to elect the republicans in spite of what they have done. And we have been living under a repressive government for decades.
The anger finally spilled over, which is why trump was elected. But he did what every good demagogue does, scapegoat others for the blame. Instead of really pointing out how the system was gamed for the rich, he blamed muslims and hispanics for their woes. They were to blame instead of people like him.
Drain the swamp, he puts bigger alligators in. He lies and his followers insist that the people telling the truth are lying. He says he could shoot someone and his followers just nod their heads. He says grab women by their genitals, do what you want to them, and they say it is just locker room talk.
The republicans are being very open with what they are going to do. And except for a few democrats, there haven't been any objections. 20 million are going to lose their insurance, why no public outcry? Republicans say they will allow open discriminations against the LGBTQ community and no public outrage. Cut taxes for the rich, no public out cry.
People will whimper and cry, then wait for the next demagogue to scapegoat some minority and more repression will happen.
Fear, yes. I have studied what complete republican rule means in states. Anger, yes. That americans are sheep to the slaughter and won't stop the insanity of corporate and rich rule. Hate, I don't hate the people, but I certainly hate what has been done. I have watched all my life, from mccarthy to now how hate and fear of others is used to manipulate the sheep.
It's strange that the tea party people never got pepper sprayed, but BLM, occupy wall st and any real protest against the repressive system is attacked. Well strange if you don't know that the tea party people were easily manipulated while the others aren't.
All that complaining about corporations and the rich from the tea party and yet, the richest people ever are being put into charge, w/o a murmur of protest from the tea party. That so called majority that trump brags about.
I have been protest since I was young back in the 50s', waiting for the people to wake up to what is being done. The revolution better hurry and get here, I can't afford to wait another 60 yrs for it to begin.