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The Three S's: Sodomy, Soothsaying and Scalia


The Three S's: Sodomy, Soothsaying and Scalia

Christopher Brauchli

Never in our full life could we hope to do such work for tolerance, for justice, for man’s understanding of man, as now we do by accident.
—Bartolomeo Vanzetti, Letter to his son

Call it prescience. More especially since, as he makes abundantly clear, he would never in a million years, have anything to do with such an outcome. He simply, in his role as soothsayer, saw it coming.


It has been proven time and time again that the men who are most virulently homophobic have the same desires for themselves. Additionally, they try in what they consider their most private moments to play out these fantasies.

Noting the age of some of these men, I would say they might have attempted some acts themselves. IF this is at all true, - To the men who serviced such fantasies -

Please do not wait any longer to disclose the fine details of your intimacy.


By such “logic,” everyone who has a sexual preference or a sexual history, everyone who has ever been married or participated in a wedding, is “obviously biased” and is “compromised.” Wheee! Always have to offer appreciation to those such as MML who bring such an incisive sense of humor to Common Dreams!


Scalia the fertilizer of Hypocrisy


Your evidence of Kagan’s sexual orientation is what?

I have this “Why Do So Many People Think Elena Kagan Is Gay?” at Mother Jones to submit, along with the Update link at the end of the article to this: “Elena Kagan’s friends: She’s not gay” at Politico.

Why don’t you worry about relevant, truthful things?


Plus, you’re defending Antonin “Conflict-Of-Interest” Scalia by accusing Kagan of being a lesbian. Why not continue the absurdity by noting that all the other justices are heterosexual, hence must inherently be anti-LGBT?

And there’s this: “Common Cause President Bob Edgar cites appearances by Justice Clarence Thomas and Justice Antonin Scalia at retreats sponsored by Koch Industries, a corporation run by two major Republican donors who helped finance some of the new GOP groups founded after the ruling.”

And this:
“In addition, Common Cause argues that Thomas should have recused himself because his wife was the founder of Liberty Central, a conservative group funded with a small group of anonymous donors who endorsed candidates in about a dozen 2010 races.”

Whether you ultimately agree with those two charges, they are true conflict-of-interest accusations, unlike what one’s sexual orientation is.

What is it with right-wing whiners like you?


Some men have a great deal of difficulty with their sexuality and they tend to dwell a lot on what others may be doing. It haunts them all of their waking hours.


You don’t know me, and you know nothing about me.